Typical match profile of an Asian woman in NYC

It's good to be a tall White Chad-like dude in NYC. The sad thing is that Asian women are more loyal to White men then White women. Just being honest. This phenomenon is truly incredible. Asian women truly love and lust after BWC.

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>tfw 5ft 5 white manlet


Yea I'm already bracing myself for a whole generation of hapas coming. Its fucking nuts.

White women have gone to shit so asian women are the natural replacement

I dont want this to turn into a pro-racemixing thread but I'll admit that I see Asian women from my highschool on facebook, and nearly every single one has married a White guy. I dont blame Asian men for being angry about this in the USA, though at the end of the day these are people and they have reasons for being together. White guys are apathetic to Asian men and only marry these women because...well, they treat them right, they are loyal, and Asian women just dont sleep around like White girls so they bond to their boyfriends. It's that simple.

america will be like brazil but with neutered hapa males (if they don't get aborted) and white worshipping hapa women. sounds great!

i don't think they would be so angry if they can easily get white women

im sure tyrone would love pumping your manlet ass full of cum.

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Yep they all want their tall white stud hunk boyfriend that will romance them and marry them. At least its better than the majority of white women who are raging sluts.

Yea the reverse is rare. And its truly crazy cause some of these Asian women are scoring good looking White guys. Like alot of them sacrifice height and go for shorter men, but alot of these guys work out, stay fit, have good posture, good facial features etc.

Kind of ironic since China and Asia has a tendency to abort females

Bro same here. I went out drinking for a bachelor party with one of the guys that was marrying Asian. He straight up said that Asian pussy is tighter and you can really get them off even with an average white cock cause you fill them up. The sex is great so they bond quick. Lol

yes, it's the dragon ladies revenge

The white men in these couples tend to be the better looking ones. It seems like whites and asians can't gauge each other's attractiveness so this interracial pairing seems to give each other +2 points on the attractiveness scale.
2 6/10s are more happier because they both think they're dating an 8/10, everyone wins out.

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>And its truly crazy
why is it crazy? are the asian females meh looking?

Asian women aren't obese and aren't usually a single mom by 18. That's about the only two standards I have. A white woman in that category thinks she is a disney princess who is entitled to 6/6/6 Chad Thundercock and usually the fat single moms do too.

A-day least she didn't list white

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Which one of you white bois is man enough?

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No they are good looking too. Its just, well, I guess the stories of Asian women hooking up with lowlife ugly White dudes just arent true. They are scoring quality guys.

Absolutely brutal for Asian men

>What She Is Looking For
>White / Caucasian
Typical bigger substandard reading level.

nigger* I need to proofread when latenight shitposting

i wouldn't blame them for being bitter

>I guess the stories of Asian women hooking up with lowlife ugly White dudes just arent true.
i think it's true to some degree

It's a load of crap. Only true for the old creeps going after young Asian women

In America, or other white-dominant areas, I would say it is not true. However, in Asian-dominant areas, like Japan, it is absolutely true. So many attractive women are walking around with frumpy, ugly guys.

Asian women judge harshly on poor genes, like all women in the world. If you see a gold digger from the third world marrying a bald old man, it isn't indicative that they want to date him because he's white, but because he provides economic advantage. There's another asian thread right now where a supposed attractive white dude is getting rejected by an asian girl.

>him because he's white, but because he provides economic advantage
eh it's not entirely true. being white is a form of status in itself.

Cope. If it were true, there wouldn't be such a large amount of white incels out there. All women are hypergamous, delusion won't save fuggos unless you have money.

"Just be white" isn't a solution.

why would i be coping, when i'm not white myself? it's observable reality.

> i'm not white myself
You are living with a lifelong miserable cope the rest of us can't comprehend then

The real red pill is "Just be successful and rich".

All of you incels larping about the color of other people's skin miss the brutal truth. And that's that all of you are going to lose in the game of life because you don't have the tools to win the economic long game.

I'm sorry, brobots.

Shitskins seethe so hard when they see minority women with white men and associate it with him being white. The truth is the shitskin is an ugly fuck incel and coping hard. That's the issue with the guy I replied to.

The truth is white men aren't desirable, attractive white men are, and white men put more effort in themselves than shitskins.

You're going to lose too, brobot. I'm sorry.

That and better genes, shitskins are short and have poop skin

>I know the future of a complete stranger

I don't blame you, you're a shitskincel. All you can do is grasp at straws and act bitter online to vent your frustration with life.

In a way I don't really blame them, and this is coming from an Asian male. Have you seen what the average Asian male in his 20's looks like? Looks and is beta, unathletic, etc.

The only thing that bothers me are the Asian girls who "will only date white guys", only to lock down some unaware Asian guy because she wants a provider and someone she can control.

All women spend their youth riding cocks then settle down with a beta provider, you retarded manlet

Poor delusional brobot thinking he knows who I am. Enjoy losing, man.

yeah cope harder shitskin

this is truth. but i am not mad. it is the nature of humans to be like that

Asian men are gonna start a genocidal race war against white men as soon as China eclipses the west in gdp.

His kids are going to be tenda/elliot tier autists because of this attitude

>against white men
more like team up

That's cool and all man but please try not to create more Eurasian tigers. That being said I'm a hapa and I'm with a qt German girl and what the fuck is up with Asian women giving me shit for it even my mom gives me shit for it. Why are women so vindictive towards eachother?

>bruh asian chicks are so petite and tight

This is a curse to the hapa sons who inheret these genes and end up manlets/dicklets. I'm marrying a tall girl even if she's ugly so at least my sons have a chance.

this doesnt happen. why would they care who you date

Why would theu team up with the males who are cucking them? If you haven't realized that asian dudes despise white men you haven't been paying attention.

I don't know man. I took her with me to japan to go visit my sister and my sister told me her friends didn't understand why I wouldn't go for an Asian/hapa girl. It's no different than that what white women do to white men who go after Asian women I guess.

no we dont. see this what you dont get - its mutual and voluntary. must be a low iq thing to not understand living in a civilized society.

okay ill take your word for it

This is true, at least in my part of the country. Most white women here are overweight, have kids from previous affairs, and STD-ridden. Nearly all asian women here are slim and quite feminine looking so it's no surprise.

Tfw semi white but not white enough for asian women

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Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? Shes a fucking womanlet. Any other anons 5'11 round it up to 6 and pull it off?

god, if there's any word I hate about women it's the fucking word "toned".

>Background: "I'll tell you later."
Chink confirmed. Everyone wants Japanese and Koreans. Otherwise, she would just admit it.

Chinese is not bad. if we werent in a trade war, people would like then just as much maybe more

My point is that they're less valued from a sexual and social standpoint. They're farther from a world of Western mindset than Japanese and Koreans, so from a cultural level, there is less overlap, and thus synergy. That is my belief and compiled view.
>Chinese is not bad.
Compounding on the last point, I don't think they're very compatible with Western society. That is my impression having been surrounded by them for years both in school and in various neighborhoods I've lived in. That said, some of them are okay for certain fields like cosmetics/fashion sales.

i disagree, chinese are exactly like americans

Whos the couple 1st column 2nd row?

no, whites just have the highest smv that even ugly ones are attractive in the eyes of ethnics, you can see this in bmwf

I hope you realize you're creating a generation of children that will hate themselves

this post is pure truth.