(((Legalize Weed)))

Why are (((they))) pushing marijuana consumption so much in recent years? I remember being younger and being a pothead was seen as a lazy loser with no ambitions. Post 2010 era its almost like youre persecuted if you DONT smoke it. Only badasses and people who dont give af smoked it now even the nerds and goodie teens do at least occasionally.

Red pill me on this, whats the marijuana end game? What are the real implications of mass thc consumption?

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Monies and monies and damned taxes

i do not believe your post

however the redpill is that weed makes you gay

Imagine wanting to actually jail people for smoking a fucking flower

Should heroin be legal too and sold in stores? Why or why not

It's the natural reaction to it being so suppressed for so long. It's like when you stretch a rubber band (international anti-cannabis propaganda) then let go (start to legalize it), it flies away with great force ("DUDE WEED 420 BLAZE IT SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY"), but it will eventually come to a stop and land (cannabis will be viewed like alcohol)

I'd rather legalize cocaine.


>Imagine wanting to jail people for going slightly over the speed limit
Follow the law or goto jail nigger. That dope is rotting your brain cells.

That's what happens with the delayed post timer. I type some more and can't finish the thought.

Meth, heroin, and PCP should probably be controlled, but everything else legal. Even meth isn't too bad if you know how much you need.

Cocaine is far more destructive. I think we're still a very long ways off from the legalization of drugs in general, which I do believe is the way to go. No drugs should be illegal. Our hilariously corrupt government should be spending all that money they use to arrest brown people for drugs on drug awareness, education, and regulation. But they make way more money arresting the browns so they'll keep doing that for a long time.

>I remember being younger
No you don't you were a little faggot who didn't understand anything outside of what mommy and daddy and your siblings filtered for you. I like to believe cannabis is legal in my state because I voted on the initiative to pass even though I already had a medical rec to buy it with

And I don't like ((them)) at all

People are using and buying the drugs already. The problem is some substances are too addictive and others are only grown in certain countries making them super rich. If you could grow cocaine in America it would be as big as meth, which you can make in a tub.

Only rich people really get addicted to cocaine. Everyone else just takes it at parties occasionally. The comedown is pretty tame compared to other drugs.

Like I said. Post 2010 doomers with literally be disgusted at the thought of someone not liking weed.

Thanks for proving my point drug addict!

Nice false equivalency, you kike. People do not go to jail for speeding, they get fined. Drug legalization would inevitably lead to less gang violence and we would see less drug abuse since they would be encouraged to seek rehabilitation in a legalized environment .

>Even meth isn't too bad if you know how much you need.
Almost every drug is perfectly fine if you know how much you need, heroin and PCP included. All of the "classic" drugs are like this, obviously not counting dirty shit that was laced or poorly produced (problems legalization would solve). RCs are where things start to get hairy. But with proper research and education, this too can be solved with legalization.

i used to smoke weed all the time and it made me paranoid as fuck. even weeks after smoking i would think there were cameras in my room and id cut myself all the time because of so much stress. i really only did it because most of my family did it, i always got along with stoners and i just wanted to be part of the community. its funny, its like i was brainwashed into thinking weed was good for you, but it really made me spiral into really bad depression. i understand this is not the case for most people, but for me, it just fucked with my head way too much

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If every drug was treated like alcohol (consume responsibly) I think it could work. It's not like legality is going to affect the hardcore addicts anyway. They'll get it some way or another.

*sips coffee, beer and pulls a ciggy

"Yeah goddamn drug addicts!"
*drinks nyquil for snifflez
"Doomers omgz!1 I am so prosecuted"

>It's not like legality is going to affect the hardcore addicts anyway. They'll get it some way or another.
Exactly why the war on drugs was a fundamentally stupid idea.

You smoked fermaldahyde

There's definitely vested interests involved somewhere down the line. It's also just an easy talking people for someone who wants to be """anti-establishment""" in an uncontroversial way.

It was a perfect idea if you had stock in private prisons

Take another hit of dope to calm yourself druggie. Go back to /b/ robots dont smoke weed the most normie drug

>you can't possibly have any bad effects from smoking weed, you must have smoked something else!!
why can't stoners accept weed isn't perfect and risk-free

My only problem with weed was it smelled and burned my chest. Then again sniffed drugs made my nose hurt or bleed. Alcohol has to be consumed in large quantities and makes you fat. Everything has a downside.

na i got my stuff from dispensary most of the time.

>tfw live in northern California and dont smoke weed

i had multiple extremely traumatic experiences when smoking weed, some times i had flash backs to those events. but i couldn't stop smoking for some reason. i still have little episodes where i cant stop thinking about those things and get into kind of a thought loop. its pretty rough

So bitter that not even le stoners find you cool. Seriously one of the most bland albeit accepting people on the planet and even they don't like you kek

Marijuana keeps people complacent, seems pretty obvious to me. It makes people happy without themselves actually improving their life, just spending more money. On top of that theres all the pot merch to be sold with it

>i got my stuff from dispensary
>that means it was good

After ten years I am sure I spend less money, but I have a grown up job and can budget my own life so there is also that

this. marijuanas best trait is also its most dangerous- it makes you feel good

fuck off white losers people dont need to go to jail for fucking pot. nothing wrong with pot. you are a bitch boy following authority. you dont care about the mess spread of alcohol but weed? shut the fuck up

no one needs to be paying 10000 dollars a month on weed or going to jail

>((((they))) want to keep it illegal
>50 years later
>(((they))) want it to be legal

you are stupid

what i ment is that it had no formaldehyde in it
but yes it was very good dank weed trees with a 5 fire emoji rating

I dont think so. But weed is arguably less harmful than tobacco

You could argue on a macro level because stoners are lazy and submissive, and in an era of economic anxiety where management beat out labor decades ago, letting people get high keeps them more compliant. Same principle as why sailors and soldiers were given beer rations

And people are fine with it because everyone's binging Netflix shows during the week anyway so they might as well be baked

But realistically it's because the war on drugs was destined to die out anyway, and now that non-hippie white people use regularly it was only a matter of time before the stigma died out and the laws changed

No I am still laughing at you that you think you couldn't have gotten bunk shit from a club. You smoked dust my man

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Complacency is sometimes good. People expect too much out of life. Some people take it for granted that they have a job and get paid every one or two weeks and never get fired ever.

you sound like my first posts pic related

Are you retarded or something? Paranoia is a classic symptom of long-term cannabis use. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen. It doesn't mean it was fucking laced, that is incredibly rare, to the point of not even being worth considering a possibility.

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I never used weed when it was legal and only started smoking it like 2 months ago at age 28 and honestly it's super fun if you do it responsibly. It makes sensations feel much longer for me so I love to go swimming in the hot weather or fuck. Speaking of which it got me excuses to make out with 2 girls all because of weed and how it makes me lose inhibitions and just go for it. You guys should try it once from a bong or other water pipe. Don't use dry pipes or blunts they burn your throat and shit

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Yeah Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, and Snoop Dogg must be so paranoid by now. Just admit you can't handle a high

Because the government controls the supply and they have made it toxic by putting chemicals in it. Believe me when I say this, DONT BUY CBD. DONT FUCKING BUY IT.

DONT BUY CBD AND DONT BUY WEED FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Only get it from approved sources that grow it on their own.

It is part of the depopulation plan. Dont fucking smoke it if it comes from a government approved facility.

I only collect dry pipes, I have maybe 20 by now

>It doesn't happen to everyone
God you're mentally deficient. Also
>Just admit you can't handle a high
Are you saying that some people (those who "can't handle a high") experience these symptoms? Thanks for backing up my point.

lay off the liquor there jim

Legalize weed before mushrooms.

Why? I have a friend that only does blunts and I'm like it burns. Do you like the feeling of it or just collecting them as art?

They're lazy because being out in public while high makes others keep a close eye on you in the future in case you: do decide to hold on to the materials in public; etc.

isn't baiting hes just retarded lmao

I collect them as art pieces. Most of them have never been used.

Show least favorite.

Nice strawman. Subhuman lowiq druggie

it's less that (((they))) want people smoking cannabis and more that they've realized the drug war hasn't worked and actually makes their position less stable. the next step is legalizing psychedelics (already happening to some extent)

You're right, it's likely bait. I shouldn't have given him a (you).

you're a legit retard for even making this thread.

Interesting question lol I have never thought of my least favorite I don't think I have one

Not him but I like the convenience of dry pipes. I know it sounds lazy but I dislike constantly having to change the water in water pipes. That and I hate the smell of used bong water way more than the smell of a used dry pipe, so I feel like I have to clean water pipes more often.

Heroin should be decriminalized and no one should be criminally punished for using it. That is not the same as saying it should be sold in stores.

And now it's legal, smoke weed or go to jail.

most people who are anti-weed are just sheltered fucks at this point

t. used to be one of them

>should heroin be legal
have you not heard of a little thing called the opioid epidemic? literally doctors out there giving out millions of pills per year.

criminalizing drugs clearly doesn't work but the propaganda dies really fucking hard. even beer companies survived prohibition by just selling brewing yeast.

we could be making huge strides in mental health but instead we're just stuck labelling some drugs as evil while making billions off of others. weed is just transitioning between the two right now.

That wouldn't help with the big issue though. There would still be a ridiculous amount overdoses due to unregulated potency.

fucking stupid non toxic substance which can be administered at 100x the average dose and leave no trace of long term damage
makes music have more depth, associated with a blissful state (Anandamide literally from the sanskrit word for bliss), can be vaped so no smoking necessary
yeah fuck weed

It's fun watching the literal children scream at each other in these threads.

Unironically yes. Less harm, safer for users, same amount of use overall regardless of the law, and no more funding murderous cartels. The arguments for prohibition are purely emotional,misguided and ineffective