Be me as a teen

>be me as a teen
>start shaving my legs
>no clue how I got that idea
>go on vacation
>cousin's friends notices my legs and tells me that boys aren't supposed to shave them
>get super embarrassed and stop

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who cares what other people think, you start again
i was really self-conscious about a lot of stuff in my teens
im only 21, almost 22 but in just a few years i stopped caring about a lot of stuff
be free and do the stuff you want while you're young

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>that thread
Well fuck. I just think it's sad the one they could look up to, the one most suitable to reason with them, doesn't make his best effort to prevent them from doing it. Gender is not a choice, you're born male or female, you don't become one ever. It bothers me that the "paranoid schizo" makes more sense to me than the tranny thinking it can become a girl, why the fuck are they not put the schizo label on them uh? fucking tell. what the actual fuck has the world come to

I don't think it's cruel to advocate suicide. It's the best option for the cursed ones, but drama-queens are always the loudest and need to be talked out of it. We don't even comprehend fully the long term effects on society and their own bodies of taking the trannypill, don't you think that's even more cruel? If you feel like commiting sudoku you know how bad life can be, imagine what these "girls" will go through in the future, have mercy and spare them of their agony.

I hope you don't kill yourself and find something to make life bearable, but don't forget happiness is a sham. You already know transitioning will never be the solution but should it come to that I hope you end your life for your own good. Hope you stick for longer, don't forget "reaching out" makes things worse if you decide to quit earlier.

*should start again
didnt mean to sound so direct

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telling someone you hope they don't kill themselves and then proceeding to tell them life will be shit anyways afterwards is pretty mean

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Duly checked

It's true though, for some that's how it will always be. Doesn't mean you have to suffer ALL time. I think a lot of suffering comes from high expectations from life and lack of experience. As gay or normalfag it could sound the ugly enhances the beauty. I think Aiste needs a good beating by life, he even said so himself. Though he's schizo and would maybe be better off in all honesty, but he sounds find to me, maybe I'm latent schizo, maybe I'm just telling him that to reinforce myself life is say not even worth living, but bearable at least so I don't kill myself. I don't know man it's all so fucked up.

I did tell him to kill himself if he goes down that road by the way.

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I know happiness is a sham. This idea is pretty much how I started avatarfagging. People aren't born deserving anything in life, good or bad. If I did kill myself, it wouldn't matter. There have been worse cases and no one cares. Life goes on. I've already failed to live with the way I am. I don't even know what the hell I'm trying to say here. I just don't want to be responsible for anyone else. Rest assured I'll end my life if it comes to it, but I don't want to put that pressure on anyone else.

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Based Marisaposter.

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Jesus fucking christ user I am making this post in order to claim witness of the quints of 5

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Why did you shave your legs do you still shave them

thanks, i grow stronger with every marisapost

my quints speak the truth, be nice to eachother

i just crawled out of the absolute worst time of my life over the past year, and im starting to feel okay for the first time in a long time, dont lose hope

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I honestly can't remember. Guess it was an early sign haha.
So what does the future hold for you, Marisaposter? What are your plans?

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Early sign of what
are you that person who gave me attention and was nice to me in other thread you made

>never shave legs/pubes once in 22 years
>get exceptionally horny one day
>off comes the everything

Early sign that I'd get depressed over not being a girl.
>are you that person who gave me attention and was nice to me in other thread you made
Probably. No one else rally uses this avatar, since you get permabanned for it.

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cant say for sure, i feel like im just starting to figure myself out let alone what i want to do, i kinda just take life as it comes at me, sounds cool on paper but a little boring in practice

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nothing wrong with it

Why are you sad that is not good and i think you are that person you were nice to me so i like you friend

ive been curious about your avatar, is it from anything, did you draw it yourself maybe

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i think they're nice too

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Is there anything in your life besides this which is damaging you? Not to sound belittling but I hear the trans issue but not too much else. Gimme gossip. You have pretty eyes btw.

I hope they be happy i dont want them sad

Same. I just let things happen to me and go along with everything. A pretty pointless existence, but when I try to start planning ahead, I realize that I can never really solve my issues so there's not much point in trying.
It's from here:
I used to selfishly guard its exact origin haha.
Here's a sort of answer from a previous thread:
No. I don't care about that. I don't want to be a girl just to look like one. I don't care about just looking cute. That's not why I want to be a girl. But it's hard to explain why I do. It's just like an overarching issue that exists in my life. It prevents me from solving anything else and enjoying life in general. I'd take being an ugly girl if I could. I think I would have a different relationship with my mother too. I'm already pretty similar to her, but I actually can hardly stand her. But I'd like to be friends with her.

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What are you listening rn

I am sorry you do not look like one i wish you could be happy with yourself

>>no clue how I got that idea
you were obviously born with innate knowledge of shaving

is it gay to shave your armpits. asking for a friend

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What about you?
Looking like one is the least of my concerns. Being one is all that matters. And, of course, it's impossible.

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Can you promise to try to be happy i dont like it when nice people are sad

It's better for massages and showing off muscle. Are you a fit robot?

Aiste, murder your own mother.

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armpit hair is gross, at least shave it every few weeks

I don't think I can promise anything. But that's okay, user. I'm not really a nice person haha.
I'm a cardio bunny (if that term makes sense here). I don't really have much muscle. I cycle and walk around a lot. That's all.
These women you post always remind me of her. The same pale, dead expression. Something I inherited too. I don't like it.

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You are nice to me so i think you are a nice person i like you

>shaved my armpits a couple weeks ago
>get invited to pool party with new coworkers this weekend
cant wait to say "am I not allowed to manscape a bit?" if anybody notices

but Im more concerned about everybody seeing my very thin twink body when Ive been wearing baggy clothes to work every day so they could think im buff even

th-those digits!

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Does your mom look like Rianne?

Cardio bunny is a term mostly used for girls, men just get called fags

You're 21 when are you getting your drivers license? It's imperative for becoming an adult!

I try, but I'm not always nice. I'm afraid I might lash out at you in the future.
I think shaving armpits is still acceptable for men.
I don't know. Both of these women are quite a bit younger than my mom.
I'm no adult. Anons have called me a child for good reason haha.

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Do you be mean when you are angry its ok when you angry just try to be better next time

>I'm afraid I might lash out at you in the future.
Don't we all? Being a namefag/avatarfag must be hard, everyone remembers your fuck ups. If you're nice they accuse you of being fake, if you're mean they accuse you of being a dick, if you're neutral they accuse you of both. Worse, all your posts are permanently linked to your identity, one mistake and all goes down the drain.

How the fuck do attention whores do it? I'd be anxious as fuck all day

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people only lash out because they're hurting, and its important to remember when someone hurts your its because they're hurting too, forgiving each other and forgiving ourselves is the way

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Shit like this makes me willing to bet that Gender Dysphoria is almost exclusively a result of when you tell kids that what they like is girly/too masculine and they end up hating themselves for it. Like what you like and remind yourself that you don't really need to conform to sex standards and certainly don't need to cut your dick over it.

I don't know how to answer. I'm just not a nice person.

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How do we cheer people up i try to be nice but sometimes it doesn't work

I like you just try your best to be better person than you are now every day

Are you the same drugfeels poster that I see in those threads all the time? Your formatting is unique

maybe you are not, but you are yourself, and to me yourself is nice, people are just flavors and everyone has different tastes

dont take this as pressure to uphold a nice image now, simply know people can think you're likeable and nice just the way you are

theres no real right way, you just gotta try your best to help eachother out because we're all the same really, we're all human and we all want to be happy

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What emotion is this post, with that image trying to convey? you're trying to say something else

I just realized are you and and the person both trans is that they are sad they arent a girl

i dont know if they'd self describe as trans or not, and i myself am not 100% sure either, but it's definitely something like that, still figuring it out, life is complicated

and yeah we both sad, the aforementioned issue being a factor but not the only one, having a major life issue tends to make you pickup other smaller ones and it snowballs, haha life

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I don't even know what we're discussing anymore. I just wanted to be a girl, anons. Imagine being embraced and protected. I don't know. I should stop avatarfagging.
user once told me that the eye is reflecting hell. I don't know, I just ran out of avatars.

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Why hasn't this thread been deleted yet? Do you think the jannies just don't care anymore?

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Why do I feel like posting my eyes
Whats going on

Oh i don't know what that would be like sorry if it makes you guys sad i wish you be happy

Be happy or ill be sad

Yes, eyes are the windows to our souls. But you kind of need a full face picture to gauge the emotion correctly, dont worry im not asking you to post your face. You look scared, like you want to die. Hell? Kind of, but ive seen worse, and your eyes are milky white, real life pink wojak eyes on the other hand..

They realized
>the more they delete him the more threads he makes to defy them
>trannies orbit him more than normal anons = bad
>they know he doesnt actually enjoy being here, torture
>that goes for evil jannies, good jannies let him stay because theyre gay for him.
Devilish if you ask me.

holy based this thread is comfy

im just happy to see threads like this pop up and i try to enjoy them and make sure everyone else does too, i love you all

jannies have no right to stop us, this shitty board was supposed to be /b/ 2.0 anyways

post em


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They should be happy or ill call them names

>post em
N-no!! bullies lurking

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why does everyone on Jow Forums act so god damn cute like wtf I keep forgetting you all don't look cute irl.

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Will you be happy if I am? I might try to find peace then.
I do want to die, but I'm so afraid of it. Avatars are fake, but death is real.
I love you too. You people are better friends than I could ever hope to find anywhere else.
No bullies in this thread, user. This is a bully-free zone, guaranteed by Aiste herself.

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I will be happy if you are happy i like your eye blue eyes are cute

well I'm going to sleep now it's 2 am over here so goodnight avatar poster
and based marisa poster

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nah we're not cute but we're chads in disguise

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unironically would let a chad tuck me in

we live in the digital age, we are cute here, at least we have that

there are surprisingly very kind people here

goodnight uwu

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One last thing. I wanted for at least one femanon to tell me that I wasn't just a disgusting freak in their eyes. I'm not sure I'll see it, but I'd still appreciate the thought as I never did manage to get my point across.


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are those your eyes btw, they are very cute

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I'm sure one will, user! Girls can be very mean but they can also be very nice, the only people who won't accept you for you are jerks who hate themselves so they hate others.

Goodnight, your thread was a good time

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Thank you.

Do your thing now, janny.

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