Show this to your liberal family members

Show this to your liberal family members

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oh fuck, wrong board

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Conservatives are frightened of their own shadows and see that as a strength

Liberals have more tunnel vision, but this doesn't mean conservatives do any better, they are indeed the more coward ones

>welcomes muslims in his country
>crimes spike

Enjoying that strength, huh?

He probably thinks their countries are like that because of "imperialism" and that all we need to do is overcome racism

Have fun getting murdered by one of your pet niggers.

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Lol conservatives are pussies
Why yall so scared? LOL

>I like to drink bleach because I'm fearless

It's cause people tend to not be comfortable when around those who they perceive to be different from them, people are biased to those more similar to themselves and cluster as such. This is more true for conservatives hence the increased sense of fear. Most black are not criminals despite being statistically overrepresented in crime stats which only account for people who commit crime and not entire populations. It's far more complicated than black people just naturally having more criminality. Liberals know this hence the relative lack of fear when around others.

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T'dlr statistics are a fallacy because i say so :^)

There's a reason the silver back is the leader of the troop. Because the females and babies would walk off a cliff without him.

There's a reason he has muscles. So he can fight when danger appears.

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Crime is at its lowest rates in half a century despite the decline in the share of the "white" population and the majority of blacks and other non-whites will never end up in the criminal justice system. It's why racial profiling is indeed prejudiced.

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Blacks are psychos though. Even if they don't commit a crime they are hostile and aggro as fuck. An when they're not they're fuck to fuck with people however they can to see what they can get away with.

People of all races do this. You just single out blacks cause they stand out to you be it their appearance seeming so different. You're probably more forgiving of others of your own "race" who are assholes out of bias.

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>You're probably more forgiving of others of your own "race" who are assholes out of bias.
Oh, they definitely are. You should've seen how much Jow Forums worshipped Brenton Tarrant after he did his deed.

No. It's noticeably common with them.

Twice I've had them jay walk in front of me, walking reaaally slow, while looking me in the eye and actually getting offended when I didn't slow down. My dad said everyone who's ever done that with him was also black.

Around blacks they constantly like to test people. To an extent no other race does.

Anecdotes don't prove anything, user. The ones you're referring to are just ignorant racist tribalists and that racism spread to you like the cancer it is. I'm pretty pasty myself but I've legit never had any beefs with black people. In fact every asshole who used to bully me as a kid is white too.

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It's becuase of mass incarceration, and that's a good thing! There's like a 75 percent chance each nigger will become a repeat offender, the longer they rot the longer they're off the streets.

Well good for you. But it makes sense that if they are more likely to be criminals, they'd be more likely to be assholes too, and that's what I've observed.

Anecdotes backed up by reputable statistics do.

Weird, you'd think treating people like animals and putting them in a cage for years would turn them into valuable members of society

>75 percent chance each nigger will become a repeat offender,
Gotta source for that claim?
You ever wonder what reasons there would be for their crime rates? I think it has to do with being taught tribalism. Negativity begets negativity so they're more likely to feel animosity towards "outsiders". Blacks like Obama or Oprah Winfrey sure don't align with your generalizations.

How comes most blacks never end up in prison? It's almost like you're making hasty generalizations.

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exceptions are not representative of averages

The average black person isn't a criminal though.