how much do you niggers get in disabilitybux ?

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U get healthcare which is huge as a tard and very expensive elsewhere.

I get $3150 a month tax free, free healthcare, free dental care. 0 property tax and a 0 sales tax card.

t. disabled from the military

people here lie and spit out giant numbers. its about 800 dollars everywhere

see exactly this is bull shit. no ones getting 30 or 40 grand from being disabled they just say this shit

if the government cared about the military at all they wouldn't come back ruined and homeless

I am 100% VA look it up if you don't believe me. It's really fucking hard to get 100%. Most vets get like 10% which pays nothing.

Pic related from last payday

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I get 100$ pocket money. I live in a group home for people with chronic mental illness. I don't have to pay for for food or internet.

I dont care there is no reason why the government would pay you fucking enough for a bmw or a used corvette and a condo. makes no sense

Some people are just lucky. I don't know. It sucks if you're actually dying and can't even enjoy it though. Grass is green.

Well they do pay me that much. Here is my ebenefits.va.gov account. comfy.

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I leave for a month in Japan soon. I enjoy it plenty.

$1060AU a fortnight

ok how the fuck do I do this? seriously. I am literally disabled like chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, nausea, fucked up

I thought with disability you couldn't save more than 2k?

I'm a paranoid schizo with social phobia and epilepsy. I had proper state psychiatrist sign my forms during a stay in a mental ward.

my friend is scizo too and gets 750-800/mo

Does he get rent assistance? Is he in a relationship?

340gdp a month due to BPD/NPD/Anxiety/Aspergers/Dyspraxia/blah blah blah

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Get around 800GBP a month due to aspergers, depression and anxiety. Kinda helped that I had a little bit of an episode before one of the assessments and broke down. I don't like being on benies, I'd love to work but that isn't happening and I've long since given up being normal.

they gave him an apartment for disabled people for 30% his income but they do that for everyone with a disability kids and low income I think

he snapped went crazy broke a bunch of shit and wrote on the walls and went to the psych center and they kicked him out

Literally what is the point of wageslaving when welfare queens get more than I make in a month?

Its about 780USD a month for mental illness. Ive been seeing doctors since middle school and am diagnosed with BPD

Holy fuck you are living the NEET dream baby