It's November 21, 2004. Where are you in life?

It's November 21, 2004. Where are you in life?

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I turned 5 a few months ago. I'm still in primary school, dicking around.

I turned 6 a few months ago. I'm still in elementary school, dicking around.

I'm a happy kid, things are about to start going to shit next year tho

Going on 10 years old, probably playing my DS or PS1.

Just starting highschool. Still playing a lot of vidya

Probably playing Wind Waker or NCAA 2004. I think I got into KOTOR around that time. This was peak NEET for me in my mid 20s. I wish I was partying with my college graduating class in hindsight. Fuck. Regrets regrets.

I finished highschool last year and have begun neethood
what a glorious time

So you're basically almost 40 now? How the fuck do you cope?

Technically I should have graduated in 2000 or 2001 but I didn't discover programming until 1999. Had a chance to go to community college once I found out what I wanted to do but chose to make stupid game utilities for the next decade. Fuuuuuck. I'll leave it at that.

41. I don't know. I found a friend the last few years and discovered alcohol. Other than that it's misery and regret.

Still a virgin btw but I get dates.. If I don't fuck it up I might once get laid.

Is 35 a good age to KMS? I'm still in my early 20s but I don't see the point in me living past that age.

My freshman year of college, posting on Jow Forums. Also depressed and turning myself into an alcoholic, not realizing I need to put more work into my major because the economy is going to collapse and inevitably make me scrape and claw only to do something I hate.

im -2 years old

15 is a good age to kys
Whatever works for you. I'm just hopelessly deluded and half retarded to think something will get better even though it rarely does.

Started high school around that time.
The world made more sense then, maybe it was because i was a kid.
Ignorance is bliss.

I was a HS dropout at 16, went to psych wards as a teen, and after a failed venture of living on my own, my old bedroom seemed mighty comfy for over a decade. When you think the outside world doesn't want you and are too pussy to kys NEEThood seems comfy. Once my dad retired I saw the writing on the wall and realized I could go to college. Got a BS at 37 and have been trying (and failing) Masters programs since. I am looking for my first programming job and trying to get back into Masters. It's really awkward because everyone else thinks I'm a tard and too old or something. I have some aspergers but that's compounded by other mental and physical problems.

I was a bright-eyed innocent young lad. I still had a full year of comfy childhood ahead of me before the depression hit like a ton of bricks and ruined everything.

Playing mario kart on the gamecube with my brother before he became a crackhead.

That sucks. Innocence often gets stripped away.

Probably at some LAN party, playing Halo with the boys.
Good times.

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are you the 41 year old? so are you living the same life now as you were at 16? it's a pretty crazy thought, user. i know you have aspergers, but jesus.

Yikes I dont have any memory I was too young ;)

Not really. I have learned a lot since 16. Read a lot of books, played a lot of games, went to bars, went to school, met people. You can get life experience outside of work.

In the pediatric cancer ward probably. It's hard to remember when what happened over 5 years. I ask for frosted flakes I get corn flakes. Nurses waking me up before sun rise to give me medicine. My mom sleeping in the corner with an old tv show on. My dad popping out from behind divider curtains with a stuffed dinosaur making me laugh.

Seeing my grandma there after a surgery and trying to lift my head but I couldn't. The smell of gauze. The clowns

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yea, but why live at home? don't you feel like time is frozen, just by virtue of living in your childhood room?

In Pre-K getting picked on for not watching Naruto

I don't even know how severe my aspergers is. This most noticeable disabilities are anxiety, tourettes and misophonia. From time to time I feel OCD effects which make me obsess about things or be compelled to do things. Who knows? I even got a schizo diagnosis one time. I think most mental disorders boil down to anxiety at some point. ASD is more an actual form of retardation or different brain wiring. People seem like they are in their own world and can't relate with the world outside. My brother had stronger autism than me. I thought we connected at points but he was a tough nut to crack. He's now living in a home under state care.

You're 13 years old now eh?

shit, user. this got me in the feels. cancer sucks. what cancer did you have? did you recover completely and did you have a normie life after?

Probably on RuneScape scamming someone

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It wasn't really my childhood room. I didn't get my own room until 12 or so when my dad decided to close in the garage. Believe me it became hell but the vidya was still good. GTA V was one of the last games I remember enjoying in there.

Stage 3 melanoma. I'm fine now. Have lymphedema in a leg but it's not as bad as google images of it. I was NEET until 2017 when I got a job and license. Just working retail, got promoted. Sometimes it doesn't feel real. I wish I kept a journal or had photos or something. Some stuff triggers me and I'm not sure if I have a case of ptsd or not. I've smelled the hospital before just by seeing something.

I did get a make a wish. Shopping spree I chose. They are legit never doubt a donation to them.

I'm a fifth-grader having the time of my life tag-teaming Metroid Prime 2 and Baten Kaitos while fucking around in an online roleplaying group. Things won't start going south for another few years yet.

>parents just got me a Gamecube for christmas
>they don't realize they've permanently ruined any chances i ever had at a normal social life


Awesome. Thanks for sharing, user. Hope you lead a fulfilling life, and appreciate the smaller things in life, since you now know how fragile life is.

To quote Jigsaw: "Most people are ungrateful to be alive."

>working some dead end job at target and hating every minute of life
>being told by family and mental health "professionals" that it will get better if I do "X,Y and Z"
>did all of that
>it never got better

So you're the 41 user? What's your game plan for when your parents are out of the picture? Will you be able to sustain yourself, or do you share a similar fate as that brother? Also, isn't it a shit roll of your parents dice to birth two ASD kids? Seems pretty incredibly (shitty) odds desu, no offense.

They probably rolled a lot more. Only 8 out the 10 kids in my family got married. I am living on my own. Been on my own for 3 years. I need to a job or I will go back to my hometown. I told them many times they had too many kids and they didn't believe me. My cousins are all married and most have very good jobs. Maybe it was just my mom and dad that were messed up. It baffles me.

Only 2 out of 10 sorry. 8 out of 10 never got married. We are all over 30

I'm a 24 year old Computer Science student at the university of Southern California,finishing my Master's degree, I'm a virgin at the time, and I'm preparing to visit my family back home in Azerbaijan and Israel.

In the second grade (I think) playing Flash games and being blissfully unaware.

marriage is overrated.just embrace the red pill/mgtow life.

The catch is: we're Mormons - or at least my family is.

noice. I'd become a mormon too, if it wasn't for that whole "no booze or drugs" rule.

It's certainly made me a bit i don't know uncaring in a way? I don't wanna sound like an edgelord or pseud. I do care about a lot of stuff but it's stuff I enjoy. If I was born any other time I'd be dead probably. So, if something doesn't affect me and my pursuit of enjoying myself I simply don't care about it.

All this world news is information overload. Humans can't process and really take it in. All these people that get riled up and have uncomfortable times arguing about shit online. It's not healthy.

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You can't have multiple wives - in this life at least

16 years old. Mostly fucking around online not appreciating what I have

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Playing the ABSOLUTE SHIT out of San Andreas. I had waited for that game since it was first announced. I remember sucking up every single juicy morsel of information about it. It lived up to every single expectation I had.

Not legally, but can you do the whole polygamy thing unofficially?

What'd you do in your 30s?

>We are as far away from 2004 as 2004 was from 1989

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College and video games.

Probably. You have to join Warren Jeff's branch and not the "official" Salt Lake branch

I was an overweight, awkward 13 year old getting relentlessly bullied by almost everyone in my classes, including teachers.
The only things that made me happy were playing in the school band and playing videogames with my fat fuck Filipino best pal.

I'm thirteen now and in eighth grade. Instructors are dicks and don't pay attention when people are bullying me. I lash out at the bully and get labeled as the "violent weird kid." For real though, fuck middle and high school. Everyone always see the retaliation but no one ever sees the provocation. Fuck people. I'm honestly surprised I didn't become a fucking school shooter. Pic related as well.

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Good job for standing up for yourself and not being a beta pussy.

I chose to skip school and retreat to my room in isolation ever since like 6th grade. It's pretty obvious when you realize most people are just shit and the energy needed to put up with all that is not worth it.

Plenty of people play vidya and have a social life, that's a pretty weak cope user.

You're just an addict retard who cannot control themselves. Not everyone has that problem you have user.

I was in first grade, doing Thanksgiving themed crossword puzzles I think. I remember playing Battle Front 1 with my cousin that year. I was just in a car accident the month before and I had to keep going to some dentist/mouth surgeon because the front of my mouth got fucked up because I slammed my head against the seat in front of me.

grade 4, dad got me a PS2 and I'm playing Simpsons Road Rage

>It's November 21, 2004. Where are you in life?
11 years old and have discovered the internet, I'm about to get bullied (again) and then start retreating further into the digital world.

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start of 7th grade. Blowing off homework for Runescape and Maplestory. Still completely blown away by the concept of Xbox Live and playing Halo 2 online. Shit was cash man, and i knew it.

I was 6. No idea what I was doing in November of that year. I had no real concept of time beyond "day and night".

Holy shit, you're 4 years younger than my dad and you're wasting your life here?

Pretty sure Im school holidays and just finished year 9. Summer is here, its warm and Im getting ready to go and see my mate Josh who lives a few hours away. Still a virgin, got bullied quite relentlessly through the year giving me PTSD.

Probably getting beaten

playing the fuck out of that game

7 years old and being being a stupid shut in instead of socializing like I should have, shame it took me another 12 years to finally start getting my shit together

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ITT: Zoomers

exact same thing happened to me non ironically
fortunately it wasnt permanent, but my entire childhood and teenage years were wasted, my 20s are making up for it tho

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Getting my ass kicked by Ron Artest at The Palace

Im 4 years old and i had fun with friends in kindergarten.
I enjoyed life at this point.
I miss it, i just want to be a kid again

I'm 7 and a half

I've just moved towns

i'm getting my first and only taste of web 1.0 at my new school

I'm probably eating Incredibles themed cereal,

And playing dragon ball z games on my gameboy sp

enjoying a wholesome life

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if you can't remember late 2004/early 2005 at the bare minimum then I'm afraid you are zoomer cancer

>16 years old
>aspiring flash artist
>post on newgrounds a shit ton
> been on Jow Forums since summer
>downloading anime and shit on limewire
>practicing Japanese
That was an ok time, but homework sucked.

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15. School blows ass and I want out. Still being forced into youth group memes. Working at the family restaurant washing dishes so I can save cash for the DS. Just diving into the weeb pool and ruining my life forever. Not realizing in two years I'd peak and hit my NEET era. I'd be happy to go back, honestly.

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I'm 13, masterbating every chance I get!

Nintendo power, retard class, either get, trade for at school or rent essentially every first party nintendo game

I'm 7 years old, sitting in home, ill with flu, doing homework with mom and getting scolded by her.

>at this point yugioh already stopped being a fad, put in hundreds of hours into pokemon sapphire and had a gamecube and ps2 and just met my oneitis for the first time (now she is pregnant with chad spawn). Meanwhile the average r9k poster wasn't even sentient for a few more years. If you are still young please get off r9k and have sex.

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I'm 22 and I remember 2004 being the peak of yugioh mania, I saw the movie that year with my older brother. You must have been entering your teen years around then if you think the fad was already over

>playing popular vidya like cs, gta vc and other shooters with my little brother, enjoyed every bit of it
>2nd grade, I think I made one of my best friends this year, but we lost contact for the last few years
life was amazing and I was happy to be alive

That would be a few days before my 12th birthday.

I don't remember what I was doing specifically, but I think at that point I would have still been happy.

Thanks for raping this site zoomers

>7 years old in 2004 is zoomer now

This was around the time where Nick and cartoon network cancelled all the 90s shows, and the zoomer kid culture like Ben 10 and Johnny test was right around the corner

im probably at a Halo 2 lan party trying to impress the only girl there

3 years old minding my own business

>14 years old in year 9
>horny 24/7
>rush home from school to go on msn
>messaging girls on msn and sharing MP3s over it
>putting cute girls names in my display name
>texting on CBFsms as had no credit
>Playing def jam fight for ny inbetween.

If only I knew how bad things would get.

I was in my 3rd month of university. I should have taken a trade, but whatever.

Anyway if the 21st was a weekend, i was probably either studying or playing ps2, gc, or gba. Probably playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or Earthbound

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I'm picking up a fight in a school playground

Well sry that my parents gave birth to me.
Also where else should I go im a social outcast with aspergers. Where else should I go.
It's not like im similar to the zoomertards anyway.

8th grade
I had a best friend then
I skipped her wedding a number of years ago and that really hurt our friendship
I miss her

just shy of 8 months old

>It's November 21, 2004
LOST started two months ago. I am 22. My life is literally starting to go to hell but I have no clue about it.