Why don't you just get a /cgl/ lolita gf?

Why don't you just get a /cgl/ lolita gf?

>already knows about Jow Forums culture so no need to hide it from her
>all you have to do to get one is buy her brand
>she'll let you fuck her

Easy as that

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>implying any female wants anyone except Chad

user plz

>know a (sometimes gothic) lolita that's really tall and doesnt have any friends besides me
>her brand is Angelic Pretty
It seems hard to get here especially in her size, any tips? I think she only owns one of their dresses cause they're so hard to get

seagulls are way the fuck worse than any other women and are only interested in men to the extent that they can be paypigs

>implying /cgl/ isn't full of landwhales and trannies

Ok, where do I sign up? Wait what? Orbiting them and begging for their attention? That's why.

>all you have to do to get one is buy her brand
explain further, buy specific brand clothes for her or buy the clothes that she makes?

Jow Forums is the only way I can talk to people online. I don't even like speaking to people I know via text and shit. I don't want some /cgl/ roastie online gf

>>all you have to do to get one is buy her brand
I wish my bf did this for me. But he's a poorfag :(

How much does brand cost? I would consider having a /cgl/ lolita sugar baby

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Someone post that vaginal discharge image
seagulls are easily the grossest posters on the site

Its really expensive

I need a number

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high quality dresses are like 400 USD

I'd go for it if it's literally the only effort I have to put in.

So one dress every 2 months then.

how much does this cost?
considering I am putting all this effort into my life to improve my odds of dating, that sounds like it could be preferable.

>tfw I've paid this much for a pair of cycling bib shorts
brand is brand

Someone kidnap a seagull and ask if she would agree to these terms

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who creates threads like this?

seagulls fishing for paypigs

Because they only want to fuck /fa/ dudes and will see you as a paypig they don't put out for

I'd rather a cosplay gf because I also enjoy dressing up as fictional characters so we'd have something in common.
That and I need help with actually making costumes, but I can help rig up cool lighting stuff and other electronics in return.

I like lolita fashion, but why would they want me? I'm ugly and it's not like I can afford expensive dresses for them or something.

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What is a seagull, summerfag here

how much is burando?

400 aint shit. ok im down

how good of a gf can i get if i give her a budget of lets say.. $1,000/month to spend on whatever she wants?

i'd give you the full online girlfriend experience.

make some threads and find out

mmm tempting. probably just better to spend that on a room and tickets for Otakon though

sugar baby threads are strictly forbidden on cgl

>all you have to do to get one is buy her brand
so literally an deluxe whore

Is this really possible?

Pick one. If we're not going to have sex forget it.

I'd rather have a Larme or Mori gf instead
Kinda picky with what lolita I like

okay, and I will give you online money.

>tfw wanted to be /cgl/ lolita since i was 15 years old
>used to have an entire folder collection of the dresses and clothes i wanted to buy
>lost weight in order to be cute while wearing lolita
>i'm 22 now and only have one cheap lolita dress, still clinging to the dream
why i gotta be poor like this

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Just get a sugar daddy like all the other lolitas.

I guarantee you the /cgl/ roasties have been railed by many convention sub-chads before, just like the stacies.

Learn to sew?

I offered to be a /cgl/ girl's paypig before. We emailed back and forth but she ghosted me before I could even send a dollar.

>Just get a sugar daddy like all the other lolitas.
yeah i'm pretty single right now and since i'm still studying i don't have a job and an income for lolita. kinda sucks because i'll not look cute anymore in a few years (i'm 22 right now) and lolita would kinda look off on me. meh, its good that i'm not fat though.

ehh i have thought about that, i CAN design clothes because i've been told that i can draw pretty well and can match colors pretty well, but my hands are non dexterous when it comes to creating crafts...

I have that exact overall thing from aliexpress.
I dont mind the cheap lolita stuff if I'm honest. I've got a few cute things from there.

i found a cgl girl to do that with but i was only able to send her about $50 before she called it off because she "felt weird doing it when she had a bf" or whatever

i miss her

yeah that overall is good for casual stuff. it's a little bit ita but it's cute imo, would only wear it casually though. i wish i had more money to buy stuff like this.

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>get an older online bf when i was 16
>we are both weebs
>a few months in he wants to gift me something
>bf helps me pick out cute clothes and cosplay outfits from taobao
>i dress up for him and model for him
>i feel like a qt dolly
>he breaks up after a month because i got depressed and he's had enough of me
why do i miss being someone's cosplay model gf so much

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you can be mine tho, as long as you're a female


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I wish I had the budget to do this. A girlfriend who lets me buy things for her to wear would be amazing.

Be my Jannu dressing gf.

yes i have a pussy user

if you ever get the chance to, you really should, especially if your gf is a sub it might make her really happy

>Implying she'd actually be satisfied with any of the mentally disturbed anons on this board

godammnit i didn't want a bf to dress me up until i read your post, sorry that it ended. goddamnit i wish i had a boyfriend who were into mongolian fashion like me.

So let's keep it short. If you wanna get to know each other, write me your contact info to this dump mail. I don't trust people on Jow Forums

I'm into vidya, fitness, photography, astronomy and literature. Also really friendly.
[email protected]

If you won't message me, then Godspeed on your journey femanon. I Wouldn't trust the people on here too if I were you

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>Don't trust anyone but give me a chance pls baby
user please

has any /cgl/ femanons here gotten a sugar daddy to buy her clothes? if so i have a few questions that i'd like to ask

what are your questions you want to ask

Yes they are indeed dead inside.

We two know very well that 100% of the people on here would kill for a gf. I'm not as thirsty, but it's always nice to get to know some new people.

Jow Forums is the cesspool of society and everyone on here knows that. I mean I'm on 4chin for 10 years now

how did you maintain your relationship? did he demand anything from you in return?

>I'm not like the other guys
Yeah, yeah, how about we see some cash instead?

Sugar daddy here, let's discuss the terms.

I would never think about dating a women who is a gold digger. I know some girls who used to / still browse Jow Forums and they were all really nice people. Which is why I'm asking.

If a girl is only interested in money, you're free to try your luck user

hello sugar daddy, what terms would you like to discuss?

you can do it over email

pictures of you wearing the clothes he buys you. it lets him know you are enjoying them and not just scalping shit. but I would bet that a lot of the guys here would try to get you to send nudes

The size of your allowance and how often we meet.

I once did the SD thing for a brat who wanted qt sk8r girl shit. Got some nice pictures out of it but ultimately is correct about how dead people like me are.

>I'm not as thirsty,
You dropped a general advertising looking post to the first gf lamenting she doesn't have a bf when you have zero shared interests. The only thing she has that could possibly interest you is a vagina. You are very thirsty user and unlikely 'j-just looking for friends unlike the other pervs here'.

You are not good at this 'casual, innocent' angle. Practice more for the next post that confirms they have a pussy.

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So are you not part of 100% or something I don't think that makes any God damn sense

>pictures of you wearing the clothes he buys you. it lets him know you are enjoying them and not just scalping shit.
easy enough

>but I would bet that a lot of the guys here would try to get you to send nudes
More so close up of their shoes and socks. If you're paying you need fan service.

eh where do you live first of all?

that's a given, if you buy the shoes and socks for her

Yurop so probably the wrong continent.

Whatever floats your boat user. The times where Jow Forums was about sharing feels is long gone. Anything that is slightly different is an improvement to the place. Which is why I'm trying my luck in meeting new people off of this place. I have made some friends through 4chin and even meet someone, who lived 10.000km away. Which is why I'm advicing you to do the same.

Of course, day-to-day stuff is boring and rarely cute.

the hard part is actually finding someone who is legit and not a creeper

eh, thats a bit far away from where i live sowwie user

nudes are the most boring shit ever. If I want to see nude girls of literally any age and shape I can find them on the internet in under 5 seconds and they'll probably be tighter and sexier than any seagull. What I want is personality and some kind of personal touch. Like when I was doing the SD thing for that skater girl, I'd have her pose in photos giving me the finger or do recordings telling me to go fuck myself. The closest to noods was her mooning me with a FUCK YOU sharpied on her ass. What sucked is that she didn't have much of an imagination and coming up with new shit to get her to do was too much effort sometimes.

Lolitas are the most self absorbed, vapid people I've seen. They all hate eachother and will talk shit behind anyone's back because someone's coord in their mind, wasn't as good as theirs. Do not engage the lolitas.

Thought so. Oh well, good luck in finding a sugar daddy. You should probably set up an account on seekingarrangement.

gulls already have boyfriends, very few singles on cgl

Remember they go to conventions all the time, tons of men there they can meet and show off for. They don't need smelly neets from r9k

>nudes are the most boring shit ever. If I want to see nude girls of literally any age and shape I can find them on the internet in under 5 seconds and they'll probably be tighter and sexier than any seagull. What I want is personality and some kind of personal touch.
...whats the point of your relationship? making a girl pose not in a lewd way?

i just want a cute e-bf that will get me out of my social anxiety. i'm a shut in but i go on /cgl/ a lot.

I'd love it if you called me cute

never give up on your dreams user

tfw social anxiety won't let you go outside

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Affection and attention from a qt girl.

Assuming that I am decent looking (normal face, tall, healthy weight) and have good hygiene, and generally a passive person, how much must I pay to make up for a completely unattractive personality? I assume it is less money needed than if I was a fat ugly bastard or something.

Why? Your looks aren't going to lower the price of the dresses.

Am I the only one who sees those cute lolita dresses and immediately has horrible thoughts

red flag desu

I mean I imagine a cute girl is going to need more monetary incentive to be with someone disgusting inside and out, than someone who is just disgusting on the inside.

the point is having someone pretend to give a shit about me, even if the relationship is akin to a bully and their target. since the concept of someone being sexually attracted towards me (nevermind emotionally) is completely stretching suspension of disbelief, it's easier to have it go the other direction, which is somewhat more believable.

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Still a lot senpai, you're below average when you've got nothing special features and a shit personality. It's called average because there's a fucking lot of people that fit that bill, no need to settle for people below the line.

as a full time cute girl, i would say that a relationship is definitely more enjoyable if you are attracted to the other person and not talk to them just for the money, you can tell when the relationship is forced and fake

Do you have any other interests?

besides cosplay, the usual weeb stuff, fashion in general, art, medicine

ill fuck you for 1k a month

well you're confident at least, that's attractive