You are walking on a trail minding your own business

>you are walking on a trail minding your own business
>u see this

what do you do?

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I'd cry and cum and shit AND piss.

I just got the sudden urge to do this too

They should give her some creepy costume and make her go scare some campers. I mean, she'd almost definitely get shot though, but would be funny.

white people be crazy!

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I would crawl into fetal position and hope it doesn't kill me.

Fucking skinwalkers

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I love white people

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autistic or not, all females(female) deserve an efficient passionless death. kick her head as she trots near me then cut her throat open. I've literally done this dozens of times.

she's probably not even autistic, just prepping her body for kinky sex with Chad.

I hope roastie "fembots" are reading this. your days are numbered and you can't stop us.

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Whites hahaahah

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Lmfao idk what I would do. Laugh? Cry? Run? All 3 maybe.


Look at their fucking movement it looks as if they have never touched the ground before, as if they have been standing or sitting their whole lives never experiencing some sort of labor or outdoor activity. Their disgusting smug faces don't hide their lack of humanity.

They're pathetic and entitled

They need more black students to teach them how to behave.

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You think 's claim of being a serial killer is accurate???

me with the blue hair

Laugh like no man has before, originally of course

Why pipo be like

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Even white teachers are corny and lame

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Is this some kind of courtship ritual? What the fuck? I'm pretty young myself and I never saw dance offs like this.

*brooms you*

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Avoid eye contact and leave ASAP

Exterminating the plague does not make one a serial killer.
Women are not human. They're only tolerated because of vaginas. Once sexbots and artificial wombs are perfected humans will be able to see how cruel, evil, and parasitic they truly are.
Deal with it, roasties. Swift death is mercy for monsters.

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something like this would be good enough

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Are they mimicking fortnite emotes?

bet you that teacher posts here kek

i see no broom

Call SCP