Is this a rejection?

Is this a rejection?
She's asian and I'm white and cute so she should be groveling at my feet
What the fuck do I say now to get her riding on my white pp?

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Bump for asian puss

She has no interest in you dude.

ask "when are you free?"
if she ghosts you, she was never interested. if she says "i dont know" or says sometime after 7 days, she was never interested.

"let me know when you are free" and prepare to never hear from her again

yeah it is, basic text book rejection

Just say okay or some shit and go for someone else

>I'm white and cute so she should be groveling at my feet
>he actually believes the meme

She was never interested. Thats already clear.

You fail OP. Lmfao. Fuckin incel desperately coping with muh racial superiority

Lol, You spend too much time on Jow Forums. I just went on a run on a popular walking trail and saw like 15 asian women with men. Every single man was asian. This is in the western US.

No he doesnt. He is pretending to be le edgy racist man to bury the pain of his rejection by a woman. He knows he is a fucking loser and newr the bottom of the barrel. The cope is weak.

That is rejection in a very nice way. Know when to fold em' OP

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Yes mate. Stop talking to her. Duh. If she txts yo back then you can make ultimatums.

Say "Let me know when you are free to hang out" and never contact her again.

If she gets in touch again, she likes you. If not, she doesn't like you. Plenty of other asian pussy in the sea, OP. Don't get hung up on her, you can do better.

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>"lunch then?"

"So, lunch, then?" is the correct response

Nah, that sounds desperate. Don't change your plans to adjust to her schedule. Plus evening dates are usually the ones that lead to sex. Outside of highschool, taking her to lunch or movies is something a girl or gay friend would do. Take her out to drinks in the evening. If she's not down say "Your loss, honey" with a winking emoji and move on to someone else.

Turning a women down or showing indifference does MUCH more to build attraction than bending over backwards to please her. How many guys do you think are doing that for her already?

No, it doesn't sound desperate you immense faggot.
Women want men who can fix a problem. By presenting a problem, you're being shit tested. The correct response is a plan.
Your larp is embarassing.

Good god, can't you people just be normal?

I thought I was awkward with girls, and I probably still am, but this shit... Jesus fucking Christ.

Dude, do you honestly think this shit is like an anime? Maybe she's either not interested, or she really is busy and doesn't have time for shit.

You fucking weirdo.

Ask her what time works for her, if she shirks it off or in any way gives you a lame answer than just drop it.

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Lmao. When she says she's too busy for lunch I'm sure you're next response will be "w-what about breakfast?"

Stop simping. OP, tell her you are busy in the afternoons and force her to make time for you, not the other way around.

It's a girl. Do you really think she's bothered if you say "Your loss"? She's got a line of interested men down to the next city. That's like a small business saying "Your loss" to a customer who won't buy a product because it's overpriced at that shop compared to say, Amazon.

>Ask her what time works for her,

No OP, dont ask her what time works for her TELL her what time works for YOU. If she likes you she'll try to male a date. If you do all the legwork it will set the tone of your relationship. You always chasing and trying to please her.

How many guys do you think talk to her like that tho? Think about it. Indifference like that will help him stand out and hook her interest. Its the same reason women are more attracted to guys that tease them than to guys that are always polite to them.

Don't be like every other chump.

That's a good way to get posted on r/niceguys

You sound like an incel. Only incels overthink how they speak with women.

This a million fucking times.

They're people. Just talk to them like they're people. People you want to fuck, sure, but that's down the line, and it's kind of a silent given if you're on a date.

That doesn't mean you say it on the first date. You just kinda both slowly make moves to that effect until it happens.

Lmao i just fucked my hot girlfriend a few minutes ago bud. Nice try.

Nah it's pretty desperate.

>He's trying to brag about fucking a girl on a Tibetan moose-hunting board

Wow dude, I bet your cock is like 16 inches long, too.

Post a pic of your girlfriend

take it from me, sometimes they're actually busy and it's not just straight up rejection. it's very very rare, but it does happen

Why in the originally would I do that? I'm not retarded, I know how this board works.

I want to show everybody how fat and ugly your gf is to prove why I'm right and you're wrong. I'll post mine

she likes you. shes working you gotta catch her on an off day

lool why do people think this is rejection? asian women are -literal-. they mean everything they say. be patient OP

You're really that into winning arguments on Jow Forums, huh?

Nah senpai, not for me.

Not her best photo but I'd bet my third nut she's hotter than whatever gf you can scrounge up.

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/b/ro she nasty

this is why we go for asians

shes nice
yall mean t b h

I think he's joking though bruv
that's an internet image he found

id still bang her like i crossed the dessert and found an oasis

>id still bang her like i crossed the dessert and found an oasis
So you have no standards?

I would agree with this statement too. I took my girlfriend on a first date to a graveyard and then we had really good icecream. I liked it.

Post your girlfriends then.

This little lady is a freak in the bedroom btw. Completely obedient and never talks back.

what do you mean? id bang her out, she has a smoking body. im asian though, probably have white fever rn

>They're people. Just talk to them like they're people. People you want to fuck, sure, but that's down the line, and it's kind of a silent given if you're on a date.

I cant fall for this meme. "People " can deceive or put down others for their own gain. Men are the ones that have to fight for their respect from others or learn to cut people off if they don't.

Ignore these autistic OP - you got this far which is more than any of these jealous virgin niggers can say:m.
Be directs say "ok, well I'd realy like to take you out on a date, I think I could show you a good time. If you're interested then find some time to go and we'll go from there."

Let her know your intentions, the way young dudes are now they are so indirect and noncommittal it will show you have the balls to shoot your shot. No games or coyness, you've made your intentions known and if she wants to pursue it she will. If not you will feel better about yourself that you actually tried and didn't pussy foot around until some other guy didn't step up. This is good advice OP I hope you take it.
Congrats again for making it this far

Lmao Id appreciate it if you stopped talking about banging my gf, user. Get your own.

Dude that girl loves to fuck you're lucky. She def exudes that vibe. Better than an 8:10 who doesn't know how to enjoy herself in bed 100%

How white are you? Are you blonde with blue eyes or close to it? Asian women generally are only interested in that phenotype if they decide to date outside their race.

no interest in your gf bro, beyond those posts. happy banging!

Yes, platinum blonde with blue eyes

Hm, interesting.. Are you a manlet by chance?

Sort of

user, I'm sorry.. But it's over.

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5'10 is more than fine. go go go get asian gf

Rejection pretty much. If she was interested she would have offered another time but she didn't because she's not interested in seeing you. Gg ez no re

wrong. shes just too tired to offer another time cus she doesnt know when she will be free

LMFAO This is so fucking retarded like when people say "I've been busy that's why I haven't replied to your text in several days". I'm sure she's so busy she cant find an hour or two to go out, in sure shes working 12 hour shifts every single day. The delusion from some of you guys is hilarious man.

yea dude, people actually do work that hard. sometimes youre so low energy you dont wanna bother replying.

It's very real you dumb ass, she didn't reject him, she might actually be busy.

Youve obviously never had a girl be interested in you. If she wants to hang out she would find a way, shed think of alternative plans or reschedule, hell in my experience, shed just hang out no matter how tired she is. Not give some noncommittal dismissive one sentence rejection.

>She's asian and I'm white and cute so she should be groveling at my feet
real life isn't a Jow Forums meme faggot, there are millions of better white men than u she can choose from

Hell, that stands true even in SEA

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Dude no. She's trying to let OP down nicely. He already took his shot by asking her out. She turned it down.
Besides, OP already posted this last night with his response which was basically what you are suggesting and guess what? He got ghosted.

you mustve not been rejected before

its a no OP, accept it and move on

I don't know about that, I've cancelled meeting up a girl more than once who I really really wanted to meet with because I was tired and had lots of work at the time