Are women really like this?

are women really like this?

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They really are, they don't even care unless it involves three other females. It's kind of sad.

They love cock, yes.
The only chance non chads have with a women is if they have a big dick

fucking disgusting. i bet balls smell gross.

>They are the meme gender.
said the incel. stupid nigger.

This. We should shame non chads out of existence so they never grow up to find out they had a good chance with many girls. Lol being Jewish is fun

but i always wear sweatpants

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>stupid incel
>women arent a meme gender

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Roastie gettin toastie fufufu

end your life dyke

Yeah. Sleepy boys are cute. I want a sleepy bf.

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why cant woman behave normally, you can even tell they are insufferable through fucking text

women were a meme

I used to have a girl I kicked it with who basically texted in memes, was very vocal praising me physically just for existing so yes there are girls like this.

>tfw you will never be a mentally stable bf


They are just better at hiding it. Lesbian feminists aren't but they also lack all empathy so they will deny any girl would do that.

Once I was listening to the girls talk about how much they enjoyed watching mens backstroke (swimming) because they could watch the guys dick flop back and forth.

based eavesdropper

Easiest way to fuck a girl?

let her see your boner in your pants. Make it super obvious for her
Works every time

Who wears sweat pants without underwear?
Wouldn't it be way too obvious?
I would be too embarrassed to do that.

its true, as long as she is in to you. and they always notice as if they're trained to look for it

why oh why am i a grower and not a show'er. sucks basically having an innie till excitement.

>are women really like this?
Yes, sweatpant bulges are fucking hot. Not going to lie. I do stare.

I share your pain, I'm practically a baby dick till I go erect and then I'm 6".

THiz Thread Be retarded