Aw dang, not again! Hey user, would you mind tucking me back in?

>Aw dang, not again! Hey user, would you mind tucking me back in?

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Why do I feel so aroused by this

Because you' know...a gay.

>whatcha doin down there user? wanna help me out?

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Can I get a little taste? Looking good bro

can i use my feet?

>hey user since your helping him out, why not help me out as well?
>can you also ask Stacie to come over?, and dont forgot to close the door on your way out

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There's nothing wrong with giving your bro a taste test.

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Too thin
Wrong shape
But has a foreskin which is good soo that's a 5/10

Looks like a geoduck.
Oh wow, somebody said that before

ya'll got big dicks for virgins
meanwhile over here I got a 6 inch dick
yes I'm a virgin

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i got to use it only once user..
she was surprised seeing as it was attached to a nerdy brown guy

bro I'll take a nerdy brown guy any day as long as you promise some cuddles afterwards

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is there even a point to living if your dick is small and circumcised?

take the pinkpill like me

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thx user, i just want a fat women to be on top of me.. thats i ask...
the one fwb i am with now is a fat woman but she doesn't want to ride me... the main appeal to me wanting her...
looks like ima have to search for another one that will and drop her
there is... only to be a provider for the children im going to breed with your future wife user.
or what suggests.
bare in mind by small you mean like 4" and below?

thats all i ask*

Service your superiors

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p-put your ding-dong away user, that's gross. i d-dont wanna see that...

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Please stop. This thread is making me want to suck cock and I'm not gay.

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There's nothing more straight than admitting you'd suck dick.

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open your mouth and shut up bitch
dont forget to breathe out through your nose to take this dick down your throat
i dont want to hear moans to stop or that im in too deep, i should only hear the words deeper and harder. and when i cum swallow it down your throat you fucking slut

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b-but user, i've never ssucked a cock that big before... i'm scared...

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Really? Well then yeah, I'd suck a nice big cock.

We both know you love it.

posting your own dick is against the rules.

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no i would not that is lies and slalnder

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bitch what the fuck did I just said?
*slaps you across the face*
*grabs your hair by the back of your head*
look at the party pooper... you want some of this pussy right?
its a gangbang you want eh?

>implying you'd turn down a warm afternoon nap with his crotch as your face pillow

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i'm not into ding-dongs
i'm not into ding-dongs
i'm not into ding-dongs
i swear im not into ding-dongs

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>mfw 90% of these pictures

Dang kappu everytime i come across you it gets lewder and lewder, although thats only more based anyways

But you'll keep refreshing to see more cock right?

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oh hiya gaynon its nice to see you again, thanks

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You enjoy all aesthetic dick

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ding-dongs are quite aesthetic to look at, i will agree.

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start training for your future user

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what specifically do you like about a dick bigger than yours?
also, will you be open toward allowing guys with bigger dicks impregnate your wife's pussy to pass on the more superior genes down your lineage? will you be of service to that child and suck his dick clean after every breeding session with your wife?

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my penis is 4 inches erect.
So this thread is yet another thing my small penis has barred me from participating in.

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Just the cocks though right? The rest of them are gross.

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i like how big and strong and sturdy they look...
my wife is a tranner but if she wanted to cuck me with some big dicked chad i wouldn't mind as long as i got to suck him off.

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Well, time for squats I guess.

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>if she wanted to cuck me with some big dicked chad i wouldn't mind as long as i got to suck him off.

Jesus you're gone.

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how do u cope daily brother?

no, im enlightened

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>God I feel like such a fool, I should have known you'd never consider being with a straight guy...

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All this cock obsession is going to catch up to you.

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can you explain this post to me user, my autism is strong rn i dont understand it at all

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no hes not, he still has use in allowing me to impregnate his wife... he serves to help make the statistics on dick size in my favor user.
every man has his purpose in life. and like he said... he's , and just here to spread my big dick genes to as many women as possible, and have guys like kappu provide for them and possible suck my dick clean for the next breeding session im heading to

i don't really think about it because things related to it aren't on my mind for most of the day.
I just sit in my room and then sometimes i go outside
so i have other things on my mind idk.
I could PROBABLY have sex but theres more things than just my penis stopping that from happening.

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the only cock i've ever sucked irl is my girlfriend's, shut up idiot

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You said you're not gay and you're just here admiring aesthetic cock. The very attractive man was replying to your rejection.

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you know im actually a tranner, not a male, right

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oh i see thats cool.thanks for explaining

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lol, i didn't know, 2 trannies in a relationship, never heard of that one.
pre-op or post op?

and how long is that going to last with you edging to cock all day

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1. i already came a long time ago
2. i can suck her cock if i want to lol

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we're both pre-op and don't intend to get SRS, i love her a lot and we're getting married soon

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Oh, only a matter of time until a real man breaks you both in then.

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>1. i already came a long time ago

what a light weight

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no, i refuse, we're not gonna get broken...

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would you consider yourself as one of the discord trannies that have invaded this board?

why does my bbc get hard to you imagining sucking my dick, but soft when i imagine yourself completely naked begging for me to fuck you?

idk maybe, i mainly just try to have fun on here and talk to people

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idk user, my body is pretty cute and squishy so i dont understand why it wouldnt be unattractive

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tic toc faggot

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whoah thats a nice pic user..

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I don't know why you humor the pencil dick race baiting selfie poster

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>Imagine forcing someone to dig their pwn grave before shooting them in the head

Germans were Chads.

idk dude im just bored and trying to pass the time

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See something you like?


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this was quite an epic thread yes

goodnight threadie