When are you anons going to start being prison gay and fuck trannies?

when are you anons going to start being prison gay and fuck trannies?

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I would but trannies hate me.

sorry I only fuck hot trannies

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why do they hate you user?

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Only the cute ones, and only those who keep the dick. The dick just makes it better.

probably won't ever fuck a tranner but I'll fap to them

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Only if i ever find one that id want to marry im not a whore

I clicked because you posted Natsuki

I don't just want to fuck one, I want to get fucked by one. Hence the dick making it better.

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very true user

kappu is an original girl

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Lately I've started thinking about dominating a cute tranny, turning them into my obedient slaves and worshipping my cock.

sounds quite based user, but are you chad enough to be able to do it?

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I'd fuck a femboy, but not a tranny that ruins their body.

most trannies are just estorgenized femboys, since the majority of them dont get rid of their dick

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I'm Jow Forums and strong, I work out 5 days a week
I'd have no problem showing a weak little femboy where is place is, on his knees sucking my hard cock

Girl(male) who insists on being a girl. I mean...works for me. Just now a feminine benis.

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Femboys are hotter because they accept themselves as the effeminate sissies they are. Trannies massacre their bodies in trying to be women. Besides, delicious flat chest boy bodies are better than "tits".

>Only 5 days a week
What a chump, 7 days or go home. Want to hear a good joke? Your bench press!

Femboys are for loving and pampering. Jow Forums and strong too but I rather be on my knees making sucking her cock and treating her like a princess as her strong faithful knight.

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Poor dude could have been a Chad with that jaw if it weren't for his small weenus

Not even trannies want brown guys

whoah you boys are strong....

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Most trannies are just estrogenized femboys, since the majority of them keep their penis' surgically inverted inside an infectious wound

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most HSTS tranners dont get SRS because it's gross and bad, the only people that get srs are agp hons and people with crazy bottom dysphoria

"tits" Do you know how anatomy works? Tits don't change whether they are on a male of female. Just say your a faggot.

i would but they don't like me
i would very much prefer hugs and cuddles though, and cute stuff like handholding and just doing something together like snuggling and watching tv, since i don't really like to fuck, maybe a blowjob
my last crush was a trans person and i did everything i could that was in my power to have a chance with her
but i'm a piece of trash useless person and i wish i have never been born

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puffy sensitive boy tits are better than a flat chest or large tits

Get on your knees and suck my dick now.

t-that's quite a forward request, user...

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Yep! Though I want to use it to give pleasure and drive someone wild while never letting them out of my grasp~

Doing okay user? Sorry things didn't work out for you but you don't sound like a piece of trash. You sound nice and comfy, I am sure you are a nice person who would make somebody happy. Just wasn't meant to be before.

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>Doing okay user?
no, not really
hope i'm gone as soon as possible but i don't feel like killing myself yet

sounds very cute and lewdpilled
i'm sure you'll be okay eventually user, there's somebody out there for everyone. you just need to give it some time.

I would but only if "she" was petite and feminine.

i meant to tag but i fucked up miserably

fucking tranners is only gay if you're a tranner or a cis girl, you know this

does this mean i am gay for fucking my tranner gf

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>why do they hate you user?
They hate everyone because they hate themselves.

yes, that is very gay. Homosexuality is fucking someone similar to you, from "homos" - greek for same. Thus, the more masculine you are, the less gay fucking trannies is.

but i dont hate you user...

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Is it the rejection getting to you or something else? No reason to an hero user, we are all gonna make it no matter how depressing things seem at the moment. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but sometimes good things also happen. Just hang in there user.

The lewdness made you fuck up I guess~ But it just isn't in me to dom, a total sub here. But thinking of the cute sounds and faces she would make, the heat pouring off her skin and sweat as the arousal builds, the shivering but desperate touch as the desperation for release grows all coming to a climax as you bear the culmination of all the pleasure and send your partner off the deepest of edges~ That is the stuff I want to see!

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based ideology user

very affirming actually

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that sounds very based indeed, i agree 100%

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Do not give up hope, it's not too late to turn back. I used to be pretty deep into this sissy/tranny shit, but then I was saved by the beautiful religion of Islam, truly Allah swt saved me through His guidance, I hope He can save you too inshallaah

i've been rejected by every crush i had since i was 13. There were 6 of them, one every 2 or 3 years. But still, god gave me one person that actually liked me, but i couldn't manage to start liking them back in the same way, so it didn't last very long. And i'm not a good person, i did things that made people feel really bad only because of my selfishness and complete lack of empathy.

>we are all gonna make it
make what? Die? I hope so

shut the fuck up sambo

I mean, sounds like you feel guilty which means you do have empathy. I been rejected too, though oddly enough all by women and not cute boys. idk what is up with biological females, they are fucked. We are gonna make it in the sense something good will happen. Life is long, you will get your due user. You don't suffer alone.

Glad you are a gentlewoman of culture~

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nobody likes me i am a worthless shit stain

Why do you immediately have to start cursing? This is a sign that shaytaan is in your heart.
The teaching of Islam will free you, revert now my friend.
Allah is the oft-forgiving and the most merciful, so may He forgive you and give you hidaya inshallaah.

did you play exit music?
it killed me

where can i find one to watch animu with me

Your entire race will die off when oil becomes irrelevant
Eat sand and die

What race? I'm not Arab if that's what you're implying. Don't really care about oil either.

As long they pass, I'd be fine with it, though I do prefer having an actual loving and caring relationship rather than a sexual one. No trans people in my country though, so it doesn't matter anyway.

I've been prison gay for trannies for years. Here it's impossible to find an hot one who isn't a turbocunt or a hooker though. At this point if I ever decide to fuck a tranny I'll just hire a hooker. Sure, I'll have to pay, but at least I don't need to put myself through all the chatting and pic posting charade only for the tranny to sperg and mess up everything, rinse and repeat.

Don't know how to get one in my stupid town, even though my nation is supposed to be full of them.

figure I don't look like the kinda guy would be interested in transgirls and might react violently to being "trapped" even though the truth is that my boner would slap the moon out of orbit if that ever came to pass. when I came back from being innawoods this weekend I looked too damn much like nick rye from farcry 5.

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