Black bot thread

How y'all holding up tonight?

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on probation for being black. listening to lil uzi having flashbacks of a better time. every time I listen to lil uzi no other artist makes me have literal flashbacks to I can remember the exact moments I was listening to that song and exactly what I was doing where I was going

sigh. I fucking hate god. I have to be the only black person thats anti Christian.

need more beer but all the beer deposits are closes
fellow blackbots finding a gf seems impossible

im small town niganon and I see the local girls here with blacks all the time because blacks go to college here from other cities


Is that you, Koola? Are you streaming tonight?

huh no im the guy that posts all day about being stuck in a small town

yeah, I like to think I gave up but I still get caught up sometimes

shit that sounds like shit broskifampaibrofam, but to be quite honest to you
I have visited all the local bars in my "college town", never ever have i found a girl my age visiting one too. i seems all females have disappeared

yea its hard to give up, we have about a 20% of finding a female, and about a 1% chance of a female that would want to date

im ugly for being black

God I just want an Asian gf. Why did God doom us to dwell the timeline where every girl finds us ugly? Fuck

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I'm white but I'm not holding up so well black user

>I'm white

Sorry fren but we dont take to well to your kind round these parts

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agghhh that webm made me legit tear up

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poop farty caca

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Take the autism racebait somewhere else please and thank you

Did my hair earlier, feeling pretty good about myself

anyone here actually black black and like trap music or are these urkel blacks?

black but i like prog and heavy metal

so urkel black

yeah you're the only tru-black here

if you wanna get laid just be cool.

just like listen to this and smoke weed until you like it. youll be cooler after

I have very little taste in Trap music. Besides T.I, most rappers that use it are a bore to me. So repetitive and uncreative. Especially with mumble rap.
I like when hip-hop was more crafty and/or more vulgar and not so much about being depressed and simping

but some of it is creative and good as fuck. I sit around smoking weed and loving it and I used to fuck hot white pussy all the time

in a fucking country ass white town!

I love how no matter where they are, niggers always feel the need to self-segregate themselves. Kinda makes desegregation pointless.

I wish I was in your position, bruh. But just like me, my music taste would be considered "weird " to people. I'd mostly listen to instrumental hip-hop, Neo-soul, House music, grunge, and 90s gangster rap.

I just wanna talk to people with the same taste in music and shit

Then why make this a "blackbot" thread, you stupid fucking nigger?

I was a fat weirdo playing wow and listening to metal in high school. never would of touched a girl in my life. started going out more and doing shit and turned it all around.

my friend who helped me do it is dead now just dead a month ago. rip. I got arrested a couple times but anything is better than that life I would of lived and I have a cool little money making scheme going on. no chance of being arrested and just made 80 bucks in an hour

>People like to stick to their own kind


this im not always comfortable in a room of all white people. I prefer to be in a room thats all black.

I love how only neonazi faggots parrot this garbage.

>try to talk about anything anywhere else on here
>"fuck off nigger"
you did it to us first

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Then don't fucking shoehorn your race into everything you talk about on this boaed, nigger.
Also, FYI newfag, "nigger" is mainly a general term on this board. Like how when someone calls you a bitch, they don't actually mean you're a female dog.

Bringing up race doesn't have to implement as a negative towards another race unless you actually say racist things against another race. You saw "black" and got triggered for no reason. You have to option to ignore or hide this thread but you choose to shitpost here.

Nigger, you don't have a clue what shitposting really is.

>conflating acting black with being cool

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being a thug black person is cooler than being a nerd in an office tho

You brought up an issue completely irrelevant and called us "niggers". And YES, you did use it as an ethic slur because because you brought up segregation in a black thread.

You ARE fucking niggers. Self segregating on a website that's majority white. Get the fuck out of here and go back to re ddit or Twitter or Facebook where you filth are generally accepted.
>You brought up an issue completely irrelevant
Get a load of this low IQ shitskin, trying to into logic. Not your forte, nigger. Not your forte.

why are whites here? pretty sure we said blackbot thread and no whites. we kindly asked for no whites

>you can either be Tyrone or urkel

Weird meme. Grain of truth but still gay.

I'm not ghetto at all, and i dont say that in the "Hehe le high class black xD" way, i just mean it purely descriptively, and I've never been compared to urkel or ever called a nerd.... and I've fucked multiple white women. Although that shit is in no way an accomplishment, at the end of the day, girls are just girls. I only say that I've fucked white girls that because a lot of ppl think you have to be le epin thugmaxxed Tyrone to fuck white girls... just lol

But i get it though. I think a lot of "non ghetto" black guys turn into urkelcels because they see the thug stereotype for black dudes, so they do a figurative hard right and end up overcompensating, and end up becoming the ultimate squares.

That's my theory at least.

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Reddit is even whiter though.

>I like my hair

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I was born in poverty and around a bunch of degenerates throwing rocks at cars and shit I think its why I ended up a thug

my parents were poor as fuck in a broken down house and didn't care what I did and I had no opportunity at life

Lol not to box you in or some shit but how does a thug tier black dude end up on fucking r9k? That's wild

Fuck off, cumskin.
Walking contradiction and a dumbass.
Go to >r/Donald or something

im not really like face tattood gun walking down Compton or south side Chicago black I wish I just live in the loneliest small town in the world with no people around at all

I just do drugs and like a lot of rap music and do petty crimes and shit not like face tattoo prison killer black

How many bikes you've been getting lately?
Last time I got busted and had to do community service
>pic related

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Based white male here but serious question.
Do you find black women attractive? I personally dont and notice all my friends agree with me on this, even the few black friends i have. I find black women to be very masculine and beastly looking. Lightskins somtimes get a pace of face but their hands and feet are always so manly looking and clawlike.

some are fucking gorgeous and beautiful but a lot of them are ratchet as fuck and not good looking and act ghetto or constantly shaking their ass and openely whores

and yeah a lot are gross I agree. some are fucking hot tho I want to try dating one. god I feel racist.

>some are fucking gorgeous and beautiful
are you referring to lightskin/ethiopian etc?
Or do you find dark skin to be attractive to?

> listens to lil uzi
no wonder why god hates your faggot ass

no I think a majority of them are unattractive. I dont wanna be that way but yeah. I have a black girl im talking to now I like but she will ghost me soon. they all do. the texts are already getting less and less

Im going to pound some german boipussy at 9 pm

autist cuck kys with your cringe

someone need to be posting /black bot general/

what do you think about white wimen

I hate having to shower every day. If i miss even 2 days especially during summer I will smell like ass.

This whole fucking board is filled with losers that self-segregate themselves,. What's your point?

My supervisor is a massive cunt and i can't wait for my 2 weeks to end .

I dont plan on having mixed kids but i have fucked white girls. Guess I'm based.

We have our own distinct culture, life experiences, etc. it's not segregating, it's talking to people you relate to.

one observation I made is....

black girls and white women are total sluts but for different reasons. black women are sluts because they just dont give a fuck. they are not ashamed at all to be like "yeaasss girl I fucked dat nigguh last night" and talking about they get gang banged and dont care or see anything wrong with it

white women do slutty shit because they get a rush from it. like they know what they're doing wrong but they do it anyways and like it because its wrong and get some weird rush from it knowing they are being sluts

Because if you make a thread about music and the music is by black people, it will be full of people calling you a nigger anyway. So just cut out the middleman, make a thread specifically for blacks.

Im lightskin but only really like the extremes for color in girls. really dark girls or really white girls (at least 4A level curls if black, at least blue eyes if shes white)

This. Keep it up, they really can't stop anyone. They can start a natsoc gen if they want.

True that they both act like that for different reasons but the fact that they both live in our sexually liberated country is why the cultures of neither condone it. We and them need to keep our girls in check, baka

women are fucked. dont consider settling down an option.

Is this a common thing for lightskins?

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Hyper-based. Super dark pretty girls are fucking intimidating.

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Even the decent ones keep fucking listening to their friends. Foreign girls are good for longer


Bgirls have no shame.
Wgirls have a shame fetish.

They the cool type of intimidating. Like a wakandan princess or smth lol

They look like they melt to the touch. I'm personally not into pale, seeing veins and blood under the skin gives me the heebeejeebies.

Hm. i guess im more used to that it since my mom is white

>Bgirls have no shame.
>Wgirls have a shame fetish.
quoted for fucking truth

I'm African so I have dark skin and I've noticed it was the light skin girls who were the most aggressive with me.

Nice. Use your exoticness as a weapon.

Light skinned girls usually go for dark skinned guys

I was just listening to some old Gucci Mane and 2chainz songs. Not a fan of the new wave of rappers out right now like Billie, Blueface, Trippy, lil Peep's (pbuh) gay faggot friends trying to milk his death for all its worth, and all them other niggas. I kind of dig Yung Gravy though just because he reminds me so much of Lil B who kicked off this whole sc rap scene.

I'm taking a break from rap to get into black metal.

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I grew up on trap user. The real trap, Gucci and Zaytoven, DJ Holiday and Southern Smoke type shit

True good thing too dark skin girls are gross

Are you going to stand by your earlier claim that you calling us niggers was just a coincidence, and not because of our race? This isn't self-segregation, believe it or not, we can occupy a bunch of threads at the same time, most of them mixed-race.

I just want an uncut BBC boyfriend to ruin me already

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I like dark skinned girls user. I actually just like girls in general. Colorism is a relic of slavery that we need to get rid of.

still fucking hilarious the dudes loitering in grocery stores to grab a purse could be on here lmao

ugly god was alright, havent listened to him since he came up tho
i been listening to wagner, aint fuck with classical since grammar school lol

Stressed about my impending marriage. Also my older brother just got married to a hambeast in the most shamefully ghetto wedding ceremony ever. Worse of all she is now insisting they move to Georgia when my bro just relocated down here to be closer to me.

are you male or not male

why your stupid ass asking lol you already know

>my bro just relocated down here to be closer to me
What are you, a couple fags?

Hey Jow Forums, these guys are fags!

I hate being black. I am ashamed to look at my skin and look at "my people", a bunch of idiotic whiners always blaming everyone else for their problems even though we cause most of them ourselves. I hate that my deadbeat dad decided to peg my short ass mom and in turn make me a 5'5 manlet. I hate my mom for being an abusive bitch who destroyed my sense of self confidence by always yelling at me that I was stupid, always trying to get me to be perfect, hitting me if I'd mess things up saying "Get it right the first time", or generally being abusive. I hate my stupid family for wasting all their money before I was born, being lazy slobs who can't even clean their own house, and for birthing me into this cruel world.

I guess I'm doing all right. Better off than a lot of people.

I'm hispanic and I'm not holding up so well, am I allowed here?

>on probation for being black
accept responsibility. stop being stereotypical. stop looking up to chris rock

From upper class family, they disowned my mother for being a POS and therefore we too were disinherited. We are literally the only family and safety net we have for one another so it's simply practical to remain reasonably close by. That said my bro is pretty damn good looking so I could do a lot worse.

25 year old black guy here. It sucked last year. And it'll suck 10 years hence. All this suffering and degeneration for nothing. Lord have mercy.

The best way to describe it is most black women are 5/10 but when you find a good one they are 15/10

Hahaha ok cracker man whatever you say y """""""brother""""""""".