What if I'm just honest with women? What if I just walk up to them and tell them I find them
so attractive I want to sleep with them. Not in a "creepy" (whatever that means) way, but just
calmly and normally as if I told her the floor is wet.

About a year ago there was this girl I was cool with and I was really into. She was in a class of
mine 2 years ago, we ran into each other on campus all the time a year later and we became
acquaintances. She was so pretty and each time we met we had long conversations and I stared into
her eyes and she stared back into mine and being around her gave me all these warm fuzzy feelings.
One day I saw her walking across the street and I stopped her and we talked about some stupid shit.
I don't even know what. But I was inches away from her face, our eyes locked, and we were talking
in whispers. After about 30 seconds of this she was going to walk away, but I lightly grabbed her arm
pulled her closer. We got even closer and we just locked eyes in silence for about 5 more seconds before
I broke the conversation and sexual tension and just let her go. The truth is I wanted her so badly.
At that moment I wanted nothing more than to kiss her and hold her and caress her. From the body
language and vibe, I had the perfect moment to do so to. I should have just gone for it...But at
that point I was (and still am) a kissless virgin. That was the most sexual I've been with a girl
in my life and I didn't know what to do. What if she didn't like me? What if I went for the kiss
and she turned her head away? How do I even kiss anyway? Do I hold her waist? Do I close my eyes?

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I wish I just told her how I felt. Face to face, no bullshit, no gimmicks. I wish I was just honest
about the butterflies I felt when I was with her and how at that point in time I wanted nothing more
on this planet than her. I think she knew how I felt about her too. I think she was just waiting for me
to do something. She was waiting for me to make a move. I almost did...but I didn't. Maybe it was all
in my head. Maybe I was just one of her many male orbiters and she saw me as nothing more than some
lonely desperate virgin who she kept around to feel desirable.

I'm so alone and it hurts.

I saw a cute girl and thought she waved high to me. I waved back and she looked at me with a weird expression and then some guy ran up to join her and they moved away sending me weird glances.

I not recommend that, i do that once just for see what happen, so i get close to a 7/10, the result the most akward experience ever, then she never talk to me again, she didnt want barely look my eyes, like she freak outs. And pretend never happen, hate that bitch, anyway just a experiment.

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>What if I just walk up to them and tell them I find them so attractive I want to sleep with them. Not in a "creepy" (whatever that means) way, but just calmly and normally as if I told her the floor is wet.
That is the creepy way OP

I don't get it though? I thought the creepy way was to just hang in her orbit and then after 3 years of watching her fuck countless guys you finally confess. My way is direct and logical.

>He still doesnt understand that unless he's chad nothing will work.

Orbiting is a pathetic creepy, the direct approach is an aggressive creepy which is worse creepy. Ask her on a date or something instead

In that story, like 3 minutes after she left I texted her that maybe we should hang out sometime.

She never replied.

Next time we saw each other we just acted as if nothing happened.

Maybe it's all in my head and she didn't want me after all.

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Reminds me of a friend I had, except I didnt orbit and was only interested in friendship. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was 3 years, too.
Some people are just like that, user. They use people up and drop em when they become too much of a hassle, or ignore the hassle entirely and just expect em to keep up their end

I liked her so much and she just kept me around while knowing how I felt about her as a """friend""".

I hate women. I will literally never willingly associate with a woman in a non professional context unless I am fucking.

But they're not all like that. Some are pretty great. How did you meet this one?

We were in the same class discussion, we sat pretty close to each other. We were also in the same lecture period and one day she sat next to me and asked me a question and boom, we became pretty cool. A year passes and we keep running into each other in the most random places and each time we see each other we have like 10 minute long conversations and the more I talk to her the more I realize how gorgeous she is and I'm catching feels. One day we ran into each other coincidentally again while she was coming from a friend's house (her friend lived on my street) and her friend lost her dog. She gave me her number to call her in case I found the dog which is how I got her number.

It sounds like shes just a social person and probably uses people like batteries, if that makes sense. Pretty much exactly like the girl I knew. She extroverted?

She seemed pretty extroverted. Most of the time we ran into each other on the actual campus, she was alone or with other...dudes. When I ran into her off campus she usually smelled like weed after coming from a friend's house (legal in California)

Longshot but did you meet her at a community college? Sounds eerily like the girl I knew

>with other...dudes.
it was over before it began my guy

It was a private university in Southern California. There's a 99.999% chance she will never read this post, but on the off chance she does I hope she texts me and explains the whole situation through her eyes. While she was so strongly on my mind, in reality to her I was just one of her 10s of orbiters.

I know. I think I always knew deep down inside. I just wanted to believe I was special because I felt so strongly about her. I'm such an idiot.

Different girl but still they're a domme a dozen around here bud, trust me. It's a SoCal thing. Not exclusively, but commonly.

SoCal sucks. I hope my dating prospects gets better when I graduate and move out of the godforsaken state.

I knew a guy that moved to Texas and got a gf within a couple months, but could barely get a date here
And this dude parades his autism and fetishes for anybody to see upon entering his house. We just need to get out of this cursed place and maybe be friends

Is it just me or is everyone a Chad here. I go to USC and even 40% of the indians are Chads

I went to Mt SAC and about 80% were betas, maybe worse. There was an abundance of gorgeous women though, it was bizarre