Sup Jow Forums, why haven't you taken the /birdpill/ yet?

sup Jow Forums, why haven't you taken the /birdpill/ yet?

Benefits of devouting yourself romantically to a bird

>much more intelligent than a cat or dog (normie animals)
>can actually talk to you
>able and willing to give you kisses, sometimes will even say 'gimme kiss'
>scratching a birds neck not only releases oxytocin in their brains, it releases it in yours (oxytocin is the same chemical that is released when cuddling with a loved one)
>if bonded properly, you can be your bird's oneitis for decades
>some parrot species have extremely attractive plumage
>all parrot species have breasts and they are willing to let you caress them
>birds are more than happy to just chill with you while you play vidya
>completely capable of loving you back
>will never break up with you or leave you (if properly contained)
>will help you better your diet by eating fresh fruits and veggies with you
>can dance with you to your favorite music
>Nikola Tesla took the /birdpill/

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>wanting to fuck birds
don't actually do this

>implying i havent

>he doesn't want to FUCK a modern velociraptor

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It's not about fucking birds bucko, it's about having a romantic relationship with a bird. A bird can give you the love you are unable to obtain from a human

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>thinking a bird can compare to the companionship of an intelligent mammal such as a potbelly pig

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can you get bird feed on ebt

check'd, however a bird is obviously the superior companion animal. I pet pig will last at best 20 years, with the right parrot species you can form a bond that will easily last the rest of your life.

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How is that species still around? There are no blue trees to hide in in the jungle.

You can definitely get veggies and fruits on ebt, however I seriously doubt supplemental bird seed is covered by ebt

>thinking birds make better life partners than the superior dolphin

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Yes, i have just a little budgie and love him to death. He can talk too but it's barely understandable. Have thought anout getting another bird but im so bonded to him.

I just can't bring myself to find dolphins attractive... birds on the other hand... wow

When I see these images, I remember how many people use their talents to detriment humanity.

Dolphins are massive cunts, though

Cheers, may he bring even more joy to your life. If you're ever in the position of finding another bird, I would recommend a mid sized parrot species like a Pionus, Senegal, Green cheeked conure, or Jardine's. I think you'll find they're much more capable of loving you back

I am terrified of birds. Hitchcock really captured the horror they can inspire. I was at a fourth of july cookout with my wagie brother this year when a swarm of birds came down on my Uncle. They were squaking and flapping all around him, pecking at his hamburger bun. He was so staggered by it he fell into our pool and he nearly drowned due to his fear of water. Birds are not your friends.

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u jus don't get it bro

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I did not say that it doesnt turn me on, but I still think it is a bad thing

What exactly is bad about it? Birds are special little gifts from god

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Have thought about getting a Quaker parrot. Just moved to a new area and went to this bird store nearby, just to check it out. Went into this area where they kept the birds cages in a circle. This little quaker climbed out of their cage to chirp and say hello to me and i think wanted me to pick him/her up. I wanted to take them home so bad but it would make my budgie jealous and I couldn't afford to do it anyway. Have thought about conures they seem friendly too.

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Who knows? They are nice.

I liek birb sluts

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Fuck, marry, kill these three cuties

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I couldn't dare hurt one of these amazing creatures. But id have to marry the grey since they live forever, theyll probably outlive me. Id fuck the female ecelectus i guess, the male would still be beautiful with one feather. Poor neglected thing.

i related to my cold blooded friends, not loud colorful bird.

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Theres pigeons that land on my windowsill they are my best friends. I think about opening my window and trying to get them to come inside, but i dont think they would like.

They can't even speak, how could you relate?

When my bird's wing feathers grow back we will see just how much she loves me. I think she will just fly away.

I want to keep a bird but I am afraid to keep him closed on a cage, would make me sad to have a sad birb

Fucking Aussie shitposters
Every. Time.

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