Zoomers asking me why I wear a watch

>zoomers asking me why I wear a watch
>zoomers asking why I download music

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Soon it will be zoomers asking why I do my computing locally and not on "da cloud".

zoomers do the same thing ur not a special snowflake

Sorry Aoba you are too cute for this world

millennials are just zoomers but worse. your generation is known for being avocado toast and being fucking fags lmao

>>zoomers asking why I download music
I find it weird that there are some zoomers who have never considered/don't know how to download anything illegally, you'd think that with them spending so much time on the internet they'd at least know a thing or two.

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they use a youtube to mp3 coverter and download songs they like one at a time.

tfw 21 zoomer but feel like i relate to 25-35 year old much more

>literally degraded below emule and kazaa times

>Implying avocado toast is expensive when you make it yourself.
I heard it memed all around, and it wasn't until I tried it when making it myself at home that I understood why it was so popular. I like to use 45 calorie bread slices with mine, and use half of the avocado on each piece. A few herbs and spices on top really makes it taste fresh and solid. Digests well, and is quite cost effective. I think the material cost can be around under $1 in my area. If you wanted to have a $2 meal, you could make avocado toast with some cottage cheese and a Greek yogurt cup on the side. Highly nutritious and affordable.

Fry an egg and put it in there too lad, changes the world.

I've eaten eggs on the side with the avocado toast to get some of the nutrients I need (notably choline and cholesterol). Truly a solid idea, since the cost for eggs is also extremely cheap here. I think it was something like $0.65 or $0.85 USD for one dozen of large eggs. In any case, doesn't it absolutely bog the mind when you see all these foods that are so affordable and nutritious, and people say they can't afford to eat healthily? Not only are all these foods affordable, they're highly nutritious and quite delicious. I only wish people with dietary addictions and weight issues could see the truth.

I was born in '98 and I have an SD card filled with downloaded songs. I'm veey picky and not into outside forces choosing what I listen to.

30 year old, here. You have my spirit. Consider yourself a millennial.

tfw too old to relate to zoomer retardation
tfw too young to relate to based oldfags

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> you'd think that with them spending so much time on the internet they'd at least know a thing or two.

Most of them grew up in the era of touch screens and huge content aggregate sites.

Jabbing at colorful icons with their thumbs is about as deep into the internet that 90% of them go.
Maybe a tweet will link back to instagram. Ooh, so technical.

Imagine not knowing the feel when you put a brand new Nirvana tape into your pocket player as you go to school.

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It was Rammstein for me.

Zoomers are shit at tech
Literally zoomers i went to school with didnt know how to send an email, not even joking. Most type 20wpm at best using both their pointer fingers and stare at the keyboard while doing so. Most have no idea what any basic computer parts are (CPU, HDD, PSU, GPU), just call them by "le epic trendy names" and thats still among the technically literate of them at best
The knowledge of most of them goes as far as connecting a PS4 to the internet and making an instagram account. 98% of zoomers i know think the dark web is a spooky illegal place, Jow Forums is full of hackers, and have never even heard of torrenting. Ive had people who wanted to build pcs come up to me (was known among zoomers as smart pc man since ive had a bitchin pc for years now, always upgraded stuff) and ask for help because he wasnt sure if his motherboard would support the ram or gpu. Not even shitting you.
Zoomers are as technically literate as boomers are economically wise. Fucking zero.
T. Grandpa zoomer from late 90s

Fellow yuropoor? I got Rammstein with my walkman on birthday. But at that time, i was all about Massive Attack, RHCP and Nirvana.

Who is is this flat-chested semen elf?

Yes indeed, going to the school with my brand new Walkman, rocking a Sehnsucht tape and making all other kids jealous.

Seira from Endro

>Seira from Endro
Thanks man, multi-search turned up nothing.

>you'd think that with them spending so much time on the internet they'd at least know a thing or two.
Most zoomers were raised on smartphones, not PCs, and do most everything through apps and rarely ever touch a web browser if at all.

got about 150 tapes, more than half of which are new

Being tape hipster is even worse than being vinyl hipster, m8. Tapes were a terrible medium, glad they're gone.
You'll never get that feel of going out with your walkman hanging on your jeans, blasting some shitty 90s band again. It was the time when even assburgers like me could be Chad, all it took was a walkman. Based Sony (and grandpa), getting that was better than getting ZX Spectrum, i felt like a God.

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>Not wearing a watch
The fuck is wrong with people? I have a nice dive-master watch I wear that is completely water-proof that has been around the world with me. It's really handy.

If I need to know the time, literally anywhere I am, I look at my wrist.

With a phone, I dig in my pocket, push the button, glance, and put it back. This follows too I charge it daily.

Downloading music is a little strange in this day and age, but I do it too in case I have no internet.

her chest is fucking magnificent

They grew up where everything is easily available. I remember growing up, many of the things I wanted simply couldn't be purchased. Many animes, smaller bands, or indie movies were simply not available to purchase so you HAD to pirate it.

>tape hipster
i buy them because bandcamp doesn't take cuts out of the sales. i like a lot of small shitty labels and i'd like to see them keep doing what they're doing. also sample a lot while making awful music for my own enjoyment.
>Tapes were a terrible medium

>>zoomers asking me why I wear a watch
For status you noob

>i buy them because bandcamp doesn't take cuts out of the sales
sure you do, tape hipster
>When you buy something on Bandcamp, whether it's digital music, vinyl, or a t-shirt, ticket or cassette, 80-85% of your money goes to the artist

I would use a watch but it isn't comfy to wear and I can just check the clock on my ipod classic gen 4 which I load all my music on.
I really hate smartphones it's the pinnacle of millennial degeneracy. I also dont want to get NSA backdoored.
Why are most zoomers so idiotic and delusional?
t. Zoomer who hates zoomers