Who's your pick for coolest chick ever

Who's your pick for coolest chick ever

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mini was the single most hot chick to ever grace this shithole.

Mods are fags and ban people when they post her nudes though.

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god are the mods all wizardfags or something?

>being a whore enabler

This is why you are virgins.

when sexbots become a thing i am going to customize mine to look like mini. she is fucking gorgeous

i'd spend my life savings for a Mini sexbot

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>guys im a lonely loser just like you guys.
>Check out my 10/10 genetics that I wont ever let any of you have.

mini is so hot she's beyond criticism, im sorry.

>if a girl doesn't let me fuck her then she is worthless to me and never really cared about me

>Post meenees
i wish i lived in romania

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The hubris involved in calling someone a virgin translates to the irrational fear that you are still a loser virgin. When someone is afraid of becoming something or regrets a past that never was they impose these thoughts onto the external world. Let's say someone just lost their virginity, but this reality is juxtaposed by the thought that they will die alone, that is an irrational fear. When they realize this they will either turn these irrational fears into projections or pride themselves on memories involving sexual encounters and socialization, trying to get away from this fear.

when is Brooke legal? I woulnd't be surprised if she did mfc

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>Well I do,but I wasn't around when she posted.And there's probably no way to contact her now.
checked, just enroll in every uni and take biology

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>Huge up sweep in anti-tranny sentiment
>Jew shills post tranny shit

>Jews switch to fembot posting
>Huge back lash against fembots
>People start posting pic related info grpahic

>Jews switch to posting e-thot attention whores

Lol stay mad

Get a pap smear.

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No mate

scary trips, romanian bro is dracula

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>implying there are several universities with biology majors in bucharest

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She is a freshman, you dingus.

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she has the cutest face I've ever seen

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That's a nice tummy

poor Brooke, BTFO by a random Romanian living in poverty

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I can't tell if she's hot or weird looking

>beyond head:10/10 hot
>head:attractive in an alien/elf way 7/10?

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checked, she could pull 50k a month on myfreecams, but I like Mini better

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>mfw when these niggas get banned because delusional pedo mods still think that brooke is underage

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little known fact, both Brooke and Mini are virgins

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I doubt that mini is one tbqh.Also it's not that hard to grasp,I mean why would you go aroud fucking every loser if you're a really attractive girl?

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I wish I could rescue her from poverty

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is this a rare mini?

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probably one of the only girls that ive seen on Jow Forums that I would ever want to be with.

>that seductive gipsy eye

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