See a stray kitten in my neighborhood

>see a stray kitten in my neighborhood
>really skinny and doesn't let anyone get close
>start giving him food every day
>he starts bringing his cat friends to eat with him
>now feeding 3 cats
>original cat now looking strong and healthy
>started meowing at me instead of hissing
>touched me for the first time today
Does this count as making frens?

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yes user! keep that up. you're a good person.

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I feel like if I really were a good person I would probably have frens that aren't cats aswell. But thanks user, I will keep it up because I love cats.

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>Just feeding wild animals with no return.
>Not training them with food to be your attack squad and bear your half-cat children, establishing a powerful squad of nekomimi mafia babes to take over your city and dominate the normalfags into submission.
Not gonna make it.

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> bear your half-cat children
I'm not going to fuck my cats, user

I did think about creating a cat army to attack normalfags, but I don't think cats will take orders like that.

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if the kitten keeps bringing you local cats soon you're gonna have a feline posse, that's cool as fuck. start training it to understand words and commands like "food", "come here" etc

cats are the largest invasive species in the united states

they hate native animals and kill them for fun like the foreign invaders that they are

this is why i leave "cat food" laced with poisons made of local plants. i've killed 8 of them in a single day.
fuck cats, theyre an enemy of nature that needs to be removed.

Aren't you "supposed" to trap them and bring them in to get spayed or neutered?

its not just a problem in the u.s.

>they hate native animals and kill them for fun like the foreign invaders that they are
just like americans

There was that user that trained birds. I don't see why not cats. Also,
>Not fucking your cats to make the half-animal maid race a reality.
Not gonna make it.


just make sure you are careful about feeding them try and do it privately somehow or you are going to have a bunch of ass hole cats even if they are well fed they will still come over and try and steal that food and steal their spot and start fucking with them

no thats not how it works im a really really really good person and all i do is get fucked. by god and other people. the entire world is fucking evil and god is an ass hole. just be a nice person and tell god and people to fuck off

I will just wait for the nips to create genetically engineered cat girls like everyone else. Plus, they wouldn't be very cute if they had my genes.

Some asshole dog came by and tried to drive them away a few days ago, so now I stand watch while they eat to make sure everything is alright. This is in the third world, so I'm more afraid of someone killing them for fun or letting dogs loose on them. Those cats aren't scared of people for no reason.

I thought about adopting at least the first one, but I already have a kot and I'm afraid of them fighting or the stray giving him some disease.

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they will eventually start taking shelter under your porch and stuff set up beds and cardboard boxes down there they will love it and stay there especially with the food

shoot dogs away with bb guns or something like that and dont leave the food out just feed them like you are and pick up the food and put it back inside. try and give them different varities of food if you like they will love it

i did something similar i took in a cat from an abusive home i found on my porch fed him and nursed him back to health. it is dangerous for cats to be outdoors maybe you can set up a little basement place for them? and just kinda square off a corner and give them that wiith some blankets and cardboard boxes and food and shit

I think they are sleeping inside the garage of a lady down the street so they are probably doing ok for now, but they don't actually let her or her children get close. I've been giving them food for weeks and only now the first kot has stopped hissing when I get close, so they must have seen some shit. He looks like a siamese so I'm assuming someone's cat had a litter and they just kicked them to the street.

I think I will try giving them cat treats next time so see if they like it.

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based and catpilled
keep taking care of god's creatures m8

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i made friends with a stray cat at my last place. gave her food, let her sleep inside on my bed. she seemed domesticated, she was very casual around me.

one day she just stopped coming. not sure if she was run over, or what. surprised i managed not to kill myself then, that was the only organism i had any sort of positive relationship with.

but life goes on, I guess

why not just get a hamster or something? if you live with parents they wont care it stays in a cage in your room 24/7 and easy to take care of and cheap

>Getting high with a friend while driving
>Find a bunch of puppies in the middle of bum fuck no where
>Really skinny and thirsty
>Friend is basically an emotional wreck that had an abusive past and a substance abuse
>Tells me we should rescue them
>We load them on the car and go on our way
>We put them outside his house in a small room
>Make a fb post and everything asking for anyone to take them
>No animal shelter willing to take them
>His mum forces him to either get rid of the puppies or gtfo
>Load them up and take them back where we found them with a load of food and water
I've commited an attrocity by giving them a false hope

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>he doesn't want pussy

You gay or what

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You're doing good. But you should probably try and get the females fixed to keep their population in check.

Be carefull , user , u can easely catch toxoplasma gondii\over parasites from stray cats.

god women are fucking MONSTERS.

Honestly she isn't a monster she just has other three dogs to take care of but if she let us keep the dogs for another week we would have given the puppies away

They're using you for food

Of course user maybe they can move in with you?

women are fucking worthless sluts shouldn't be given a single choice to decide anything

Why couldnt you keep them at your own house apartment?

I live with my parents and they already have enough pets

>Does this count as making frens?
very cute story op i hope the cat warms up to you

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Just cause you say your a good person does not mean your a good person. Although anyone good to animals is good with me. Just do what you think is right and have the self awareness to think "am i doing right or wrong in this situation" and no one should be able to consider you bad and be totally right. However I've met many people who've fucked others over regularly while still thinking their mother Teresa. It could be one person they fuck or they could have an all out orgy with everyone with their bullshit fuckery. Be neither good or bad, just self aware.