Wall of broken dreams

you read the title, just share dreams you had that have since been broken.

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I wanted to live my childhood exploring shit and making friends but mom went the "YOU HAVE TO STUDI FOR YOUR FUTURE"
Now im friendless and despise books
I wanted to go highschool and have a someone (not talking about pussy) waiting for me in the gate
Right now i just want to fuck off and watch snow fall from the sky
Im so fucking ready to die right now

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Sorry pal, i tried bumping your thread but these people only like to reply to porn posts and bait

>Always wanted to be a doctor
>Don't have, and never will have, the work ethic to be a doctor.

It's cool. I still work as a professional. Just not a doctor making bank

wanting to go to space

Wanting to be a famous musician/composer
Haven't even written anything in the past six months or so

Always wanted to be a successful rockstar with enough fortune, friends, and fame to make me feel wanted. Parents never wanted to put me into music lessons, was self taught, now I have neither the time, money, or energy to take music seriously. Thanks mom and dad

never really had any dreams, a little sad I guess.

Wanted to be a fighter jet pilot since I was young I don't have even near the eyesight required

Wanted to join the special forces and be good at it. Now Im 30, alcoholic, burn out, live with parents, can barely get up the energy to go to reserves

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The closest I ever came to a dream is having an office job.

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Finding a loving girlfriend. I'm the stereotypical KHHV who's never held a girl's hand. I've basically excepted the fact that my chances of getting a girl to love me is next to zero

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>Realizing that I shouldn't have gone to Uni to study to be a writer

I knew I should have went and got a craft like electric or mechanics. What the fuck am I gonna do with a degree in writing? Go to hollywood and become a script writer? The teachers at the Uni would tell stories about what happens there. Rape, sexaul assault, lies, deception, drugs, broken friendships. I had dreams of making TV shows on [AS] and FX but I think I have reached the cross roads. I think its time I just conform and get a job that actually contributes to society.

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i always wanted to go to legoland for my bday ever since i was 12.
always got denied from my parents cause my older brother is two months away and we would always just share a bday to save money.
I just gave up on going :(
turning 22 next month too

>Right now i just want to fuck off and watch snow fall from the sky
I can relate to that abstract feel. Things are gonna get better real soon so please just hang in there for now user okay?

I always wanted to have friends and have people like me. Every experience I've had with people who I thought were my friends was them betraying me and backstabbing me at some point. One of them even wanted fucking money to be my friend, and the depressing part is I actually considered it. Now I'm a 32yo neet autist that is a recluse and has a nocturnal sleep pattern.

just write bro even if it's shit. high expectations are hindering you, fuck all that.

Did someone say hang?

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I had a dream of having family, a big-ish family with my wife being someone I spent a lot of my youth with being high school sweethearts/childhood friends.

That dream got reduced to finding a girl who I really hit it off with in College or at work and spend the days improving ourselves and working towards a future

That in part got reduced to finding a girl who started off as a friend but we would gradually become closer and then both realizing we are meant for each other.

That in part got reduced to me wishing for a girl that feels the same way about me as I feel about her

Which has since been reduced to a girl, maybe im not her first love but at least someone who I can share company with.

After that I just dream for someone to share this loneliness with, even if they are doing it out of pity or they just want money

Following that I only dream that I can drown out my eternal solitude with media consumption

Then I dreamt of death coming for me

And now I only dream of nothingness, for even death disappoints me

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I dream about my exgirlfriend at least once per week.

this sucks so fucking much

I've always wanted to do something great for this world. But i have no drive to do anything. I literally sit at my computer all day long doing absolutely nothing to progress my future. I want to study something and become a scientist but I can't even study for 10 minutes.

I wanted to design landships when I was a kid.
Not a big dream, but a dream nontheless

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To live a quiet life with my cat

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I wanted to fight and shoot and get shot. I thought of being soldier as a noble goal but actually reading military experiences from 1500s and hence forth and it's downright disgusting in some cases. Of course theres going to be outliers but veterans keeps saying there's no need to die for Israel and i'm inclined to believe them

gettng gf

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I wanted to be a film maker, dropped out of film school after 4 months, got a gf instead, bad deal desu

>being tall
>being an animator/cartoonist
>being a film maker
>being tall
>not being autistic enough to have a gf/wife
>work out
>being in a band
>still having friends
>being a famous writer/poet
>not wanting to kill myself
>being happy

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I don't exactly have any yet, infact things are improving a bit.

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I always wanted to be an engineer and get a math Ph.D. but couldn't because of mental health issues and growing up in an abuse home. I also just wanted to dedicate myself to that job and working out as well as doing some form of martial arts. I just wanted to be at peace and live a nice quite life where I can dedicate myself to being disciplined, doing better and following my biggest passions.

Have a bump my friend, interesting thread. t

I had a girlfriend 10 years ago and I dream of her almost every day since. I dream that I wake up next to her and then I wake up next to her, just to learn that it is just another dream.

I really thought I could do it bros. She was right all along.

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i have always wanted to live abroad(in the UK mainly) but after looking at Jow Forums i kinda realised that most countries suck dick. Especially the UK, you can get arrested for saying bad things on the internet. oh yeah also the immigrants no thanks. acid attacks started to rise after the big immigration and they say that it's not the immigrants fault lol. Thank god my country did not let those savages inside. fuck europe honestly.

Always wanted a qt gf. Just one. Itll never happen though. Not in this lifetime

Don't give up dude. I dropped out of film school after only a few months too. But I continued to stay in touch with class mates and take the occasional production gig on Craigslist. It payed off and a couple years ago I was able to work on a feature length film and act in a few ads.

When I was a lot younger, I'd pass the Art Institute in my city when my parents were taking me around town. I loved the design of the building and decided it would be my dream school.
I eventually dropped out of high school and now the Art Institute is permanently closed.

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I know it's autistic, but I always wanted to be a girl in a yuri manga. Not really trans, just the thought of living in a world where things actually matter and everyone is not guided by selfish desires makes me really comfy, and I miss having the kind of innocence the characters have, both personality and relationship-wise.

I guess I just feel like I was promised a different world as a kid, and I can't conform to what I got.

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Well I always wanted a cute girlfriend to have fun with.....
Today I finally ask my crush out......
And she said no.....
I am a fkin looser...
And think about suicide every single day

I had a dream of marrying my ex, but then she left.

You'll all laugh but. For awhile I really did want to play a song at my high school talent show.

OP that image is like a screenshot of me at night sometimes

>always wanted to be a CEO of a famous company
>only problem i'm too retarded

When I was a kid I wanted to be an actor, I think I was fairly good at acting, I went for a few auditions for film roles and one time I may have almost got one, at the very least I got called back. The film turned out to be a flop anyway. When I entered adolescence whatever skill I had disappeared along with my self confidence. If I never became an actor, the other thing I wanted to be was an archaeologist/historian, since I had always loved history. Of course I eventually realized that that these are two meme professions as well. Now I dunno what I want to be.

Wanted to be a musician and also a visual artist. My dad fucking ruined it. Said i didn't have any potential. For 10 years i believed the crap he told me. Now i'm trying to recover from depression and maybe fulfill the dream of being an artist.

The only thing I've wanted since I was a child as far back as I can remember was a family. I wanted a wife and kids, never cared for doing anything amazing I just wanted a family, for me that was the ultimate happiness. I know that's a little different from most people who dreamed of being something great but that's all I wanted. I had a girl I was with for a while but she l left me, this was the women I thought I would marry as well. Instead I quit my job and started traveling around the world and it has brought me no peace

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Thought I could fix a schizo since they were broken too, wasted 2 years & lots of emotional abuse.

Trying to get my family out of the shithole I live in in a reasonable time. Might happen eventually but it's taking much longer than I would of hoped.

>My college degree

Not a lot of them, but both are super heartbreaking.

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>wanted to be a writer
>totally sucked
life is funny

>Always wanted to be a neet for my whole life
>have to go college and find a job
i hate living

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I have truly and honestly achieved every dream I ever had in life. I want for nothing, and am pretty content these days. I don't even know what I'm going to do with all this time but travel and perhaps relocate to a warm country and enjoy my 30s

Time to enjoy the day lads

wow, holy fuck. i feel so much better about myself now

I had a dream of becoming an artist i had the essential talents and even my family is known for an artistic background but i just gave it up i guess. There were a lot of people saying my drawings were shitty and made with no passion.

Learning nip. Tried it like 4 times now and always failed a month in because it just becomes more and more of a depressing burden to the point I 100% loathe it. I really wasn't made for learning.

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I think I feel about the same way user, I wanted a family as well, however after 3 failed long lasted relationships and age I just don't want to try again. Although I want to start traveling now too because I think maybe watching other people be happy might be nice, that or just climb something really big.

Do you have any recommendations for good places to visit?

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I had my dream for a while, a beautiful qt latina gf who loved me. I got too depressed to feel like I could love her right and broke things off last week. Slept with some roastie from work and feel like absolute shit.

>only dream (if you can call it that) I can say I actually had was to be an astronaut
>turns out I am colorblind as fuck
>pretty much destroyed what little chance I had of becoming one
Same here, wanted to go into some shit like EOD, commission to be a pilot, or even just be a Gunners Mate so I can play with weapons all day, but colorblindness cucked me out of that entirely. I couldnt even be an IT guy or anything. Decided to roll with Corpsman, but I fucked up my knee and hallucinated and shit before I finished training so I got separated. Got pretty far in it too, only a few days away from graduating. Dont feel too bad about it, especially considering the bullshit with Iran, but I am kind of in a rut now. Or to put it more accurately, always have been and now cant rely on military shekels to get out of it.

>being a therapist
>being a writer
>having a gf

Now I'm just a failson who'll die alone.

If you really love music you should feel it as a fundamental need, like water or food.

I can't live without writing 1 piece each month... after a while I start feeling dead inside. Music is my medicine.

I don't yet make money on it tho...

Just wherever you can go, I just picked up and left and I've only stopped in to my family like twice in the last 3-4 years other than that I'm constantly on the move to other countries or across the US. Best way to do it just to leave and not think much about it in my opinion otherwise you get too caught up with what could go wrong

in middle school i thought there would totally be a girl in high school that would be into me

I used to feel passionate about it back when I was mostly writing shitty punk-riffs. Eventually I stopped enjoying it though, even though I got a lot better at writing music and wanted to create much more ambitious and complex music, but every time I try it just feel so utterly bored and uninspired. I'll get back into it eventually though.