Reminder that if you fit any of these characteristics you need to fuck off from r9k forever

reminder that if you fit any of these characteristics you need to fuck off from r9k forever

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Mate we stopped with that crap around 2013
Grow up

Based robot patriot standing up for whats right

answer my questions
how many irl friends do you have?
have you ever had anything traumatic happen to you?
are you a happy person?

Lmao have sex losers

Not based and also unwitting puppet of the jews

Why are literal losers trying to talk tho. Post memes

if you want to be around nonvirgins then go to another website

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Go to /b/ cumfaggot

Great logic for a virgin on a board that makes fun of virgins

being socially inept doesnt make you a loser. you cant choose having a painful childhood or being born with high functioning autism. we didnt lose anything and we are just victims of our environment

Fucking based OP. Keep spreading the truth.

Be a victim of my dick and post Pepe memes

>makes fun of virgins

BAUAHAHAHAHA cope harder slut.

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*rubs hands*
Yes white virgins are good hehehe

>Hates incels
>goes on a board full of them
>winders why she isnt welcome

Women literally are niggers. You say they cant have something and they want it. You abuse them and they want more.

>Teehee this is so me

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Giving them rights was truly a mistake. I'd trust a nigger before I trusted a woman.

I refuse to conform to your robonormative expectations.
Taste the ultimate incel poison.

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>a random baby says he doesnt welcome you
>a thousand threads that are still fun and interesting
>should I leave?

>biological female BUT never had friends, never had a boyfriend, NEET, never had the chance to lose my virginity, no boy has ever shown interest in me, no social skills at all, don't leave the house, dad's a druggie and mom doesn't help me at all, sibling hates me
Now, try to tell me again I don't belong here. You fucking NIGGER. I'll stay and post my husbandos while making fun of you retards.

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White virgin males are perfect! Nothing wrong, nothing to change. Be virgin. Be proud. Hehehehehe

Literally all you have to do is make a dating site profile and you will instantly get laid, get beta orbiter friends, get a boyfriend, etc. It's that easy for a roastie, even the fat disgusting ones. You do NOT belong here.

you actually do belong here in fact please keep posting and dont support the normalfags

Good lord you should be amputated

You have options slut.I literally met a cam whore who described herself the same as you yet she was a cam whore making thousands and month. Pic related.

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Do you wish that because you suffered and I think its a little funny you create an identity around it?

Dumb nigger I already tried Tinder and got no matches, tried OKC and everyone ghosted me after a few messages. I can't interact with normies.

if you're not being ironic thanks user

i don't want to be a camwhore.

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Yeah I think you should

Go one tell me about how the rules dont say girls cant post here. Do it.

But you could and you could get validation and attention. And if you get no matches I bet its because you only like chads and reject all non '6ft tall' betas. Youre probably also fat which is your fault. Lose weight.

>le me
>le robot gatekeeper x-D

This is just like the oppression olympics but for incels. I've been browsing here for years now but I still think the amount of purity spiralling that goes on here is insane. This board is a twisted place where being the biggest possible loser gives you the most social cred, and I don't doubt for a second that many here exaggerate how fucked up they are for points. How many people here have honestly never had a friend, even in childhood? I would guess not many. Even fucking autistic people have friends as kids.

But no, you will say, to identify as a robot, at the minimum you need to be a 30 year old who has never so much as touched a woman, never had friends, never had a job, never did fucking anything besides play vidya and watch anime in mom's basement. You're playing the stupidest games and winning the stupidest prizes.

Half this board is girls (male) so nice try sweaty

my bmi is 18 try again faggot
i swipped right on below average looking dudes because i'm below average myself

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I support this topic

>I can't interact with normies
All you have to do is send a message directly stating your desires and the rest will fall into place. You trying to get laid? Just send messages that say "want to fuck?" Looking for a bf? Just send messages that say "will you be my bf?" Within a day you'll find someone. IT'S THAT EASY FOR A ROASTIE

Why do you want to identify as a robot so much? Why do you care? Being a loser is not a good thing, just keep enjoying your normal life.

>i swipped right on below average looking dudes because i'm below average myself
>Im below average

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Trannies need to die aswell. Fucking queers.

Is it just me or are there more females on Jow Forums now? or maybe they're just normalfags whiteknighting, I can't tell.

>normie just bee yourself advice
Great job

So non-biological 'women' are ok?

uhm what would be the point of getting fucked and dumped huh?
would you like to have sex with some random girl you're not attracted to, just because? think, incel, THINK. it would not make your life any better.

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Return to reddit, you absolute faggot.

I meet a few of those. What the fuck are you going to do about it?

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What kind of fucking bizarro world did I land in here? That's something roasties say to men because THEY DON'T HAVE TO TRY TO GET LAID

Yo, just bee yourself. Its that easy

I think this board would be better if it's goal was to be original, rather than a place for social outcasts. The only thread topics that should be allowed are ones we haven't seen for a minimum of two weeks. Delete all the weekly and daily r9gays, tranny threads, this, virgin complaining, and all the shit that shows up everyday.
You don't belong here if you fit into a consistent category.

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Theres more females here sadly. Being that most of them are mentally damaged whores they get off on being abused and also cant help but try and 'fix' robots. They are literally parasites.

I don't particularly. I browsed this board a lot as a teenager and I still look at it occasionally. I just think it's stupid the gatekeeping that goes on here. Saying that someone can't have social issues that might make them want to be a part of this community unless they've literally never had friends and they're a 30 year old NEET with autism is fucking retarded in my opinion. That's not most people.

I actually posted all of these threads to troll fags like you lol

>uhm what would be the point of getting fucked and dumped huh?
This happens to every roastie, you just move on to the next guy and hope it doesn't happen. But at least in the process you're getting laid
>would you like to have sex with some random girl you're not attracted to, just because?
Uh, yes? What the fuck are you getting at here? Roasties are dumber than I thought, holy shit

>I think this board would be better if it's goal was to be original, rather than a place for social outcasts.

Yeah well good thing your opinion doesnt matter because you are not a robot. Jow Forums does not change to suit you new fags. We didnt ask you to come here, you came to us so you play by our rules and assimilate. And if you dont meet those then fuck off. Go back to crystal cafe, /soc/, /b/ or tumblr.

No you didnt but nice try. Uno how I know? Because I posted them ;)

You came to us actually. Good luck changing the board idiot

You didnt post shit, shit ass

let me try to make you understand. women are NOT like men. you're happy with sticking your dick in some random wet hole. we don't want that. we want companionship. someone to protect us. a relationship, not just sex.
but all you think about is sex, you're just like dogs, if not worse. stupid nigger.
>you meet someone from tinder, he treats you like an object, hey, but at least you're getting laid! stupid roastie!
incels are a fucking plague.

Dunno there are a lot of Jow Forums fags that come here to try and fix people too, imo they're among the worst posters.

>That's not most people.
Exactly the point? If you wanna interact with most people go to instagram.

Yeah I did, cunty.
Umm no I didnt. Keep telling lies you post gamer gate millennial. Ive been on r9k longer then youve been on the internet
>let me try to make you understand. women are NOT like men. you're happy with sticking your dick in some random wet hole. we don't want that. we want companionship. someone to protect us. a relationship, not just sex.
but all you think about is sex, you're just like dogs, if not worse. stupid nigger.
So the truth comes out. You are not an incel, you are not lonely you are just picky, vapid and entitled. You have choice, its your fault if you dont take it. Robots can get nothing, whether they try or not. You have nothing because you wont go out and fuck the first guy who comes at you. You could but you wont. Its better thewn nothing. Thats why you dont belong here.
>incels are a fucking plague.
No, whores like you are Get off OUR borad. No one asked you to come here.

If you want to interact with fewer people turn off the internet

But your r9k fell apart, now it's shit. So I recommend we change it to something better. Perhaps something that actually works this time around.
A common trait of isolated individuals is supposed to be that they don't fit in. So naturally a place where you can't talk about the same faggy celebrities and namefags everyday would be a prime area for real robots to gather.
Yelling at your problem and hoping the tranny jannies sweep them away isn't an effective plan, you brainlet.

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>we got him upset again, boys
Lol every time fuckin newfag

But if I wanna interact with a certain group of people I go to where they gather. Or to where they would gather if it wasn't infested by little shits like you trying to fit in.

>Imagine being this upset because you arent accepted on a loser board

4 thrrads maxxing out speak for themselves darl.

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Then do what I fucking told you, you dumbass fuckin roastie, and send some dudes on a dating site some messages about being their gf and you will find a bf for your bullshit desire for companionship within a day. even the top-shelf stacy bitches get pumped and dumped a few times before they find a real relationship

That meme was started by reddit because we loved misogyny memes. This was a place for greentext. Before that it was a place where literal gay men gathered to post cock rate and meetup threads.

Anyway fitting in is an ironic argument for self proclaimed outcasts. If you didnt want to talk about virginity, there are many anime forums for you. Keep posting entertaining meta threads if thats your real life

You got so much karma now newfag

I'm a psuedo normie, and you can't make me leave

God what a stupid retard. can't even read my posts right. no wonder you're an incel. I think would be more your speed :-) Jow Forums is for original content, not for sub 80 iq incels like you to complain about "roasties".

I already tried dating sites you stupid nigger. everyone ghosted me after a few messages.

That is the most stupid argument. I've been here for ten years. Jow Forums always had a loser culture going around it, and people claiming to have any resemblance to a social life here around 2014 or so were told to fuck off. Hell the board subtitle was "together alone ;-;" for a while before it got deleted and it was nothing but greentexts about tfw no gf, so much that it had to be brought back as a sort of containment board after removal cause feelsposting was flooding the other boards.
Every time one of you posers tries to talk about the board's history, you out yourself as a newfag. I miss when newfag was an insult, maybe people like you would be more conscious about talking out of your ass.
>inb4 hurr I've been here since 2005
Fuck off

>He thought all the foreveralone shitposting was serious
oh no no no no

2006 also many people who were losers still had sex and friends and family. Dont be a jackass. R9k literally and unironically was shut down and replaced by /soc/ for some time and literally only returned because of greentext memes. You fucking shits think memes come from reddit or are a reddit thing.

Jow Forums is not a lifestyle blog network. If youre obsessed with your virginity and want validation, thats fine but you cant expect to be crowned King Arthur of the robots you piece of trash

Even as a robot, you have to try REALLY hard to not have at least 1 or 2 friends in your lifetime. Your friends don't have to be normies, OP

>t-they were just pretending
Regardless, if you abstain from posting about your gf and the things you did with your friends on the weekend, the quality of your posts will greatly increase, as even if you're still a normalfag, you at least wont be clogging the board with shit.

>mfw there were kids back then who though ass butter and ball sweat were real stories
>mfw those kids turned into the OP

You are telling to grow up to retarded manchildrens, what did you expected as a response

>judges quality of posts after defending faggy meta thread spam
Talking about girlfriends is begging for people to talk about girlfriends bro

Once again, outing yourself as a newfag. /soc/ was created years before Jow Forums was deleted as an answer for "rate my face" threads and other similar camwhoring threads flooding other boards and were still being spammed even when camwhoring got banned.
Dont try to lecture me on Jow Forums I've been here every day for ten years. It's a losing battle for a normalfag casual like you.

>Half this board is girls (male) so nice try sweaty
The only reason you see lots of trannies making threads is because they want more attention than the average robot.

>despise being normal
>despise females
>"why am I a reject?"
Pic related

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Elementary school friends and online friends don't count

Meta threads that fight for the quality of the board are a good thing. They're like an investment. If dense newfags like you get across their head that your normalfaggotry is not welcome and stop posting it, it would've been worth it to have the first page spammed with shit for a short while.

Normalfags and roasties made us who we are. There is no return from being a robot. We do not seek their approval. We do not want them here, because it is they who sentenced us to this place to begin with. It was our only escape from the crushing realities you scumbags forced upon us. You've taken everything from us, and you won't take Jow Forums too!

Oh you wish there was a karma system on here dont you. Go back to inceltears.

>huuur r9k is for original content
Unironically saying that.......Lemme ask you something, How much OC have you contributed?

Dude, you do understand that every time a person like you write shit like that everyone end up laughing? (well, except for other special kids)

Im a khv and these rules are fucking retarded. Women are cancer and sticking your dick in one will ironically make your life worse.

I don't give a fuck what you and your normalfag friends think of me. I just want you to GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOARD

You think spending your time going to a website to laugh at people you deem inferior to you is a good way to spend your time?
And you wonder why we dont want faggots like you in here.

It's all fun and games until someone take the joke seriously

>HUEHUEHUE we laff at youse

Quality post there normie. Well done 10 karma points for you.

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I wouldn't even mind women being here if their mere presence didn't turn 90% of the "robots" into disgusting, desperate suck ups and ass kissers.

Yeah I'm actually shitting and it helps

Wrong retard. It was same year and r9k literally has a permanent stickies rule about soc shit. Dont even try to respond. This place along with /b/ were a fuckfest of tripfag drama and camwhore shit for over a year before deletion.

>r9k is one person

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I'm still laughing no matter what #gamersriseup

The fact that you think this shit is a fucking joke means you're a normalfag piece of human garbage. Go back to Facebook, go fuck your girlfriend, go get drunk with your friends. Get the FUCK out and leave us alone.

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Yhea I bet your life is awesome as it is, be proud of who you are #robotpride #robotflakes

It's not like the existence of /soc/ helps your point at all. It's literally there to prevent normalfags from shitting the board up with their attention whoring cause everyone was sick of them before they got banned.