Made thread about wanting to be more manly

>made thread about wanting to be more manly
>anons told me to do sports
>went to yoga with my 3 sisters
>only boy in the class ''okay thats hot''
>sisters friends said i was so cute and they envied my figure becus im skinny
>later went to starbucks to drink coffee with sisters and 4 of their friends
>all they talk about was chads and gossip
>sister friend asked me jokingly what kinda guys i like
>had to gossip about dumb stuff to not be left out

I dont think this is working...

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They think you're a fag

>people tell you to do sports and you choose yoga
>you unironically go with like 7 girls to starbucks, despite not even getting any pussy

just kys.

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are you fucking retarded user?

4/10 short lived fun

Problem is I asked my sisters to pay me for something else and they said no because they wanted me to go with them. Mom also said its good to do things with my family and that i shouldnt do risky sports...

And I cant afford anything on my own because Im NEET.

>sister friend asked me jokingly what kinda guys i like

That's called a shit test. Women only do it to guys they are interested in.

yeah so what are you supposed to say to that? the ones with feminine benises lolol?

Yoga is good, cunts.
Imagine not being STRETCHY

Honestly, yoga can be a really solid way to improve your flexibility and stability. If they'll pay for it, I see it being a valuable option. You can increase your social circle with women, improve your health and stability, and maintain a constant level of physical activity. Anons here will call you a fag for it, but many of them are either overweight or underweight, and have a poor understanding of hygiene and fitness.

That said, you should be eating more food with protein if you intend to increase muscle/weight. Then, you'll want to do strength/muscle-building exercises. If they won't pay for you to go to a gym, you can ask for weight equipment at home, or maybe try some exercise apps. I just got a new Samsung phone, and there's some app called "Workout Trainer" that has a bunch of guided bodyweight workouts for different reasons. Full-body, abdominal, glutes, endurance, et cetera. Surprisingly decent.

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unironically wouldve made him look like a confident hyper sexual chad instead of a beta

do you think your sister is hot?

>tfw no qt-pie boy to crossdress and jack off in public under his skirt.


but you'd soil my panties!!

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This user's got some wholesome truth

Are you really gonna make a post like this and pretend this isn't fetish shit?

>That's called a shit test. Women only do it to guys they are interested in.
It's called being a cunt, women do that to people they think are a joke. OP demonstrated with his post that he is a fucking joke.

Yoga is good but if you're a man you do it by yourself.

this thread is cute but can we acknowledge it for the sissy porn larp that it is? I remember the first one too, it was the same

Not gonna lie it goes in line with my femdom fetish but its real
Im not a joke Im trying to grow my masculinity by doing sports

>but its real
That's not what I was talking about, I was talking about how you're into it and you don't really care about the whole "being manly" thing even though you say it. You didn't even try to mask all the kinky talk you threw in. The image is the cherry on top of the degenerate sundae.

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try rugby or boxing
yogas good tho


>"Not gonna lie it goes in line with my femdom fetish"
>Making a complaint thread when you can get great health and your fetish satisfied with little input on your part.

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I guess I take it then. Im still most likely not gonna get any manlier seeing how the girls in this class are treating me lol

but you don't want to be manly and you know it. You're a sissy bitch, the idea of one of them jerking you off in your yogapants after class gets you off. Like you want it bro, just accept it.

Why do you want to be 'manly'? What does that even mean to you? As long as you hold your ground and don't let people abuse you, you are considered manly enough in my eyes. You don't need to be pissing pure HGH and carrying your monster cock over your shoulders to be man. Being a man is about actions, not preferences or affinities. That and having a penis.

I like you. Nobody said this to me before.

Take it to heart and mind. Don't let society dictate what makes you a man. Keep giving yoga a go if you enjoy it, and maybe pick up some calisthenics or weightlifting. I think aiming for physical self-mastery will improve your personal confidence greatly. If you want to make more fitness gains, I'd like to encourage you to look at the wiki on Jow Forums. Aside from notes like 1g of protein/lb of bodyweight which is a bit dated, the rest of it contains plenty of solid information that will help you in any diet or fitness goals you may have.

I bet you have what it takes to "be a man". Prove it to yourself.

>Is told to do sports
>does yoga

You're a fag, no denying that. Just find some big hunk of a gay man and get fucked already, user. I'm not saying this because you're a clearly gay man, I'm telling you this because you think Yoga is a fucking sport.

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>>sister friend asked me jokingly what kinda guys I like
I assume you immediately pointed out you weren't gay and that that was pretty fucked of them to think...


You didn't go full beta and just carry on...


To be honest if he actually went into a Christian Chandler style rant they'd just think he was gay anyway.

Why dont you let your sisters dress you up as a qt trap and let the yoga girls help set you up with some stud. Its obvious youre not masculine in anyway whatsoever so why not get railed by a real man?

Or let them jerk him off maybe? Not in that way, in a more feminine way, ya know?

I'd still fap to that.

>Christian Chandler style rant

I am not gay...
Why would you think that?
Pretty messed up of you to think that.

how is this a crazy rant thing to say...
Actually, never mind... this is a robot... He more than likely would quote Stalin before sperging and running away...

I kind of got pwned.

I replied with an astonished face "What kind of guys???" and then one of sisters said "Its okay user if youre too shy you dont have to respond" and they all laughed and carried on.

Roasty social IQ is too high for me desu.

Lemme guess, your sisters and her friends all like black guys. And despise white boy cock and thats why youre so triggered. Typical whitoid

I could ask them and they would be eager to put me in yoga pants desu, they loved to dress me up as a kid (forget about the stud part though)

I agree is fun, but it's not a sport

you can work out at home mate, do push up and pull ups

you should have responded with: "very funny, you stupid bitch"

>tfw everyone has either sisters or female friends who want or wanted to dress them up
why is life not fair? i just want qt gf that wants to dress me up and then proceed to dom me

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Dude please don't tell me that's how it actually went down. Fuck man. You're gonna like need a brother type figure to walk you through this stuff irl at this rate