The End

I will purchase a shotgun in 3 years, and on 25th birthday, I will end my life with it if I am still a kissless virgin by then.
I can't take this shit, man. The loneliness and sexual frustration is destroying me.
I'm gonna do all I can do try to pull myself out of this, but I will purchase the gun in January of 2022 if I am not where I need to be by then. If summer comes and I haven't escaped, I will travel to a foreign country to get the virgin thing out of my system. Maybe Amsterdam, maybe somewhere in Asia, who knows. Maybe I'll spend thousands on a girlfriend experience so a pretty girl can pretend not to be repulsed about fucking some ugly virgin dude and fake liking me. And if I am a kissless virgin by my birthday in July, I will write my parents a suicide note telling them I love them, thanking them for being among my few friends in life, and asking them for forgiveness. I will then take the gun with me, put it in my car, and drive deep inside a forrest preserve, where I will load it, cock it, put the barrel in my mouth and against my roof, and pull the trigger. Hopefully my mutilated corpse is never found, and the world moves on without another loser waste of life. I'll be like that kid who livestreamed his suicide by shotgun on Jow Forums.
I have three years to become desirable. If I can't do it, then I will refuse to live my entire life alone. No one should have to live a life without friends that care, love, sex, intimacy, all the stuff that those other than yourself provide that make you happy.
I am not trolling and time will tell what my commitment to this will be in the future but this is the deadline I am setting for myself right now. I am an unattractive, out of shape (working on it but slipping), sad, lonely, anxious, depressed, very socially awkward, maybe autistic (can't confirm) beta male who is extremely unhappy. I know my post history may cause everyone to think I'm evil, but I'm just bitter, broken, and damaged.

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I work a miserable part time job, took forever to get an associate's degree because I was failing classes in a community college, and I don't see myself having a decent job anytime soon because I don't feel capable of getting the skills and education and networking I'd need. I'm frightened that I'm gonna work retail my whole life.
Sometimes I wanna cry but the tears won't come out and no one will be there to tell me it'll be alright, because you're here for me and you love me as we embrace. But this isn't how a man is supposed to be. This isn't what a woman wants in a man. I am not strong.
I am a weak little bitch.

TL;DR giving myself three years to make up for lost time with my social and sex life, otherwise I am saying goodbye.

highly doubt that you will an hero if you cant even commit to finishing a class

There's gonna be a point to where I lose all will to live

Why in 2022? Sounds fake.

Because I turn 25 in 2022. 25 to me is past the point of no return when you're a KHHV.

>Not joining the 27 club
C'mon OP...

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Good luck kid. You'll need that shit.

No fuck that, I'm not going anywhere near close to my 30s while never even kissing a girl.

Don't do it bro. I lost my virginity a few weeks after my 25th

Ok listen OP, this sounds really fucked up, but I am want you to die. Your life sounds pretty shitty, but when the time comes, your subconscious will do ever thing it can do to make you not kill yourself. You will need to find a way to overcome this and I hope you do. Godspeed brother.

Talk about taking tfwnogf to the extreme my man. Getting one wont magically fix you.

Shut the fuck up, idiot normalscum.

Not him, but both of you are wrong

Getting a girlfriend who isn't compatible with you is worse than tfwnogf because it becomes a chore

If you find one who is compatible with you, it is bliss

So finding a random gf is useless for OP, but finding the right one would make a difference

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Except all 3.5 billion women on this earth despise me because I am not Chad. May as well put a bullet in my brain.
I can't even get one who would abuse me. I am that hideous and undesirable.

Finding someone compatible with you is pointless if it means they're also completely emotionally draining and uselessly depressed.

OP knows exactly what to do to make himself the best version of himself he can, and then decide whether or not to become wall spaghetti. I think on some level tfwnogf is curable with enough effort no matter who you are.

>Except all 3.5 billion women on this earth despise me because I am not Chad
I think this is wrong. You're right that nobody wants someone hideous and undesirable, but you can stop being hideous by working on your body. you'll find someone just as ugly and have ugly little babies one day if you do your best not to suck.

just buy a prostitute lmao

My friend, getting a gf is a meme by this point. If all of those women despise you for not being chad as you see it, why would you desire them yourself? If you keep this mindset, then it will only lead to your eventual suicide as you imply in your post.

>but you can stop being hideous by working on your body. you'll find someone just as ugly and have ugly little babies one day if you do your best not to suck.
Imagine working to get ripped and ending up with some fat single mother chick who put in no effort
Because I'm lonely and am brainwashed into thinking women are loving and nurturing

You need to overcome it, although it will be hard, I suggest picking up a hobby. I can find a way to cope through drawing. This isn't going to be a be all end all solution to your depression, but finding a something to take your mind away from the monotony of life is key.

losing your virginity will not cure your depression and life problems no matter what people on this shit board say.

I am not a virgin,
But I still suffer. Sex is not the big deal that it might seem on its own. You have to have love too.

As for me, I am going back to the monastery. The only place I ever felt true love and companionship.

Not sure if I can. I crave love from women.

in what ways have you tried getting a girl

Well that blows. I hope you can get over it

I once had a crush in high school that was so bad on my mental state I ended up as an outpatient for a couple of weeks. The rejection fucking crushed me. Ever since then I have been deathly afraid of women, even more since becoming blackpilled.
Unless AI or sexbots become a thing then I cannot really see myself getting over it

I know what you feel user, but let's be real, if you are so depressive that you think you failed in so much things at life, I don't think you'll be able to pull yourself out if it that easily. Trust me, you gotta fix depression, or else you WILL fail again, trust me. If your depression is unfixable like mine is, then I don't see any reason for you to continue, but you gave yourself three more years so I guess just try fixing it.

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if you dont even try to get a girl and thats what ur basing ur whole worth on then ........ u have ur problem right there lol. also, if rejection hurts you that bad then why would you want to base your whole worth on finding a gf, a process by which you would get rejected quite a bit

Sry for the double ''trust me'' I'm sleepy

Well women, unlike with guys they like, never show me signs they like me. At all. Tinder or dating sites have not landed me any dates. Women do not seem interested in talking to me, like they have better things to do. They are way friendlier around Chads than with me.

Stop obsessing over women so much, I never get why Americans are like hurr Durr muh gf. You have other problems that need fixing that will make you infinitely happier than any gf

I cannot think or imagine something more cucked than dying.
Think about it, you grow up, get an education, work a job, make money, love and maybe be loved, all for what? To return to nothing?
Plus, you venture into the unknown without having maxed out your time in the known world, possibly ceasing to exist alltogether before fulfilling that existence.
Think about it rationally.

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Must be nice not knowing loneliness.
Being lonely and undesirable destroys all rationality.

if u want a friend theyre not that hard to make, hell id be your friend if youre that desperate but truthfully, being undesirable means that there is something about you that is wrong. that seems really harsh but usually, without realising (and especially in your case since you apparently dont have any friends to tell you) we have traits that are an instant turn off to the people around us. you probably are doing something or acting a type of way that people dont like, and you dont even notice

Well, you make several rationalizations in your answers OP, you interpret life through representations (chad/virgin/stacy)

Because these representations are real. Women only want to be with good looking tall athletic Chads who abuse and dominate them. Not some gentle less attractive dude.

I think its a vicious cycle
>self prejudice about being undesirable
>low self esteem
>social inactivity
Origin is another story
Pd: not op

When I first got rejected by the girl I really liked, it truly felt like I had no reason to live. After acting like an ungrateful pathetic piece of shit and my parents having enough of it, I told them eveything I felt. From that point on, everything changed. I also went to a psychologyst (for about 2 sessions as I honestly had figured it out by myself) and just let it all out. Letting it all out was key to making me realize I was just wasting my life acting like im the only person in the world with problems and that I wasnt appreciating everything life had given to me. Its really all about slowly but surely doing what you can to improve yourself and knowing that other people (or girls you think are a 10/10) are not above or below you. They are just that. People. Some hoe rejected you? Cool. She didnt deserve you. Move on. However, to make this shit easier, it is very important you find something (other than sitting on your ass playing vidya all day) that makes you happy. Believe me ive tried the vydia shit and that just gets you nowhere. Play an instrument, pick up a sport, write, do whatever that makes you feel like you have something to offer and makes you feel like life is worth living. Women arent everything. Yeah im 20 and a virgin but feeling great about myself is the best you can ask for.

It gets to a point where if you get nothing but rejection, then all the years of rejection will eat at your soul.
>Some hoe rejected you? Cool. She didnt deserve you. Move on.
More like I did not deserve her because I am not Chad.

bro that chad shit is bs. any legitimately sane woman cares more about who you are as a person than looks. sure looks are important but not as important as if youre a complete dickhead or not

>bro that chad shit is bs. any legitimately sane woman cares more about who you are as a person than looks. sure looks are important but not as important as if youre a complete dickhead or not
All women want Chad, not some ugly and shy autistic soft boy faggot. All women want to be dominated by a superior alpha male.

Good post.
Im in that phase, i have some hobbies (piano, sailing, etc) but im having trouble dealing with loneliness. At the end of the day i lay in my bed and there is this void, this fucking nothingness in my stomach, undescribable by definition. That is my dread.
I dont search for friends either because i cant get past some barriers of my own, psich mostly.
Above all OP you should seek good company in your daily life, and hobbies as user said are a great way to do so.

Yeah, im starting to think this whole thread is bait, you dwelled too much in the stereorype there

i dont know who the fuck you talk to or base any of that shit off of but you must be stupid to talk to people like that and then even more stupid to believe that women hate you solely cos youre a soft boy

Its how you see yourself niba, all on confidence, cant make it, fake it

Sorry m8 but I actually refuse to bullshit myself regarding but women want
It sucks but there is nothing I can do to change what women want. Women want strong, dominant men that can protect them and provide genes for healthy offspring. Chads do this. I do not. I am worthless to even fat and ugly women.

samefag lmao

And to women, LOOKS, MONEY, STATUS are all that matter. 80% of women only find the top 20% of men to be attractive.

Just join the army and let life decide if you will die.

Sure thing, originally of course

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Many mens children are not even theirs, number one.

Chads have harems of women. Including those already in relationships.

Many beta males end up raising the spawn of Chad as they end up becoming the ATM of a single mom.

cats out of the bag boss, no wonder you get rejected

You sound like a fucking roastie. Fuck off, whore.

Do u love yourself frend?

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No, I want to fucking kill myself. You cannot love yourself if everyone hates you or ignores you.

Why dont *you* try to love yourself for who you are before seeking to be loved



Nah man you dont have to be Chad to get a girl. Self confidence is everything. I understand that one girl who fucked you up left you scarred and afraid of other women. I felt the same way for some time. But you just have to realize her (or absolutely any other girl for that matter) is not everything in life. You believe finding a gf will magically make you less miserable. First of all, no one will want to spend time with someone who lives that way. People want to spend time with others who have shit to do. Shit that gives them the drive. You really think anyone, let alone a gf, will want to spend time with someone who just feels like shit all the time because he thinks he is hideous, boring, dumb, whatever other negative adjective you want? No. Im not asking you to do Chad shit. Im asking you to do shit that makes YOU happy. Me? I love music. I love learning guitar. Having an interest for music gave me the tools and the guts to speak to a girl I liked about something. Granted, I sperged out and she ghosted me but man did I feel like I made progress. This one, unlike the other 2 that rejected me previously, was a complete stranger. I never talked to a complete stranger like that. Let alone ask one out. It was amazing doing something different even if it didnt end how I wanted. Now I just want to keep trying. Point is, you cant just expect life to solve itself. Do something.

i mean if you say youll do all you can to try and pull yourself out of this but continue to talk about how women and chads are the problem and youll never find any purpose because all they want are strong men to dominate them, i dont see how youre helping yourself at all. there are other avenues for you to fine happiness other than crying all day and blaming something else. you can do it on your own. sure finding someone would make you feel better about yourself but youd still be you... which i assume is the problem since you say youre fat and ugly and noone likes you. thats on you, not anyone else?

Well, you seem to have a veary bleak comprehension of the worlds bias but you still cling to its perception of yourself, and its unchangable effect on you

I bet you are not short and ugly and a total beta male

You keep on fucking virtue signaling, then.

You fucking retard, its a vicious cycle, if you dont care for yourself no one will care for you, have some fucking self esteem and improve yourself in some way, what the fuck do you want some borderline autists on the internet to tell you? Thats all there is to it, the world wont give you back shit

I'm not op but you normalfags literally don't know what having low esteem is, you even see 8/10 roasties that have low self esteem because they got bullied at some point in their life or something. You could be great at literally everything and still have low self esteem and depression, fuck off




People like you should be skinned alive. Virtue signaling normies are cancer.

Lol @ roasties having low self esteem when they live on tutorial mode

The fact that op thinks getting a gf will help with self esteem is gay. If you have self esteem issues that bad, you would need to work on yourself as well.

Those are the labels you give yourself. If thats how you feel about yourself, thats how people will to see you. I see dudes like you described with gfs all day. And thats just because they have the self confidence despite their short comings that they didnt even have control over (height as you mention). They go beyond that. They live happily doing what they like. Knowing that a gf is not everything. Oh that 10/10 qt autistic girl thinks im absolutely horrendous? Cool I can just go back to do my own thing. Again, you need to find a hobby that makes you happy because a girl wont magically fix you. Then, share that hobby. Make yourself interesting. Keep asking girls out but please be interesting yourself. One will eventually bite.That or just lower your standards to a sad, ugly depressing girl like you because you refuse to change my man idk what else to tell you


You either barely know what constant rejection feels like or you are a Chad/foid who does not struggle with this shit at all. That is how I know that you are full of shit, now take your worthless advice and shove it up your ass.

Yeah and I see Down syndrome kids get accepted into Harvard all the time, bro

Im a khv with no rl friends so idk what u mean.
Do you even want to improve yourself? You call people normies and yet you still rely heavily if not completely on their perceptions of yourself. By that line how can you ever start to improve? The thing is, you dont want to improve. Youve grown so acostumed to self pity and patronizing victimhood that you are afraid of anything beyond that

And what the fuck do you think most beta faggots do to carry on and improve?


There's absolutely guys that are way more repulsive than you and have a "normal" life, user, you are just bitching because the solution isn't falling from the ceiling of your cave.

Why do you think hobbies will make op happy either? Hobbies won't land you a job and most of the time, they are a way to cope, not a way to pull through and actually be happy. All of you /mu/sicfags are annoying. I love listening and playing music, but that's because I have no other way to cope with my fucking shitty life

Yeah you have no reason to talk, basedboy. Lol at being a KHHV and coping this hard.
Beta faggots end up dating single mother whores after they have and all their fun with Chad, become their ATMs, and raise the spawn of Chad.

Or they are even worse than beta and end up rotting alone for all of life. Or roping.

The rope beckons.

Didnt write that but this retarded kid isnt coping at all, wouldnt it be better to find something to pick him off the ground and get him going than nothing? Hobbies can get you places and pick up your mood enough to allow you to get on with your life and start building that up too.

Is this bait or are you unironically retarded? Youve fallen for every possible meme this mongolian origami forum had to offer

OP I hope you realize that if you ever do kill yourself you're still going to exist in the form of a spirit. You're not going to entirely perish out of existence.

Fuck off, user, why do you even bother to spit your bullshit on here if you are just going to negate any kind of advice we give you?
It isn't the "Society", it's just that you are way too much of a pussy to even try because you fell for the high school girl meme.

Even , being a so called KHHV is trying to give you advice, just for you to fucking turn it down and rejecting any kind of positive feedback.

Hobbies only do so much until the depression destroys your enjoyment of them.
>a blue pilled simp calling me retarded

No ones saying the hobbies will fix you, the point was itll help you take a step forward. Learn to read.

Then I will fucking haunt females.

A KHHV felling me to accept my incel status and rot is basically me accepting that I will blow my brains out.

go to a concert and shell normies on livestream you fucking retard, kys takes a lot of corage i cant understand someone doing it and not taking those he hates along with him

I understand your pain , but this incel mentality is fucking stupid it feels like it's a set up,
cause all of you think you're so enlightened, yet you think like drones, the very same people telling you how over it is are sex havers who are just angry at life, projecting their negativity into others, now before you call me normie scum i'll point that i did participate in incel forums of the sort i still browse them but i have since deleted everything dealing with i no longer post and i am a KHHV but i don't think so hive minded like you guys are, i still think it's over but i learned to cope with it, sure a gf will give you a reason to live since we all need drive and motivation in our lives, people saying you don't are fucking morons.

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Hobbies do not make women want to fuck you.

Serious question, OP, have you ever gone to Therapy?

Or you could end up in a shitty place like hell

I have been in therapy for years. One on one. Group. Social skills groups. CBT. It was all a waste of time. Fuck therapists and fuck their snake oil. Therapists are not equipped to handle the incel problem. They just spew platitudes so you can give them more money for another useless session.

Are you ever gonna answer any of the arguments made?

Fine have it your way. I tried but if you sad fucks arent willing to do anything and just wait for everything to fall on your lap, good luck. Constant rejection... I got denied 3 times by women who were practically oneitis. What, do I need to get rejected 20 more times? lol. Atleast I dont have to feel like a pathetic sack of shit because not having sex by 25 is my top priority. Lmfao its so sad thats a reason to kill yourself.

Of course a simp like you will lack any sort of empathy for his fellow suffering virgins. Too bad that is not what will get you laid.

Maybe you're too fare gone with the whole everyone hates me I will not help myself at all I expect everyone to change for me shit.
Grow up. Obvious bait.

No, they don't, but at least you have something to talk about.
It isn't as easy as finding some magic remedy and get down to fuck.
You need to at least be able to hold a conversation, you dumb fuck.
Ever got into pills, maybe you lack Seretonin or some hormone?

Also, I'm going to propose some stupid shit, but have you tried to go for disabled females?

Kysinging is easy, especially if you are a 30 year old failure neet with no hopes for the future

This point was made repetedly to OP but he doesnt want to improve himself, all he knows is the underground

No, you need to be able to be good looking and dominant for women to truly be into you. Just being some beta loser is not what women want. Keep being blue pilled while Chad fucks your oneitis, or even worse, your girlfriend because he is a superior man to you in every way.

And I have been on antidepressants of various kinds for the past 11+ years. They have done little to numb the pain.







No shit my whole write up pointed to realizing that having sex is not everything you should crave for in life. What do you think is going to happen after you get a gf? After you have sex? Will you become an uber Chad god that does everything perfectly in life and is rich? No you fucking retard. You have to become that BEFORE EVEN THINKING ABOUT GETTIMG A GF. No woman will love a self loathing sperg like you. I wish I realized this sooner in life. Hobbies are just meant to make you feel more comfortable with yourself so THEN you can achieve your oh so precious gf.

And no woman will ever love a man who is not Chad :)

*how much* you seem like youve done none.
Are you seriously unaware the world isnt just, you have to work with what u have
We do in fact live in a society user

Luckily, I have come to terms with myself that women aren't my drive.
I can't say that I am happy, and of course that I want someone to share my time with, but I'm okay with myself.


Fuck off and stop being such a fucking crybaby, for a lot of us things aren't that easy, faggot.

I have worked out and lost weight

Joined clubs

Tried making friends

Tried being more outgoing

I have tried for years and it. Has. Not. Done. Shit.