Is it just over if i'm an asian male?

legitimately cannot think of any redeeming factors about being an asian male in the 21st century.

>genetically shorter
>also genetically smaller penises
>no social priority whatsoever
>only way to find success is to be a korean e-boy, which i'm not
>increasing number of hapas and blasian couples but they only involve asian women

So what's the verdict, robots? Is it over already? I'm full asian, no white or black.

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>He doesn't call himself a chink
>He doesn't call himself a nip
>He doesn't call himself a gook
OP confirmed filth-apino

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If you're Chad enough then you might end up like my asian friend who has a wh*te gf , though he had to make serious compromises like allowing open relationships.

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Dont worry Asia bro. We're all gonna make it someday

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I mean, he could be Vietnamese, or Laotian, or Malaysian, or Thai.

>He doesn't call himself a gook
Did I miss something?

show me one couple thats "blasian"

You do know gook originally means Filipino right?

Gook originally means filipono? What a gay discovery!

i do see little asian dudes though. im short but these guys are like middle school sized. and yeah inwardly i wince a little bit. but im nice ofc

Just work out you little bitch. All the buff asian guys I know are drowning in pussy. Girls throw themselves at them.

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Idk what it is, its like the jews in media do everything to shit on asian men the most. Why though??? Asian men in the 90s and 00s didn't have it nearly as hard as today. All i can tell you is to emulate steven yeun the best you can. How big is your dick exactly btw??

ya im working out again

why? he looks a bit fragile. you just wont see giga asians in hollywood, just the twinky types.

Well no shit, the pretty boy korean is the most desired asian male archetype.

And conversely the only asians who can pull off the giga look are koreans and mongols. Maybe japanese if they weren't so short.

you never seen the fuckhueg chinese dudes then.

and no its not. pretty boy is a meme. the rich man is the most attractive. and then his face. and he should be strong and masculine

You still didn't answer my other question how big is your dick?

im not op. its big enough man. check out my mixtape for proof

lets just say its big enough to make her do this at 4:30

lol, its not because you're asian, you just got the short end of the genetic stick, there are asians successful in lots of ways physically, socially, and career wise, don't blame it on your race just blame that you're a shitty specimen. people like you make the rest of us look bad, only by a little bit though but its still slightly annoying

Christ, he'd be better off just being single.

Im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, assume that you're at least 5" and that shes not faking. Though why you would upload a video with just audio on porn hub makes no sense. Thats what vocaroo is for. But be honest with me, is it a hooker?

>5 inches
kek ok buddy

you do realize even if asians on average were taller and had longer dicks what not, if you are still your shitty self, it would make zero difference, you think the white loser robots enjoy the perks of being the chad race? no they are the disgraces of their own race it doesn't matter what race you are it only matters your personal attributes, you just a whiny bitch nigga.
sincerely, asian dude that never had his race be an issue in life, engaged and livinig happy life.

the asian penis stat is a meme.

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i could just be an anomaly

That was the worst thing ever, I hate you for posting it.

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The stupid gook would probably still be cute if he didn't get what seems like facial surgery. Why can't these idiots just be content with what they look like?

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what a cutie. but ya azn dicks can be thicc and hard.

how big are you, user? im sure it's not that bad.
im slightly amazed that isn't original.

no as in im an anomaly leaning on the larger side. sorry bro

Learn kung fu and get ripped. Pussy will fall at your feet. Trust me

yeah pretty much it's over. asian genetics is shit and i'm so embarrassed to be asian

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>the rich man
this is cope. truth is you need decent genetics. asian genetics fail at that

>thinks genetics matter over money

Dont be ashamed of being asian. East asians have the higheat IQs in the world! Dont mind the "muh dick" posters because they are retard gorilla niggers with low IQs.

>tfw Korean
Literally the only slight blessing considering how SEA girls seems to be excited with me when i mention my ethnicity. The rest of the world don't seem to know if we even exist at all.

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it mostly is though

ooookay. tutu

I want to fuck the life out of an asian guy

genetics is the first thing people look for, you fool

By the Prophet (PBUH) gays deserve a beating

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well I guess Is be freee

insha allah. support my mixtape

just go to fathers of poor rural families and ask to marry the daughter, its crazy how asians do romance, its just going through the motions and it looks like they only do it to seem normal, if you're in america and is an asian autist then you're fucked, not like your race makes much of a difference in that case

this dude out of his mind

try to ask me about sht you already know


can i gape you with my fist?

I shit my brains out all the time brotendo

how selfish it is to keep true love apart.

I get flirted with all the time as a full Asian.

you're a fucking retard, it came from the Koreans.