Bad bad Leroy Brown edition

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wish the shops would hurry up and open

What u gonna buy lad?

my local corner shop opens at 6. What you after?

I need to post something recorded so have to wait for the fucking post office to open.
apparently one opens at 6am but I don't trust it enough to walk there because it's over a mile away

think i got un ulcer on my tongue. side of tongue swollen. hard to swallow.

Glad I didnt bother staying up for the Japan game. They sent their C team and got rekt

Fellow brit wagies. What's your occupation?
Croupier here. Having a couple whiskeys before I got to bed.
Not been a bad shift desu lads.

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Shippy would probably love to chat to you. I'm a NEET anyway

I think I've heard the name before, but I'm still rather unfamiliar with the people here as I don't even lurk often let alone post.
How's the neet life going anyway? All I did when I was neet was play Pokemon GO and get fat.

He's very into gambling. NEET life is fine, been at it for years now and very comfy though I know it wont last forever. Mostly watch a lot of movies and football

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Noice. I don't mind football but I don't really follow it outside of the World Cup and Euros. Never really had interest in the league/division teams aside from seeing how my hometown is doing occasionally.
Always been a skateboarding nerd.

>Sophie Turner is tipped to portray androgynous singer Boy George in movie

fucking lol but I'd go and see it

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Kek seriously? Interesting choice would probably watch out of curiosity.

what we uop to today laddos?

holy fuck dead thread much? surely wagies are here eating breakfast before they head out?
anyway, playing DOOM and just managed to sneak in a doctors appointment for today, get in.

*touches chikas nipples*

>shit resolution
reminder there is no excuse for this

anyone know how to correctly smoke a vape

once again I am posting at the time when britfeel is at its least intresting. I've probably missed so much good content because of my sleep pattern

>210lb of fat
>browse fit
why do I do this?

how do you feel about your body. I'm fat too but I don't really care

Might have a wank but dont want to have wankers aura when I go out later

how do I go about not getting fucked over at first UC interview, any tips lads?

>UC interview

Ugh I don't envy you lad...they're such cunts. Many moons ago when I was on bennies my advisor asked me if I was sure I knew how to spell my own name, honestly didn't know how to answer that question without taking the piss.

> asked for a late morning appointment to see the doctor
> given a 9.50am appointment

in what fucking world is before 10am 'late morning'

haven't had a cramp in years but lately i can't flex any muscles without a mild cramp starting. thoughts?

Where I'm from they aren't that bad as what I could imagine in a city or something.

I care, I eat little but what I eat is just shit.

>so much good content

Hahaha, good one mate

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how do i make my prescription as cheap as possible
im gonna have to get 6 months worth of tablets, am i gonna have to pay for every month? i dont fancy spending 54 quid on tablets...

can you not get exemption cert?

>exemption cert

it is sometimes, like when we share music, reminisce about old britfeel or just bant with each other, I really enjoy that

wait, does it even work like this?
is it not 'user needs 6 months worth of tablets' = 1 prescription?
am confused.

I don't know then ask doc for few months supply or something, don't know how that works lad.

Here you go lad:


Shill for Mercedes, basically go around Various companies with large fleets and shill, also collecting vehicles that have been loaned out. Currently at s service centre picking up an E300de, many of which have faults.

The car is here but it's buried amongst a load of others so might be waiting a while


Indeed, won 1,000 over the weekend. Do you enjoy being a croupier? Wouldn't like to deal with awkward angry customers that are losing heavily

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Call centre slave, got promoted recently though so won't be on the phones for much longer, counting down the days lads. Comes with a pretty fuckin decent raise too.

Good morning gaylord.
Are you benders having a good day so far?
I've been up since 8am after a good night of sleep and I'm looking forward to making my life BETTER today. I hope your day is excellent.

>awkward angry customers that are losing heavily
Literally r9k in a nutshell tbqhwyl

how much do you earn
how did you get the job

gotta start somewhere, my man.
I recommend a daily walk, cutting back on sugary shite food, and drinking more water.

Try here first:

lol I aint clicking that shit nigga

nitro fuelled on friday
I can't remember the last time I was excited for a bideo gaem

>bideo gaem

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Press the button, breathe in. Make sure it's in your mouth.
What problems are you having lad?

lads im happy as all fuck right now i met a girt about two weeks ago who said she hated her life and would message me daily to tell me she was still alive and after a week of silence i somehow i found her again tonight and she said that the reason she never said anything is because she got grounded and had to get a new phone and forgot to message me back
when i said her name she was actually happy that i said her name correctly and remembered me instantly
feels good

don't take it straight back, suck it like a straw THEN inhale

Just under 21k, although with perks. Last month I also got 200 bong worth of food paid for me, but that was a bit of an unusual month. One time when doing a one off chauffeuring gig I was also being paid double time 'on call' whilst at the casino

>63 miles
>Already broken down once

Absolute state of these E300de's desu

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>because she got grounded
how old is this girl?

16, she looks a bit childlike but the conversation is really good

job title?
...and how old are you?

Morning ends at 10:30 so that sounds about right.

Which school did you attended

so when you meet someone at 11am do you say good afternoon?

gonna take some drugs, roll it up, and smoke it like a cigarette

wish me luck

Can you order from a restaurant's breakfast menu at 11:30?

47, but age is just a number

You let McDonalds dictate when the morning ends?

shes actually 14 and im 29
its nothing sexual just a friend in times of need she lives in some mid eastern hell hole

this is obviously bait but it was a good effort , nice one lad
don't take the bait lad

You let greetings with your friends dictate that? Seems arbitrary.

I'm getting the word...larp

Trick her into visiting Syria and getting beheaded.

I haven't watched tv for months is there anything good I'm missing

warhammer 40k looks really cool but I don't have the money/social skills to play, oh well there's always the books

waste of moeny!

its only a waste if you dont get enjoyment from it.

shes in jordan an i tease her about living next to jews then i feel bad and apologize to her

There's a coupld of lads here that are into it I think. It is crazy expensive though

it is VERY expensive 20 quid for the models about a pound for each paint then the brushes, glue, rule books ffs I can't afford that

Chernobyl lad

what is it you enjoy spending money on lad?

what channel is that on?

It's a link to big fat cocks in Google Images bro

forgot how awful cigarettes are, don't know how I did this for ~20 years

rentboys desu

why pay when there are so many fem boys on britfeel to choose from

oi oi, tell us your spiciest rent boy story

occasional cigarettes are amazing it's only once you get accoustomed to them it gets crap

I find the exact opposite, I used to love chain smoking every day but since I went electric I just can't go back

sky Atlantic, you might have to torrent it

the only thing. I don't. like about vaping is the flavours; bubblegum, chocolate cherry, it's like there making it for kids or somthing

Lonely lads. What do. Thanks.

do somthing you'll really enjoy today and prove to yourself you don't need other people to be happy

Thank you my dude
I will do just that.
I appreciate that.

this one time I dressed Tim up as a rag doll and sodomised him for 8 hours

Torrents are well seeded lad, let me know if you want some magnet links and I'll chuck 'em in.

cos irl sphincter is better than online, senpai

I'm fine but thanks for the offer

where do you find irl rent boys lad

get a pet, maybe?

Off to therapy see you Iaddos Iater

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Can someone explain the tinder phenomenon to me of when a woman replies to your messages but makes zero effort to keep a conversation going.

>First of all, if you don't want to chat to me, then don't swipe right.
>If you don't want to chat to me then don't reply to my message
>if you don't want to chat to me, then just unmatch with me when I send you a message.

I don't understand why it's so common for me to try and have a conversation and the girl just replies with one word answers and doesn't ask questions back. are they playing hard to get? or are disinterested but somehow think they are being polite? or just have no social skills? (suffice to say these women aren't supermodels)

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anyone been to court before?
it's in august but I'm nervous as shit, feel like i've done something wrong when I know I haven't and even if I did then it was under the direction my solicitors
fuck fuck fuck, not gonna be able to relax until it's over

maybe go for a moni gf on kik instead?

Doesn't matter what you say or do, the decision has already been made

It's clown world