I need a mission in life. Dubs decides what that is

I need a mission in life. Dubs decides what that is.

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Whack it to every possible fetish you can find

Quest accepted. Know a good place I can find a list?

Go to the moon.

Submit yourself to the service of Jesus Christ and His Church.

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Live a wonderful and fulfilling life. For me OP.. do what I failed to do.

I was gonna do this but then the Christian girl I was interested in rejected me and since all Christians are messengers of Christ, objectively Christ rejected me. So, Christ commanded me not to be Christian.

You will literally become a physicist that helps solve memory issues relating to the upcoming shortcomings of moores law and the nano-size of transistors.

Cut off your left arm like Guts.

Help other people. They need you user.

The only one to get dubs and didnt even give me a mission. This thread will probably get archived before someone else gets dubs.

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Travel the world and win a fight against one person from every nation (so, also scottish, catalan, bavarian etc.) on this planet each.

If nobody gets dubs just go with the one you like the most

become my missionary and help me form my philosophy

Nah, I am trying to leave myself in the hands of fate. Choosing would defeat the purpose of this thread, wouldnt it?

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Suck as many dicks as possible before you die

kill politicians
this post is ironic

Rerolls allowed at all?

Couny every grain of sand on earth, write the final number down on a piece if paper then burn it.

Define sand first, Nigger

Becoming the best version of yourself

be happy with yourself

No, you only get 1 roll. It doesnt really count if it isnt guided by the hands of fate.

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Based fucking roll, your post is like some old master giving his student the most generic, but also best advice possible

Join ISIS and become the best terrorist you can be.

Holy shit. That's ungodly. We hit it 3/3

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lmao, dubs in succession

Its decided. My quest for self-excellence begins tomorrow.

That's not really a mission though. I don't think you can fail that one.

Good luck, user. Never compare yourself to anyone, but your younger self

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I think I have been failing so far. I could be a lot better.

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Just kill griffith

If you are suicidal then you should get plate armor, sword, shield etc and go for a crusade in a rural area of your town or a big city. Then it would take longer time for the police to show up I think.
But before you go on this crusade of yours, you should train and build up muscles aka get Jow Forums. So you can actually do some damage to them.
Do you accept this quest OP?

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Becoming a feminized sissy slut who exists only to pleasure men

Your sole purpose in life is fondle the balls of old men.

become a marine

Make a cult that actually tries to help people.

Become a professional super smash brothers melee player.

Become the ultimate chad and cuck other chads the same way they cuck everyone else
(my life goal) with the help of Jow Forums /fa/ and women redpills from Jow Forums

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Nigga how can you go on a crusade without the popes approval.

Also > Milanese
Pretty based. But i always like bascinets more

The pope always approve the death of non believers

Be my roommate and pay rent


This is why I believe in fate

Based thread

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Set your goal as saitama (one punch man) training to do it once but perfectly.

Become a world league soccer player like Captain Tsubasa and win the world championship

Deadlift 1000 kg

Genocide niggers and gooks

fucking kill yourself thru rope

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To find your mission :^)

become the best fighter you can be


Find an effective way to off yourself instantly

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Become a good person

find your fucking left arm.

roll for this one
notice how its an original comment