Anyone else want to dominate these roided out women...

Anyone else want to dominate these roided out women? The average man could easily overpower them despite them trying their hardest to be strong. It'd be fun to make them submit to you despite not being in good shape.

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You think so you weak fatass, I could easily overpower you and show you who's the fucking boss here. Don't ever fucking talk to me like that again.

you would be kissing her feet and begging for mercy in less than 5 minutes

A skelly guy would be stronger than her. Women are weak.

An average male literally cant even lift 1kg

not likely a skelly, but the average male would be comparable. Any guy that lifts is stronger than her

i wanna cum all over her muscles while shes flexing

I'm stronger than you idiot.

Only if you're a guy lmao

I work out but Id love to wrestle with them and have rough sex with me dominating her. I like girls who are hard to get. Nice girls just don't do it for me.

I don't have to be a guy to be stronger than some r9k beta incel

You wouldn't stand a chance. Stop pretending you would. Accept that you're weak.

bitch please I bet you don't even squat lmao 1pl8

That makes it better.

I weight almost 190 lbs..

I bench more than both of you combined, accept you're weak.

I think this is some weak bait

I'll bet two tendies you don't do running very much

yeah i would love to anal a strongwoman and kiss her butt

Shut the fuck up beta
I run 5 kilometers a day, you don't stand a chance

Join the Army. Everyone has to do combative courses now days, even pogues. It was so much fun throwing these bitches around.

>5 kilometers a day
hope you don't like your knees

>She said as she only benches 40kgs.

Im a fat, alco loser and i still go to the gym everyday and out lift every chick in the gym. Even the professional female weightlifter whos photos are on the wall.

Don't even have to throw a punch, just dodge the retard attempt at kicking and have her tear her ACL.

>I run 5 kilometers a day,



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personally, I think that would be pretty fun, like a competition of sorts, which is why dominate women are really hot. submissive women are also really cute though, and I don't know what to choose. it doesn't matter too much though because I probably won't get a girlfriend anytime soon.


It may take a absurd length of time to actually get in a military

Separate note.
You could just fuck her up in the Navy in a different way.

Try me you week bitch
It's more than your weak fatass will ever be able to run. You probably get exhausted after getting up from your chair.

>It's more than your weak fatass will ever be able to run.


cope loser

I dont need to cope I can bench more than a bar.

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I can bench twice as much as you

Calm down little girl. Any of the guys in this thread could pin you with one arm.

> 34 posts and one muscle girl photo
Fuck this gay place

I like to imagine that I try, but then it doesn't go as planned, they pin me down and I seriously try to break free and fight back but I just can't, and then I'm her bitch.

It's crucial that I sincerely believe I'm stronger and that I will win. Otherwise I won't be humiliated. God damn, I want to be utterly humbled like that sooo baaad.

I could pin you down any time shut the fuck up

I'm too small and weak for that, so she would need to want it herself

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You said you could overpower me white boi?

an average untrained male will deadlift around 100-150 pounds. the strongest women deadlift 400-500 pounds

here let me fix that

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just posting a couple before bed

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>professional weight lifter whs clearly on an intense hormone blocking regimen
>Bunch of guys who lift 1hr a day

Yeah she better be able to lift more than them.

by the way source
and webm is lydiavalentin

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holy SHIT i didn't know i had this fetish
brb fapping


>It's another 'random person can dominate someone with bulging muscles just because it is a chick' episode
I like muscle chicks too but you gotta keep you fantasies seperated from real life, bros.

Nope you idiot he wouldnt. Common misconception of fat neckbeards who dont know shit about sports. Women are not so much weaker, especially if they put years of effort into their sport and theyve taken roids. A bit weaker than men with comparable experience but way stronger than your average man who can't even do 10 pushups

I was only larping I'm actually 5'2 and


Exactly. Weak slut.

Cringe fetish. Just accept that you like men and move on retard, nobody straight would like monkey muscular women.

I may be weak but I doubt you're strong

The average male who plays a sport recreationally and is moderately good would destroy the top female athletes in the world. Almost every rec gym has tons of guys that have insane athleticism in basketball for instance that blow any WNBA player out of the water but are no where near the skill or athleticism of the top NBA players. Gtfo and go back to sucking Chad cock while men create the culture

Right and then wrong. I can bench 110kgs. 33 heaves is my PB. Can you do that?

Yeah thats right.

You are garbage as are all female athletes. Theres a reaosn you get paid less. The Australian female soccer team got beaten but an under 16 western sydney team. The fastest female 100m spring chapion is 3 seconds behind the male. Female body builders are as big and strong as a roid munching drug dealers who only do upper body.

Keep dreaming.

>Moderately Good
You mean better than 99% of all males ?
Because that's normally considered moderately good. And it still takes shitloads of effort.
Females really aren't that weak.

Any decent high school Male athletes would absolutely destroy the top female athletes in the world. Women dont even use the same size equipment because they're so retarded and feeble you fucking dipshit.

Seething inceI

Go suck a dick

>Matildas Beaten 7-0 By Newcastle Jets Under-15 Boys Team
>It was practise
>We were sick

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Other women dont even watch women's sports. No one likes that shit. Women are weak and garbage boring athletes. Any man 200 lbs or more even out of shape fat shit heads could literally beat women mma fighters to death

I hear the WNBA is having a layup contest this year

>decent athlete
Yeah an athlete, that's the point. To get to the level a normie would need 6 years unless he's taking roids.

Lmao leave your basement once in a while. Tons of kids in high school sports dont give a shit about them and do them for popularity and are just naturally good at them because men are vastly superior physically. You sound like an absolute retard

Ok and you're still an incel

I dont think you get it. A normie is unhealthy and in bad shape.
Decent athletes did a lot of sports their whole life. I could post a few records and compare then with average highschool results but you can look it up yourself.

Just fucked 2 bumble feminist retarded whores last week actually. They're so dumb you just say a few liberal buzz words and they're ready to get their face and assholes rekt by cock because of "muh sex positivity". Keep deluding yourself into thinking women are better than men at anything other than being cum dumpsters... actually theres probably some faggots and trannies that blow females out of the water in that too

Still wanna see a normie clean and Jerk 138kg or run 1:53 for the 800 retard.

And youre still a woman who has a period, low test count, weak pones and cant lift for shit. I could crush your skull.

The average Male weighs about 180 pounds which is heavier than the best female boxers and mma fighters in the world and could drag those stupid whores around by their hair

lmagine being this pathetic.

Imagine thinking lifting a weight is the only thing that matters in life. The level of incel is going off charts here

No one gives a fuck about women spending their whole lives training to do competitive weight lifting worse than an 8th grade boy. The average men could kill a female power lifter easily. You think weight lifting means you can fight you fucking retard?

Until you get a knuckle sandwich from a female mma boxer and realise you are fucked kek.

You don't know what you're talkin bout neckbeard.

Well I hope we at least all have the same opinion on tranny athletes. They should be sent to mental institutions, though perhaps torturing them in very cruel ways would work too since they arent mentally ill per se but rather bpd/hpd gender dysphoria sociopaths with no dignity, so they take it out on women that are weaker.

But are you a girl?
This is important information

Like the one who did take back the night classes and was raped in NY by a manlett?
>Talks about how strong women are. Gets destroyed by the argument. Cries.

Gf already had bigger guns than me. This is her first week on 10mg var. You can't compete with varbies.

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Keep seething autistic incel

>ITT skinnyfat incels whose only form of exercise is masturbating think they could overpower some juiced up muscle - Stacy

Eh, half us guys aren't as beta as you think princess. Most of us just randomly visit Jow Forums also, why are you here if you're so alpha? Why bother with the betas and cucks as you call em?

>admitting his gf has to to use roids to cheat

She still couldnt lift shit. cuck.

This is what will happen in reality

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Fuuuuck, I bet it would feel so fucking tight. That's it, I want ro fuck a She Hulk now.

based and varbiepilled
you should give her more

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I would destoy her , at last a woman that when I fuck she wont end up in the hospital. glad you posted it.
Dominating women who like to be called girls ad are built like lambs is just cowardice to me.
I would destroy with sex a fit woman who intimidates every closeted limp wrestled faggot that calls you gay for liking her.
You think eve was a lamb bitch?
I ll fuck her till every part of her hurts and she will try it too ;)

Thats what your gay mind thinks is the only reasonable outcome since you are gay as fuck.

>tfw scrawby robot thinks he can dominate 5'10 200lbs varbies

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I am black.

black varbies can break you

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Black varbies raised me.
I ll fuck varbies and no lambs.

lmao, those femdom idiots actually think women can be strong

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Who is this and how much will is cost to have her beat me up?

Pic related benches 3pl8 for reps and there are dyels at my gym who can't even bench 1pl8. You can post pics and cry all you want but varbies are way stronger than the average guy and most natty male lifters.

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I wanna see that 3 plate bench show proof

Do you know the time lapse between the two pics?
Her face looks different so I imagine it was a few years.

She did 18 reps AMRAP bench in one of her instagram stories.

These women are fucking disgusting and I would run away as fast as I fucking could