Do autistic girls really exist? It's my only chance

Do autistic girls really exist? It's my only chance

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sure they do just look at the lgbt community

I'd say I'm autistic although I was never diagnosed it but It would make a lot of sense if I was.

What makes your think you could be autistic?
Online friends and the few girls I've talked to have legitimately asked me if I'm autistic during 'real talk'

They do and they still won't want you.

>tee hee I've always suspected! xd
Go eat some rusty nails you fuckrag

Yes but they can still be hot and still get laid.

>It's my only chance
your only chance for what? unless you meet one here they are gonna be 1000x more difficult to get irl, getting an atractive one is probably 1000^10 more difficult

>Talks about autism
>Doesn't post Kopaka

My lack of social skills, not understanding how to talk in a conversation, avoidant personality, feeling lost in public, speech problems

[email protected]
Okay here is my throw away contact me RIGHT NOW

I don't use e-mail and why would I contact you first without knowing anything about you

Because it's 2:00 am, I made this thread, and it was worth trying something I never tried before (being really forward and blunt)

I can't email you because the only email I have is my full name which would be doxing myself

Just make a throwaway nignog. It literally generates one for you

I can relate, but I've gotten better with speech/talking over the years. Working helped a lot.

Do you enjoy going outside or do you want to live like a hobbit, maybe travelling to see far away places occasionally?

I'm not saying you have zero chance with an autistic girl but you need to know the hard truth first. The reality is that autism in men is extremely damaging to your desirability from females but, autism in women is at MOST slightly damaging to their desirability. Most autistic women unless they are also very fat or deformed can fairly easily get relatively chady bfs while it is almost impossible for autistic men to get any gf.

I'm not just pulling this out of my ass, I've met these women and I am an autistic man. They might get low quality men but, the low quality most of the time is in terms of abusiveness but, they still have functional social skills. I'm not saying its impossible, I still haven't found a final solution to the girlfriend question yet. But don't assume that you are autistic women are at all on an equal playing field even if you connect very well with them.

Also autism is 3 times less common in women then it is in men.

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I have to go to sleep but I can email you in the morning.

I really enjoy being outside in nature. I'd like to travel but only if it's with someone comfy and not some normie tier partying and whoring around.

Being outside is suffering with people around.

Thatstruet, I meant being outside by myself, in woods or something.

>Also autism is 3 times less common in women then it is in men
Is it really? That's a really fucking harsh reality meaning it really is a race
user, we're anonymous. You can just tell me to fuck off without the sneaky avoiding the conflict stuff

Yes it is, though I have met some 'autistic' females that get offended by that and claim its just some sexist lack of diagnosis of female autism.

Comfy, as long as it's not too hot.

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Yeah that's cool and all but where'd you get that pic?

Yeah my brother forced me into dating one in highschool and it was awful. Shitposting is a better use of time than trying to communicate with a brick wall that is an autistic girl.

Sure they do but she's no different from any other woman. She'll most likely to leave you for another guy without hesitation if she finds him better than you.

I know since I tried with this one autistic girl. We got along really well off the bat at first. Then she stops talking to me and pays more attention to this semi-chad guy in our class. I find out later that they recently were fucking each other.

>tfw not even an autistic girl wants you
That convinced me there that it was not worth trying anymore on being with a woman. Feels shitty but hey that's fucking reality I guess so I jusy gotta deal with it.

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