""""Fembots"""" why don't you just get a low self esteem robot bf...

""""Fembots"""" why don't you just get a low self esteem robot bf? Mine worships the ground I walk on even though I'm painfully average, feels good.

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Because I have standards. Being a fembot doesnt mean Im totally alone it just means Im surrounded by guys who Ide rather not settle with just yet.

its a good ego boost and u get free shit. win win.

Hate to interupt but i just have to say, i really love this gif desu

because internet relationships are a fucking meme I want a real life bf

>call yourself a "fembot" but boost about having options

This is why you aren't taken seriously

A real life bf will want to have sex with you.

How do you detect true low self esteem male that will "worship" and do shit for me? A lot of men are socially anxious or awkward, sure, but underneath are either angry and whiny spergs, or even just normal once you get to know them, not really the low self esteem type at all

this is a cryptotranny thread
you're welcome

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My bf got narcissism or something. It's not very good since we both are narcissistic. However I humbly bow before my esteemed overlord of a bf and worship ground he walks on, because I am borderlines. Yes, master. Right away master.

I like idea of humble robot that I could boss around but I would probably break him in two weeks. So maybe this is what I deserve for my crimes. Forever serve the one I adore. I wish he'd collar me and force me to call him daddy.

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deft impersonation of a retard, actually i can't even tell if you're being serious

kek even chad's rejected girls still have an ego and refuse to "settle" even tho its their equivalent
>get a robot bf
>im a fembot and i refuse

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please fucking die you retard

I'm pretty retarded, user. It cannot be helped.

Based user if you're larping to make
fembots get a robot bf

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Would rather continue to jackoff and fuck hookers than attempt another relationship with a fembot. Ive learned to stop thinking about the lonliness with the hope that I'll be pleasantly surprised if i meet someone. Besides you're all borderline and unable to get over my ultra right wing political beliefs anyway.

Whatever fatso nobody needs you either.

ah okay then, carry on user

Five hours he should be back... Better get ready. Stand right in front of door ready to greet. Mhm. Some day I'll have my own group of love slave robots. You'll see.

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You probably want a submissuve bf which are increasingly lore common
For example: If you will love me I will worship you
You see it's that easy, in just one simple step you could have a worshipper

I dont break easy but if you're in love with another guy that's like one of my two breaking points


Well maybe

How will I deal with my horde of Chris-chan type men? How can I lead my robots. What they eat. Chicken tendies? What are their skills. Manual labor value?

Here is my response.

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Just feed them your leftovers

>be failed normie
>affection sustains my will to live
||tfw no one to give me affection||

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I'm also retarded apparently. oops

>tfw no fembot to worship the ground she walks on


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>tfw you're not part of femanon worshiping harem ;_;

>tfw no retard mistress femanon

Submissive to some extent, but I am interested more in someone easily controlled, there may be some differences. Anyway, how do I spot your type?

Just go around asking if anyone wants to

It's not different so much as a type of submissive. I think it's hard to spot a true submissive of any kind, most will surprise you. However if you want to be brazen and wear a shirt or something declaring your position, you'll probably get a lot of repeated glances from them. It also seems like we're more attracted to alt girls so if you dress more punk or goth we'll do the same
Alternatively you could control me

im pretty good looking and dont have a gf because i have no social skills and dont like the stacys add me on discord

>brazen shirts
>alt styles
Too gauche for me, unfortunately. I'd want to know the kinds of casual behaviors in others to look for, gives more options. And, if you want to be controlled, you can pay up.

You force the issue
Your post is still vague so I guess you can try being an assertive bitch and boss people around or drop those kind of hints, you will spot a wimp like us if he ends up craving for more orders or goes out of her way to please you

Casual behaviors vary from person to person just like everything else
>if you want to be controlled, you can pay up
Findom is a red flag for like 95% of us, you'll have better luck with that online

You gotta understand, I don't want to force it. Act forceful to a person that doesn't like it and your social standing goes to shit. Also
>out of her way
Was that pronoun a slip?

What is your asking price?

Yes it was. Sorry

I know, but I gueds you just have to trust your instinct. It'd be a miracle if the kind of guy you want decided to take the initiative

Im not fat but you are an incel virgin.