Creative r9k

come share your works in this thread
here's a jam i done recently

will give feedback to all

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At least use the proper format user


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nice style

I drew this gay thing. No bully.

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mb im on a sleep deprevation atm
cute man i like the style now i want a alien gf

this tone sounds like magic gj user

ops linked wrong video
here's the jam if anyone wants to listne

stayed up way too late working on this dear god

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are u a pedo lol? how old is she

She's like 500 years old dude it's all good

llol saved by the lore i forget shes an interdimensional loli the police wnt understand

This is in my sketchbook from a while ago I can't remember my inspo but I probably cheated so downshift the approval accordingly
It's Scipio Africanus

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Man glitch I love all the shit you post in every creative general keep it coming

thanks dude comments like this keep me afloat I will keep going in one way or another just waiting for inspiration to hit again before recording

Had an interesting idea in a sleepless stupor last night. I thought about making a horror movie soundtrack for an imaginary movie. Like a complete album. I've already laid out the major "scenes" and what mood the music should be going for. What do you people think of the idea? Anyone can of course feel free to use the idea too

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ur music makes me paranoid

Thanks, seems I've accomplished my mission

I like your music it's pretty good desu

do you do music as a hobby or as a job? or both.

Thank you. Very flattering that you ask if I do music for a living. It's just a hobby I've picked up. I certainly wouldn't mind doing it as a job of course. Only if I could play my own stuff though. Fuck being a session player or being in a cover band or whatever

We got a homework where the task was to create a piece from a random adjective + noun with some Itten color scheme, I got "sad mountain"

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shilling my music video for the last time
thanks to the other user for the song

also, any way to reduce the video quality to make it look a bit older, e.g late 90s-early 2000s quality? I read about overexposition, but i'm not sure if i have that on my camera. I use the Sony HDR-CX190

Not a camera guy but do you mean overexposure? Never heard exposition in a camera context. If you meant overexposure it should be easily found in the cameras settings. Otherwise, to get that older look, I would lower the video resolution, if you can do that in the settings, or see if I can find some kind of filter in an editing programm.

we hang wit mobsters who rob coppers and cock gobblers who suck knobs like gob stoppers
we're non-stoppers
a fuckin sex offender
lurkin the leisure centre dressed in leather
poppin pills out a fuckin pez dispenser

Yeah overexposure, that's what I mean, i wrote this hazily. I also lowered the video resolution

Yeah, just checked the manual for your camera and apparently it doesn't really let you record at that low of a resolution. Then I guess you'll have to do some video editing.

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feels badman, guess i have no other option then
i was thinking about buying a vhs camera too, i really like the look of those, i absolutely despise the slapped on vhs overlay/effect, shit doesn't even look remotely old.
spamming my shitty drawings as usual

this is great, I love how you give rythm to the guitar

this made me feel

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Having to buy old, expensive, possibly disintegrating vhs tapes sounds like a pain in the dick to me. But I do understand where you're coming from.

anyone here makes tracker chiptune?
how hard is it to learn?

boompin my fags

Fuck these threads. No matter what I post, I never get any (You)s. And FTR, none of you have any actual talent whatsoever, so don't sit around pondering why you're not famous. You have nothing of true value to offer to humanity as a whole.

salty, why'd you have a go at me when i got zero replies also

>none of you have any actual talent whatsoever, so don't sit around pondering why you're not famous. You have nothing of true value to offer to humanity as a whole
Kek for real? All of us know this. Except you I guess, judging from your butthurt reply

speak for urseIf

Which one is yours? If it's not here then post it and maybe we can tell you why you don't get any (you)s

I'm not worried about being famous btw, I just like to make stuff and share it with fags on the internet

thats a great attitude man im sure it got you far in life

i don't give a shit, if i'm famous or not, the things i've made and shared in these threads are the only things that i've made with passion

Nope. I'm not posting shit for you talentless faggots. :)

>gets butthurt about getting no attention
>"the attention doesn't matter anyway guys"
Epic cringe desu senpai

Are you the painterfag from however many months ago? I hope not, cause I'd be pretty sad if you were still here after all this time. I do agree that the people here don't give enough feedback or interact with each other. I'm also guilty of this sometimes. It's a good idea to interact with someone first if you want their attention

>sees friendly autists creating and sharing projects on a bulgarian floor yodeling forum
>gets this mad
kinda cringe ngl

wasn't this supposed to be a mongolian pie making forum?

This is pretty cool guitar playing. Has a bit of an enchanting feel, in my opinion.

Art is a waste of time

what isn't a waste of time then?

apparently declaring thing you know nothing about to be a waste of time


don't just bump, give feedback too, no wonder these thread die out so quick

Eh, I wouldn't call them shitty. Some of them seem a bit uninspired. Particularly that live fast die young thing made me roll my eyes. The spider was pretty neat though. I generally enjoy the sketchy linework
Didn't like the song. Video itself is just... eh. A bit run of the mill. A bit cliche
Seems a bit phoned in to me. Like what I would have done back in school if I was feeling lazy but not lazy enough to not do the homework at all
Looks good to the layman. Though not being able to see his other ear is a bit strange. Like his face looks it's not sure whether it's pointing straight at the viewer or a bit to the side

>Video itself is just... eh. A bit run of the mill. A bit cliche
Could you explain how it cliche? Maybe I can improve then

Anime clips and nature shots combined with the sadboy rap or whatever it's called seems like something I've seen dozens of times before. Like lo-fi hip hop and pictures of anime characters on a bed or whatever. Just doesn't really stand out to me. But don't take it to heart. Doesn't help that I really don't like that kind of music so I might be overly harsh

No problem, I won't take it to heart. I have too many nature shots, because I don't live far from the city and I'm not bothered to record there. As for the anime clips, they were just something I wanted to add. In the end, you got your taste and I have mine, so I won't get angry at you.

I live far from*, goddamn sleep depriviation

thank you user, on the live fast die young one i focused on the effect and the colors, i get why it would sound uninspered though.

How do you guys go about making your lyrics not sound cheesy? I have the problem of lyrics either being too generic or too corny.

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