Islam will save you

>tranny threads
>gay threads
>porn threads
>drug addict threads
>"no gf" threads
The absolute state of the people on this board.
Why not lead a lifestyle of true morality?
Islam has the power to transform YOU into a man of character who knows the purpose of his life.
Do you want to be a man who is honest, diligent, clean, punctual, kind, decent, modest, trustworthy and patient?
Who does not suffer from depression, anger, vengefulness against the world?
Who is not preoccupied with meaningless, worldly things?
And who doesn't spend his time thinking about cum?
Just ask Allah swt to give you hidaya (guidance), read the glorious Quran, and you can be saved inshallaah.
I know you don't want to hear it, but it's time to turn your life around. I urge you now to revert to the beautiful religion of Islam, and leave the life of decadence and wickedness behind you. You can be a lot better than this user.

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>does not suffer from vengefulness

Kill yourself muslim shit
May mohammed forever drown in a river of pig blood

Your vile reaction speaks for itself. You can never defeat God's truth.


>america hates you
>asia hates you
>russia hates you
>London LOVES you
>aussies and kiwis hate you

Do the swag

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Everybody on this board are either
>genuinely fucked degenerates
>hardcore rationalists

Islam does not appeal to any of those groups

Islam is literally a gay mans religion

Islam is great so long as you follow the rules. This type of thinking will lead to stagnation and eventually the end of civilization. Society needs freedom to grow and become better. We dont need Islam to see where shit is sour

iran should talk settlement before they get kaboomd

Daily dose of desert poison for all.

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I won't give up making dawah on here, I used to be a poltard myself but I managed to revert.

just give up your holy lands before it gets kabob'd, mcdonalds style. negotiate a fat settlement and retire somewhere nice like canada

Im not gona lie I dont hate individual muslims however Islam is not compatible with Christianity. We do have a common enemy, the jews. And they have been trying to turn us against each other for decades so they can take over in our wake. You guys have some good merits but overall youre still Saracens. Let us join forces to defeat the jews then wer split the winnings and remain out of each others way for ever more. Sound good?

as-salamu alaykum

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Cry harder faggot
Not even progressive liberals like you anymore
Get the fuck of my board and take your skydaddy bullshit with you

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t. musim

I'm much more down with Christians than with Atheists, even though you claim that God's prophet was God.
How about rather getting rid of all the trannies, fags and degenerates?
Cleanse the streets of filth and scum, you know?

musim pls

t. kaffir
kaffir pls

What's strange is that poltards heavily reject Islam despite the fact that it's doctrines support their commonly held beliefs. Then again, poltards are mostly emotional children, so there is that.

It's because they hate Arabs, and they think that Islam = Arabs.
Even though Islam doesn't know the bounds of race and is intended for all of humanity.
What's even funnier is that most of them try to act like hardcore Christians even though that religion came out of the middle east just like Islam.

bump in the original name of Allah

Kill yourself Muhammed.
I don't want your
>religion of peace********
Now go back to where you came before i crusade your ass

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I may be a Christian but Islam is much better than the disgusting sort of atheism practiced by most people here, I wish you luck OP

Muhammad I hope I meet you at the mosque later.

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the west is dying. Islam is your only hope, Jow Forumstard

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You can keep killing Muslims, but you can't kill Islam.

Yes i can.
As a trye christian i will burn up all evidence, I will kill all humans with the knowledge of islam, i will delete every trace from the internet.
I will make so Islam never existed.

You won't do a damn thing.

Kristjanity is dying too. All abrahamic religions are. Funny too given the small religions are making a massive comeback. Did you know norse paganists have unviguntupled in the past 3 decades? Did you also know more people recognize the mcdonalds golden arches than the crucifix?

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OK war seeking pedophile

Islam isn't dying, it's growing faster than ever. Soon Europeans will be Muslim, it's inevitable in the face of secularism and degeneracy. The secular period of Europe that we live in now, is transitionary from Christianity to Islam.

1. Only Europe accepts mass immigration and guess which body of people it's surrounded by closely.
2. Only Europe lacks a semi-conservative ideology, thus making Islam the only appealing choice. What do you think will happen when people see the strength and common-sense approach of Islam versus the stupidity and nihilism of leftism?
3. Europe is ironically the least racist place and the leftists may help further Islamic goals and eventually revert, while certain fascists and practicing Christians are drawn to Islam and revert; ie, leftists arguing for open borders, fascists learning about the relationship between NSDAP and Muslims, Christians welcoming potential "converts" and general humanism like the Pope.

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As arab muslim, i am with you.

You're all scared, just admit it, otherwise a fucking crusade will come upon us. But you guys ain't doing shit so, stop being such a keyboard warrior on the internet and do something in your life for once, like eradicate us or some shit if you're that proud of your own fucking religion? Seriously your mother should've swallowed your dad's seeds..

An Arab guy.

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Who are you replying to brother?

>mfw realising the arabic squiggles look like a pair of balls and a cock

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Individual Muslims I know are actually pretty cool. I enjoy having conversations with them. Honestly, I think I just really hate Arabs. Really unpleasant group of people. I would even say that Arabs are worse than blacks but I do not live in America and I think most of the complaints about blacks are about black Americans

Saying Islam is the answer to degeneracy is like saying setting your house on fire is the answer to a rat infestation. I mean yeah, technically it does solve the problem, but it creates an even bigger problem in the process.

>secularism is dying

What kind of clown world are you living in?

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OK but if you don't believe that Jesus is God's son, you're going to hell.

Well, that's chaos and order, meanings of the determined and undetermined worlds.

So what do you pick? Nihilistic lostness? Or tyranny? Tyranny's orderly; but it's built in stone. Well...

History shows that as soon as we get any real sense of chaos we'll run into the arms of totalitarian tyrannical ideologies, like marxism, fascism and religious fundamentalism. And so.. well that's what Nietzsche predicted would happen in the 20th century.

Well is there an alternative to that?

Well, I believe there is. I think that the way out of pathologies of order and chaos, is a conjunction between those two, and I think that conjunction is captured in archetypal stories like the story of Christ; sacrifice brings forth... it gives back; well then the question is what do you sacrifice; and to whom; well the answer in this story is; You sacrifice yourself; and you make that sacrifice to the very fabric of reality itself; that's God; and the moral fabric of phenomenological reality itself; God. That's the idea. And I think it's true.

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based and muslimpilled
Make dua for me

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>Why not lead a lifestyle of true morality?
lol. 100% of people who are child brides, and 100% of slaves are harmed because of it.
95% of people who drink alcohol, or gamble have a problem with it.
Why is child marriage/child rape condoned in islam when 100% of people who do it are harmed by it, yet alcohol and gambling of which 95% of people who partake just do it for fun, is banned absolutely haram?
Child marriage/rape and slavery, that's fine according to islam. Drinking alcohol and gambling, that's apparently immoral and haram. whasupwidat?
Mohammad raped a 9 year old girl, and executed 600 Jews that had previously helped him in a battle "just because" and he's supposed to be the most exemplary person in history? Bullshit.
I've never raped anyone, let alone behead 600 Jews "just because", therefore I am a better person that mohammed.

>when you're such a degenerate fag that all you ever think about is penis

I didn't say it was dying, I said it was transitionary.

Paganism is pretty neat desu.

>he thinks God has a son
Jesus (as) was a prophet, nothing more.
If Jesus was God, then why did he need to eat and drink?

Why would God make food and drink if he couldn't enjoy it?

Atheists are like fags, they don't reproduce, they only spread their degenerate shit to other people

Funny, the science behind atheism dictates that an individual only matters if he reproduces. But for some reason they don't. So both God and science hate them!

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Noone will take you seriously if you keep calling Muhammad's sex with Aisha as rape. That's a biased fake news word. If you're really confident about your position, the objective word "sex" should be enough.

If Allah is a god, why does he need us to pray to him. Does he get off on it? He's supposed to be Al-Ghaniyy, the self-sufficient one. Qur'an and Hadith claims those who do not pray are kaffir, and kaffir go to hell. So how does that work?

why do you think God is humanlike?
i never get this concept with atheists and christians.
We are the reflection of our Creator. Read The Conference of Birds

God is not humanlike. Humans are godlike.

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
Psalm 82:6

All good tasting food was created by the Devil to tempt people into committing the sin of gluttony. A true child of God eats only out of necessity, and only the blandest tasting food one can find.

It was. What else do you call fucking someone who doesn't know what's happening?

So everything in Eden was bland?
I don't think so.

>What do you call fucking someone who doesn't know what's happening?
My fifth birthday.

>So how does that work?

It works because fuck you we said so, no stop asking questions and convert to the religion of peace or we'll cut off your filthy fucking infidel head!

Theologically Islam makes more sense than Christianity. Sufis are lit. Other Islamic schools maybe not so much. But blindly following any given organized form of religion or dogma is stupid. Git gud at mysticism.

fuck islam, fuck (((christianity))), fuck jews.
you believe in a book written millennials ago, where one child raper tells to behead the ones who don't worship your satanic god, just because a book says so.
you can have all of the properties you mentioned in your thread, without believing in a skyman, whose face can't be even drawn.

>why does he need us to pray to him.
He doesnt. God doesnt get any benefit from prayer. Prayer is YOUR connection towards God. This is why youll find muslims not just praying 5 times a day, but MORE than that.

As for Hell, there is actually a difference of opinion. one of the greatest scholars, Ibn Taymiyah claimed Hell is not eternal for anyone. The logic behind this is only God is eternal. The concept is similar to the holy spirit desu because the islamic belief is every person as a Rooh (spirit) and when we die our bodies stay with the earth but our Rooh (God's spirit) returns to him. This is why we say "We belong to Allah and to Allah we are returning."
When God mentions punishments in the Quran the tone is also a bit different than when He mentions reward. It's almost like a parent saying my roof my rules but you know theyre not kicking you out.
The jews were crafty and it was reported that they would sin openly because they believed they would go the hell for a time but then be brought out. That's not how God wants us to live, BUT the jews heard it from somewhere and God never says theyre wrong. Short time or long time, you DONT want any punishment and want to go the heaven directly.

>if you don't know what to expect, you're being raped
Everything would be considered rape by that definition.

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>using 3D "up" and pointing at the sky to describe heaven
>not studying ancient wisdom
ooga booga to you too, fine sir

It tasted delicious before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, because they didn't know any better. The forbidden fruit itself was the most delicious fruit, naturally. It made it all the more... tempting.


thats because God's essence or spirit is within humanity. its why God says humans, NOT ANGELS are the best of His creation. that being said humans are not GOD because there is only ONE God. We are still imperfect but all of us has the potential to strive towards perfection by purifying our souls and doing good deeds for we were created with God consciousness and wickedness

He does not need anything from us. Allah is indeed Al-Ghaniyy; everything is His Creation, everything is dependent on Him, but He is independent of everything. So it's a good question, why would He require us to worship Him?
Allah has made prayer obligatory for us because it is beneficial to us. It's as simple as: We need Allah, Allah does not need us.
That's why the glorious Quran says in Surah Fatir, Chapter 35, Verse 15: "O mankind, you are those in need of Allah, while Allah is the Free of need, the Praiseworthy."
I hope I could answer your question. If not, there are plenty of resources available to you on the internet if you want to read more.
Check out to cover any questions you might have.

>there is only ONE God
Capital-G God, correct; however, we are all God's children and are members of a family of gods.
The fall of man was believing that we were not like God, and trying to take steps to be more like Him when we were already perfect.

Everything "fallen" in this world has its purpose that it was created for. Part of man's work on earth is to restore the fallen things to their proper glory by spreading the Good News.

Why do I need a connection to god in order to get into heaven? Why isn't simply being a good person good enough for Allah? Heaven is described as a place of endless pleasure, and hell as endless suffering. Showing a hedonistic side to god i.e. in Islam, pleasure is an intrinsic good, and suffering is an intrinsic evil. If my goal in life is to cause as much pleasure for myself and other people, and the least amount of suffering for myself and others, and I achieve that (that may involve things like occasional gambling, taking drugs, having sex, eating pork, none of which are morally bad) why is that not good enough? By definition, I've made the world a better place according to the ideas of intrinsic goods and evils in Islam.

>Why isn't simply being a good person good enough for Allah?
Look at it this way:
If somebody that I don't know, but who was apparently a good person, came to my door and wanted to stay in your house, then I wouldn't let him in because I don't know him and he is a stranger to me.
But if somebody that I know comes to my house, a friend or a relative, then he is welcome because I know him well and he is close to me.

Similarly, in order to enter God's kingdom, we must have a connection and be close with God. It's not enough to just be a good person when we are strangers to God.

Furthermore, the good deeds of nonbelievers in Christ are like menstrual rags before the Father. Only Jesus can purify your actions and make them acceptable to your Allah.

Allah is exalted above having a son or a wife, He is the greatest and has noone that compares with Him, only He is worthy of our worship.
This usage of the word "son" in the language of the Bible is a metaphor for the righteous servant of God, without it implying anything special or unique about the way in which he is created, or describing him literally as the offspring of God. Hence John says:
"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!".
Jesus (as) was a prophet sent by God, like He sent many other prophets before and since.
That's why the glorious Quran says in Surah Ma'idah, 5:72: "They have certainly disbelieved who say, "Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary" while the Messiah has said, 'O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.' Indeed, he who associates others with Allah - Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers."
The idea of the trinity was not taught by Jesus, and he did not claim to have been the literal son of God. If you believe he is, you are rejecting His divinity and adding partners to God. You are committing Shirk the one unforgivable sin.

But Allah is a completely different being to mere humans. God is all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful. Allah knows you better than you know yourself, and that on the day of judgement you will be given a book of your deeds on earth and you will be amazed by the detail in it. So Allah already knows every human well enough, he created them.
I think if you knew every single thing another person has been through you will find enough pain to never cause them more. I think if you went through the exact same life as someone else, you would act in the exact same way as them. Every single human action is completely justifiable from that humans perspective and god knows this.
Why would god create humans that do bad things? Why does god cause such pain on earth and then give us more in the afterlife? It just seems evil. There are people out there that deserve it, of course, but why would god create them in the first place, and then command them to do the bad thing, and punish them for doing the bad thing the created them to do in the first place? It makes no sense.
God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-knowing. If he's all knowing he'll know exactly how suffering happens and know the exact way to stop it with no consequences for doing so (some people say suffering builds character, but you can build character without it). God is all powerful, so he has the power to do that, and thirdly, god is all-loving, god doesn't wish evil on his creations. Yet evil exists. The existence of the way this world is, is not compatible with a god with those qualities.
I know you think I'm being pedantic, or annoying or whatever. I'm a "lapsed muslim", and I stopped caring about Islam after i started reading about all of this stuff. I've never heard a satisfactory answer against all of this stuff. The big questions of gods existence. It seems like the anti-god side has all of the killer questions and I haven't heard a decent Islamic viewpoint that answers those questions.

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
The one unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

sorry bro I don't worship a false prophet

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>Why do I need a connection to god in order to get into heaven?
you dont get it do you? Abraham asked to see a sign of God to gain faith. God told him to collect 4 birds and train them. then set them on 4 mountain tops and call them to him.

Imagine how difficult this task is. training wild birds and having them fly towards you simultaneously without flying away.

The relationship of our souls and God is that magnified. Our souls are constantly returning to God. If I ask you what your purpose in life is the only answer you can give is nihilism. in the perfect world all humans would do is worship God.

Dont you get it? Our God is "heaven". When your soul yearns for heaven why do you dispair?

>hell as endless suffering
rather hell is being away from God. and the endless suffering is a metaphor. Christians took it literally. The jews and more studied muslims know its not permanent. a large majority of muslims dont know this either. they alongside most of humanity are motivated by fear of punishment to do the right thing and that is necessary for a good portion of us. But the true believer is a friend of God and this friendship is made through prayer and remembrance

God doesnt care about pork and hedonism if you repent and come back to him. rather he created these things as a test. If you examine any of this from a rational, secular point of view you see their degeneracies. e.g. pork = unhealthy and fatty, also parastic. having sex without marriage leads to destruction of societies. etc.

>Only Jesus can purify your actions
Jesus is not God and never claimed to be. He calls to the Father multiple times. the Father is clearly another being in christianity. its not pure monotheism

the only thing pedo prophet mushammad got right was how to treat women, other than that the entire religion is just a retarded cult for inbred shitskins

jesus was a schizofrenic kike who heard voices.
as were abraham and muhammad, except the latter was particularly violent, as well.
fuck (((abrahamic))) religions and all the gullible goy-retards who follow them. 99% of those faggots just can't cope with the fact that they'll die some day

This is you on atheism, pure logic and reason.

Just a genuine question for you since you are recommending this religion as some sort of answer to our problems.
How come islamic countries are absolute shitholes? Repressed sexuality causes males to rape and even fuck little boys to get their rocks off. etc. so many problems.

>Jesus is not God
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

Actually jesus was teaching the same thing every mystic and guru has on this planet for thousands of years it was not a new thing. He just adapted the teaching for the people of that time which sadly ended up getting distorted and turned into a religion. Believing and practicing religion is the opposite of what jesus was teaching.

>Repressed sexuality causes males
user if you want sexual freedom to do as much casual sex you can (most of us can't) Islam is not for you.
If you want to have a wife and love her, to have children, to have friends and a community then you're a ready for Islam.

>pork = unhealthy and fatty, also parastic.
>having sex without marriage leads to destruction of societies
Pork isn't more or less unhealthy than any other meat. It's considered unhealthy because of the popularity of processed meat products made with pork. If any other meat was processed in the same way it would be unhealthy.. Not only that, you can still eat processed pork in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet. Just like any other processed meat. Pork used to have a higher chance of having trichinosis, but cooking kills the parasites. Modern methods of animal husbandry has almost completely eliminated any risk of trichinosis. Are you going to tell me that eating undercooked halal chicken won't give you salmonella because it's "healthier".
Sex without marriage DOES NOT lead to destruction of society. I don't know where you got that ridiculous idea from. In fact, i would argue the opposite. Countries with more liberal and less conservative laws on sexual intercourse are far more successful than countries with extremely conservative laws on sex. Abortion is a thing, contraception is a thing. Having sex doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a chance of being burdened with children. But in Islam all that shit is haram so islam literally creates issues that we can deal with nowadays.
In a perfect world, no one would give a shit about god or some divine destiny and only care about what's here. Our lives, the people's lives around us, and the planet upon which we live.
No one would waste time praying when they could be doing more productive things, interacting with people etc. No one would make arbitrary rules outright banning normal human behavior. The discovery of brewing is literally what caused the agricultural revolution.
With a little bit of education pretty much everything that's considered to be haram and harmful in Islam, can be mitigated. Pork consumption, addiction, sex etc.

No user, he's right, pork is incredible unhealthy have you ever seem fat a Jew/Muslim?

Because if you have casual sex, it's literally impossible for you, later on in life, to have a long-term fulfilling relationship. Only Islam can do that, right?
Not trying to find someone compatible, not learning how to deal with issues in relationships, not learning how to please your partner, not wanting to have or meet interesting new people or places or things or ideas. Just get an arranged marriage to your 3rd couse and be shunned from your family if the person you marry without knowing turns out to not be the one for you.
Islam is not for anyone, and anyone who thinks it's for them is deluded.

>How come islamic countries are absolute shitholes?
First we have to clarify that there is not really an "Islamic country" in the world today, since there is no caliphate. So we should rather discuss Muslim-majority countries like the Middle Eastern ones.
It is indeed true that majority-Muslim cointries today have lots of problems, mainly there is lots of war and conflict, poverty, lack of education etc.
But the Muslims used to have a shining civilisation which was actually the envy of other countries at the time (, because it was at the front of science and exploration. I think the present problems can be explained historically, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire which was a very strong and successful Empire, the Middle East was left under French and British control which arbitrarly drew the borders of new countries.
Also it is not all Muslim countries which have such problems. In fact the UAE has a very high human development index, just like Brunei Darussalam and Saudi Arabia, among some others.
The problems of Muslim countries, just like the shortcomings of any individual Muslim, cannot be attributed to Islam because no human being is perfect and similarly, no country is perfect.

user, you just have too look at our society and see how good things are.

When I say our society I don't mean TV, facebook or any other propaganda vehicle. But I mean regular people you know irl.

I couldn't have less about how great things are in theory.

buddhism is the true robot philosophy/religion

I see tons of fat as fuck muslims, especially somali women they are ALWAYS fat.

Maybe we are from different countries, where I live we have no nigger women. But every single Muslim (and Jew) I've seem is slim.

Well... for the very few robots that can follow it it's decent way to cope. But real religion is far more followble and works far better

Good story, I'd love to live in such a world. A shame I live on earth.

BUT...BUT....MUH ISLAMIC GOLDEN AGE. The reason the islamic golden age even happened, was because people weren't as fundamentalist as arab states are now. It was only with Al-Ghazali and his "Ihya ulum al din" which stated that people should care less about science and philosophy especially if it contradicts what is written in the quran and hadith, and start following the deen. THe muslims were world leading in the area of science and philosophy at that time and he almost single handed ended it.

Funnily enough, the Islamic golden age ended when people started becoming *more* islamic.

The celts were better pagans. Norse shit is gay as hell. Celtic supremacy over norsefags and Germanic scum.

I would respect Muslims if they assimilated. They can believe in Islam, but they have to drop all the Arabic shit.

>advocating islam
the ooga booga himself

It is not belief in the status of Jesus that is important for salvation; it's what Jesus taught us.