Confrontations with females

Anyone here ever had a physical or intense verbal confrontation with a female? Share. I bashed a chick once at a bar in Malaysia when I was in the Navy
>Be me. Navy, just finished cat school, posted to first ship
>New cunt rookie dipshit. Willing to learn, humble, know my place. Did well on course to keen to get stuck in
>Also me-conservative, fit, high functioning albeit autistic but know how to socialise and fit in with men, smart, nationalistic.
>Meet everyone, Leading hands, PO, CPO, PWO, other junior ABs and seamen. Get given understandably shit tasks by higher ups, take part in hazings, happy to get sized up
>Female 'senior' AB. Quite beautiful, blonde, HUGE tits which she claims are real, does part-time modelling, loud mouth, stuck up, arrogant as hell, protected by the higher ranking junior NCOs and people on ship because shes 'popular'
>Automaitcally butt heads with her. Shes always on my ass for shit even though shes just an AB. FTR an able seaman is the equiv to a private first class but because theres no lance corporal equiv in the RAN sometimes they take on the role of a leading hand.
>Shes actually shit at her job but shes just protected because shes pretty
>Go to sea for 4months
>Shes always on my ass, Im always passively aggressively paying her off. Flat out not doing what she says until a leading hand tells me to do it.
>I start revealing my power level on late night watch about women, sluts, jews, the nazis, communism etc. The boys start accepting me into their group
>Go to the gym every day, lift heaps, earn respect among the alphas on the ship
>She gets wind of all this. Shes a turbo feminist. Rumours abound that shes going to confront me on leave. LMAO whatever.jpg
>Go ashore at penang Go to a pub on my own. She follows me there and she brings all the female junior sailors with her. Turns out she was planning this for a month
>Im sitting down smashing a bintang long neck and eat my dumplings and she sits opposite me

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Sorry for the TLDR but its important.
>She doesnt say anything she just stares at me with a look of 'who do you think you are?'
>WUT!? i say out loud.
>I look over my shoulder and notice that all the female junior sailors are outside, they have their phones out filming
>She grabs the onions sauce cup and throws hurls it at my face.
>I manage to parry it. She throws a slap at me. Makes contact
>Grab her by the hair, grab long neck and pour it all over her.
>She starts screaming and kicking like a maniac, chairs go every where, she trips and screams more because i keep hold of her hair.
>Drag her over to the door all the other females are in shock and move out of the way
>Let her go, she turns and lands a left hook right on my jaw. Actually hurt
>Turn and kick her straight in the cunt and she collapses to the filthy ground, crying.
>'Any of you cunts bother me again, Ill rape you' I say

fast forward. Get called back to ship. Police coxswains, CO all grilling me. Explain what went down. Explain I have a recording of the whole incident on my phone. Show them. Shes the aggressor they agree.

TLDR cunt kicked a slut and got away with it.

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A fembot beat me up, it was rough.

Tell story.

Absolutely, unequivocally, and undeniably based

damn bro why did she even want your ass so bad? if this is true though god bless

Because I was threat to her. Every other guy on the ship licked her ass and out up with her shit. I didnt. That and I was red pilling the boys which was affecting her credibility and other guys were starting to pay her off.

Thankyou brother. fdfdsfds

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>Spending time with fembot
>Don't like the way she treats her dog and confront her about it
>She takes offense and flies off a handle
>Confrontation turns physical when she tries shoving me and when I don't respond she punches me in the face
>We both hesitate for a second but start full on fighting
>Exchange blows for a bit and make a mess of the place till she picks me up and slams me down on the floor
>After that too fucked up to continue but just to be sure she lays it on a little more
>Ends up collapsing beside me bawling her eyes out over it, trying to hold me and apologize

Hmm sorry bro but you're a bitch. You should have hit her and then raped her.

Wow, I really enjoy this 100% true story!
Thanks for sharing friendo! :)

>start full on fighting

I did hit her you illiterate fuck.

I was going to post exactly this
very based op
cringe but if you're small or she was fat I can kinda see it

this guy got beat up by a girl lol

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I'm a hungry skeleton while she was a little more fit than average.

Anyone else here can't take shit from women?
I can handle men insulting me or provocations without my temper rising too much but women provoking me in any way irl makes my blood boil instantly which will prompt me to go overboard with the comebacks.
Maybe I'm autistic or secretly consider women below me or something.


What ship, what year, what rate.

Ive already screen capped this shit and Im sending it to DIO. Might as well make it easy on yourself.

Fuck yourself snitch. I bet youre a stoker.

user, i...

ignoring the fact that a girl beat you up, she sounds like a crazy bitch stay away from her

In literally any other situation i treat girls nicely, luckily i don't end up in these confrontations a lot due to mostly not leaving my house.

We sort of dated for a little bit but yeah we're not together anymore, we live too distant.

holy shit nigga she mogged u

I was yes. And I know who your talking about and I know who you are. She was very popular and more respected then you were. You were an arrogant little shit who did half as much for the crew as she did. Fucking loser exec department beta. Just because you were boarding party doesn't mean shit either.

>Just because you were boarding party doesn't mean shit either.
HAHAHAH go clean the bilge you fucking rat cunt. I always hated you stokers and I loved barging into the gym when it was your hours to use it. Even your strongest LS' couldn't lift as much as me. Fucking whore enabling department. Whenever some new WRAN tail rocked up you guys bent over for her. You guys were pathetic.

>Whenever some new WRAN tail rocked up you guys bent over for her.

Lol yeah and unlike you we also got laid. Everyone knows none of the girls wanted anything to do with you. How many CSOs had a root on that trip? Fucking none. Face it cunt, girls love MT's. We fight, fuck, and dominate every ship.

lol which one should I believe?

Op got called out for lying and he sperged about it, what do you think?

You don't lay a finger on a woman, don't be primitive

>went to a house party from my best friend back in the day
>meet this cute goth chick that I've fucked the house party before that one
>unrelated: she ended up breaking my heart a few weeks later, became a rather prominent PUA in my city bc of that.
>fuck the goth chick in the bathroom, cant cum bc too drunk and too much masturbation
>end up fucking forever
>people at party start getting pissed, because they need to use the bathroom
>this one ugly bitch ends up opening the bathroom door 3 times
>first time I laugh it off
>second time I say "whoever's doing this, will get their ass best if it happens again
>third time I run after her, slap her
>she falls on a couch, I throw a drink at her (plastic cup)
>get kicked out :/

OP here Im not lying. is right. I know who he is too. Fucking whore enabloing whote knight faggot like most stokers are. Will betray their brother sailors over some WRAN pussy anyday. Goddamn traitors. The stoker in question was an alcoholic who was demoted after the trip for belting his PO like a common ape.

Dont I? Stop me nigger.

Every women in the military is crazy cunt or a easy slut or both.
ITT: just a big LARP most likely.

jesus you're a beta cuck lmaooooooo

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Kek'd truly a based thread

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Thanks brother.


this is me. It's because women say everything with malice. Even the most "evil" men just talk shit to start a fight, they don't do it with malice. When a woman talks shit is to damage you



they also speak as if there will be no consequences. most men have got they ass beat least once and know when to back up

lol sounds like me. Except I tend to use knives. Or used to...

You both sound like typical navy faggots. The sexual tension is ridiculous.

I've had fascination with knives nearly all my life. My father lives on countryside and many times took me with him on his hunting trips. So I got my hands on many knives. I had no mentor but I read something about metallurgy, read about different methods of constructing decent knife. Whenever I'd feel bored I'd sharpen whatever blades we had around without any ruler or bench really, which made job much more difficult. Always slept with knife under pillow. Nowadays I just got 2 kitchen knives due to my bad behavior previously.

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Give me her contact I want to fight her

Once again, faggots are projecting their degenerate behavior onto others. Fuck off.

You sound like you're scared of the men who insult you. You just don't feel intimidated by women who insult you so you're more lax when it comes to throwing fits.

You're the one in the navy senpai lmao.

>This thread
Why were women ever allowed into the military?

this is the best thread I've seen in a while, even if the story is true or not
thanks op

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Jow Forumscringe

original fag

You better post that video friend.
Still a good story, fucking bitches must learn their place.