Lonely females exist too.. we're just not outspoken about it because we gave up trying

lonely females exist too.. we're just not outspoken about it because we gave up trying..

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Loneliness is a meme, women dont have to worry about inceldom, which is the real horror

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Shutup cunt. Youre lonely because you choose to be. Get off my board. You dont deserve chad.

you arent ever going to get sympathy on this board OP, the people here are simply too bitter.

It's a lie. Women can't be lonely nice try though
A few days ago. Girl gives me the puppy dog look and she looked super lonely and sad. She did this on purpose as they all do

Women can not be lonely
It's all about manipulation

To be a lonely female you have to be hideous or autistic to the point that you cant really be considered human anymore. Tons of perfectly normal looking average males will never find a mate because of the Chad harems that internet dating have facilitated. Gtfo and go kys whiny bitch

you're a fucking female, you dont know how easy how have, you would've killed yourself if put in the shoes of an actual lonely man

The problem with those normal looking average dudes is that they are beta as fuck. To truly have lack of sex for men not come down to be beta they have to be as ugly and retarded as you described for females
Ugly guys get pussy to. If you really want it, you learn game or what it takes to attract women

original comment i want pizzza lemme post

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my god im not "lonely" I just wanna talk to people who arent masturbating or fucking stupid
its not a lot to ask because I am drunk all the time

I will cook and chew and eat your penis for 500 dollars

I am autistic and slow.
Guys don't want that.

Guys want to stick their dick in your pussy
Get on tinder, go to bars, clubs, parties
Its easy for girls

You're fucking retarded as shit. Go make a fake tinder with a below average looking female pic and you will have literally hundreds of men wanting to fuck and date you. Women are expected to bring literally nothing to the table aside from dont be a disgusting retarded land whale and even those ones get fucked sometimes by niggers with white women fetishes

I'm not talking about looking to get 'hooked up' I don't have sex drive of the average male
Lonely men and women have entirely different priorities
Men want something quick to stick their dick into to satisfy their urges
Women want to find love and a life long companionship

>learn game
In other words, have money and be extremely charismatic. Game is a lie and you're making shit up.

"""Femannons""" are a fucking joke. They're lonely because they want nothing but chad

That doesn't refute anything I said. It still more than likely comes down to you being beta if you can't get laid regularly

>not outspoken
>makes a fucking thread about it
absolute state of femanons

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I have 0 relation to caring about love or emotions or relationships or whatever, and 0 sympathy for it whether for men or women
All I care about in life is sliding my dick in and out of hot wet tight silky soft pussy
Nothing else matters

Abandon thread

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Are you somewhat intelligent though?
I had a crush on a girl similiar to you before so it's not true.

You don't have to be a beta provider, but yes having money shows power which can be a turn on for sure. And charisma is pretty much what game is. Game is being able to talk to women and deal with them

No they dont retard. Tons of men want relationships and are very open to a lot of different partners but most women only want to date Chad except only a select few get that privilege so they settle for being his whore play toy. Why do you think theres only a side chick culture and not side guy?

>because we gave up trying..
Define "trying" if you, as a female, have it hard getting sex

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any male here would want to at least give a try play vidya or doing whatever the fuck you think love and a life long companionship is, its literally impossible to be a lonely girl unless you actively try to be one

>because we gave up trying..

In other words

>I was sick if being rejected by chad and only being left with kevin

Wow thats tour problem slut. Not Jow Forumss

You can orbit me

Not all women exclusively date ''chad''
Most don't
Leave your basement

You consider making a thread about loneliness on r9k an act of social confidence? Ok retard.

>mfw wh*te foids are complaining about being lonely now
shoulda nipped that feminism thing in the bud before your men wised up and fled to juanita, shaniqua, and xie

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this. in the age of tinder, its physically impossible for females to be incels

>learn game
so just be chad, ok noted. my hate for woman only grows everyday

I am lonely but I am also a worthless piece of shit
sometimes your only redeeming qualities arent good enough
I am lucky to have 3 people in my life who dont treat me like complete fucking shit
Jst roll with me

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Not just charisma, extreme charisma. Alot of people are introverts and any sign of it makes vaginas dry. Even if you're confident women will just think you're creepy or arrogant if you dont have the highly attractive looks to go along with it. Tinder only works for chad and the bar scene is full of stuck up whores who overvalue their disgusting VD ridden slits so that doesn't leave many options for ugly and average men.

Im thinking about punching out this hooker who pissed me off and then taking her money. Maybe ill even beat her within an inch if her life. Whats she gonna do? call the cops? lmao!

you mean lonely by choice. You don't even know how easy you have it. You could just post "I want a bf" on social media and get one by tomorrow. True loneliness is when you don't have that option. You just want a person who meets most of your delusional criteria, and you'll judge them without bringing anything to the table yourself other than your hole. Then you'll dismiss all the candidates and then complain about how you're apparently "so lonely". Fuck off. Whenever women do this it always rubs salt in the wound. It's like saying "I'm starving" amongst homeless people, when you know damn well you could get food easily if not instantly.

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bloody negroid

Dude she fucks for money do you really think she is beter than an actual retard?

wtf user dont say that about yourself ;_;

It brings in 400 a month
and im a woman

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So what does it mean when you have money and talking to women comes easy but you don't want to talk to them because the conversation isn't interesting?

Truly you just have to come at the right time. It's honestly just about timing, when she's lonely she'll date anyone, if and when that comes. If not she'll just whore out to the best guy that comes along, until some beta picks her up off her STD ridden cooch and wisps her away to the land of financial security and unrequited affection.

you suffer from insect brain

no male human is even worth 1 cent

Shes pretty upscale actually and has some pretty elite clientele so i might not get away with it as easy as some ghetto nigger from listcrawler. She went through my wallet while i was taking a shower and that really irked me but i kept my cool and shes another one of these roasties who overvalues their hole. So I'm wondering if the next time i see her i might just fuck her brains out and then when im done punch her stupid lights out, take some money and see what else i can plunder then gtfo.

wehn you fuck her and pucnh her go "NO NO NO ITS ROLEPLAY" and as she is confused just keep insisting its roleplay
like fuck her and fuck you

this is the opposite of "not outspoken" you contradictory cunt

you sound like a nigger, a real man would've killed her and throw her to the side of the road

I don't get it user, what do you mean? these ideas arent connecting...

you are both incredibly fuckin gay

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beeeeee fuckin chill
women suck
men suck
be chill

user you're starting to freak me out, i dont think i'm supposed to be here, how do i get out?

if I knew how would I be talking about this with you?

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oh ok, sorry for bothering you. good night.


Yeah, im gonna kill her when my face is all over her condominiums front door security camera. Not to kention tbe fact she's probably forwarding all of her clients information to a third party. Do you fucking think before you act?? You're the nigger not me. Beating and robbing the bitch is less risky.

Im cuming all over myself its so wet and sticky

*not to mention the fact

Most do, you are a liar. The ones who dont date him, want him at the expense of kevin whos in their league. Try again cunt whore jew shill.

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I don't worry about inceldom because I have a low sex drive which allows me to decouple from sex and enjoy my free time, something a male (nigger) cannot do without taking hormones.

Men aren't human, and males of any species do not typify any species.

Where are the y chromosome exclusive species? There aren't any because the y chromosome is a genetic trash heap incapable of recombination or reproduction. You are complete dependents.


it doesnt need you or your faggotness
biiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG surprise

Literally every whore on tinder has a minimum of 1k likes and you dare to say your fucking lonely?
Fuck off you stupid vapid cunt.

what do you mean try
you dont have to do anything except reject or accept whoever happens to be pursuing you at that moment

or are you just 300 pounds?

f a e g g e t
you wont win the faggot trophy



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These inofgrahics are no auto saging. reminder to share them in degenerate threads.

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Fuck off with your gatekeeping, newfag colonizer. Jow Forums is not your incel pity party.

What are you looking for? Lesbian bitch

I'm truly sorry user, no females should ever feel lonely, it's like seeing an angel unable to spread its blessings and joy to us mortal males.

I wish you got courage to try again, while us males rectify our stupid behaviour that led you to loneliness. Please forgive us too for those couple of idiots spamming your thread, we're trying to deal with this issue (which is sadly infecting the whole board currently) but moderation seems to be asleep.

Do you know how retarded that sounds?
> Jow Forums is not your incel pity party.
Its not a female haven, faggot accepting paradise either.

get out you triggered cunt.

Can we jsut rape the fuck out of this pussynigger before anything. You make me want to puke. You're too late

can you accept that you aren't human, and forfeit your rights to money and property ownership, before your sex gambles away my parents social security through the stock market? (male niggardly gambling instinct etc etc)

Like I know that risk taking was important back in the day but can we stop basing our economy off the male gambling impulse? (stock market based economics)

you can literally buy sex lmao

>onely females exist too

No they dont.

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>can you accept that you aren't human, and forfeit your rights to money and property ownership
I would do this if it meant I could be a fembot's loyal servant

I usually avoid these threads. But to anyone here, OP is correct. It's indisputable.

I hope you find solace in digging gravel


Why, does she want me to dig gravel for her?

>lonely females exist too

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just go on tinder lmao