Normalfags get out and stay out, no one wants you here so just GET THE FUCK OUT

Normalfags get out and stay out, no one wants you here so just GET THE FUCK OUT

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Try me nigger YOU CANT DO SHIT

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keep posting it OP do it everyday until r9k is 100% robots
I believe in you

Yes bormies leave pls

Projecting too much are we, why do you post these threads realizing you can't do shit about it

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"Ever" is too extreme. All of these apply to me except I dated a 3/10 girl when I was 14 who broke up with me and have been incel ever since. I'm more of a robot than most of this board

I'm halfway between being a normie and being a robot. You can't make me leave.

>had a gf
>more of a robot than most of this board

Based OP the nomalfags are seething right now, they cant stand the idea of having to go back to rebbit where they belong with other normies, they want to stay here to shit the board with their normal faggotry because it makes them feel like special little snowlake on a board full of losers

But I cannot seem to fit in any group of people at all. I apparently don't belong here yet normies are boring too.

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You seems to be the one seething onestly

Aslong as you understand that trying ti post on a board you hate will always mean you are a worthless human being.

not as much as you all however

what are you gonna do about it, make another retarded useless thread? Fucking beta faggot neet go kys

but i don't hate this board nigga i love it cept the tranny and gay

Imagine being this much of kike.

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Imagine being this much of a loner even on the internet

Keep preaching OP
It's starting to bother some of them

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At least Im not a kike. Next time deny being jewish first. jew.

Hey loser you seriously need to grow up

>le epic jew meme

Keep fapping on drawing of children fatso

I never had sex never had a relationship never had any chance never even tried i always had really little social life i was bullied i have some tism for sure but i have some frens who with i use drugs also family is rich and they don't hate me also no joos or any carrier wtf i am now? This criteria is more like a wizard

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Funny dog lol

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exactly, not as much as us
yet you want to fit in with us

Jew. David schumarer sucked in band of brothers btw
It is epic

Who told you I want to fit in? I just like to laugh at you, bye loser, keep fapping to jew psyop invasion or wathever you like to believe that make you go on through the day ;)

>I hate people who are successful or had sex

If you fall into this line of thinking you don't belong here either.

>biological female

>kick out the nice fembots
>leave a loophole so the fucking trannies can stay

Fuck off

God wtf happened to you bro

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what are you gonna do about it? Shoot up a school?

you just proved it by trying to btfo me
you want to be part of the cool Jow Forums club you saw on reddit

Where do you read that?

Your posts?
You talk how you think cool Jow Forums people talk

Nah. Ill think Ill up a synagogue next.

>this much projecting

So you're gonna shoot up the jews AND get shoot? Awesome, hope you do a live stream

You think people who use this site haven't heard that one before
Everything you type is the same buzzwords all newfags pick up to try dog whistle that they are old fags and fit in

This place is long dead. Look at all these homosexuals failed normies, trying so fucking hard to be "cool" and original it's vomit inducing.

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