Subhumans born after 1999

Faggots who were born after 1999 will never understand this feel

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>Hotwheels pack for GBA
>shitty licensed power rangers game

Imagine being proud of being fodder

faggots born after 1997 dont undertstand this either

i had the sabrina the teenage witch games on gbc, theyre by the shantae devs, excellent games!

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I got those shitty games for free at the flea market back in 2007

t. Seething 2000s nigger

I caught a shiny vulpix on mt. pyre last year

Nice game boy micro dude I remember being the only kid in school with one

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You were born in either 1996 or 1997

My cuz had a super gameboy and we played the absolute shit out of metroid and pokemon, some donkey kong land also.

We have to go back!

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>not the original with no backlight
fucking zoomers

The original brickboy was a great introduction to gaming. It caused a lot of suffering in sunlight and with dead batteries though.

I also saved up like 2 years worth of pocket money for the GBA. Then the DS.

I remember playing for hours in the car, then hitting a bump only to lose all of that time because I didn't save. I now save every 5 damn minutes in case batteries go flat.

Being an early zoomer is pretty dope growing up in the early 2000s was great

>not a fucking single yugioh game

You dont know shit about GBA

Nigger, they were still selling new Gameboy Advance SP's up until the early 2000's. Hell, they released a SP with a brighter screen when that shit was about to be phased out completely.

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The gameboy sp came out in like 2004

Videogames are largely shit and for fags. Just more consumerist bullshit to distract you from reality.

I severely underestimated when these were released. I never realized I got one a year after they came out.

Unironically this
I got to grow up with kickass games and old shit like PS2 games and MS DOS and NES shit being cheap as fuck
Being an early zoomer is great because ai still got to experience things before it all went to shit

What, no Smash at the cousin's house who had a N64?

Robots dont usually have an interesting or good enough reality to warrant engaging with it 100%, cut some slack here

All these ds carts, but no flashcart?

My cousins were the rich kids with the fat model PS3, SNES and Dreamcast all at once connected to one of those gigantic projection TVs. It was really cool hanging out at their place watching movies and playing games on it

I was born in 2000 I know that exact feel, you gatekeeping faggot

If you weren't ever cognizant when seventh gen consoles didn't exist then you didn't experience them any more than some 16 year old core zoomer playing ps2 on an emulator right now

True, but consumerism is part of why the world we live in sucks. Escapism isn't bad, but it's this mindset of constantly shovelling new products in our mouths that destroys humans. New cars, houses, branded food, branded water, trendy clothes, a better purse, a game with more dlc, a game that hooks you and gets you to buy more, more branded shit that was pushed out the anus of a factory to entertain you while you help a company produce more consumables so you can make enougb money to afford more consumables, products, and distracting toys. This is not all there is to life, and it isn't the only or best way that things can be. A better world is possible, so don't tell me that buying to work to buy is the only life that can exist for us.

> thinking older technology seizes to be available to newer generations
>being proud of the products you consumed as a child
>shitting on people born after an arbitrary cut off because it's the new may may

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t. person who can't even remember when Youtube didn't exist

So OP was right

it isn't the only or best way, but currently, it's the most efficient or natural. not in the sense of natural=good, but what most people tend to gravitate toward. for this to not be the way it is on a major scale you'd need to restructure society in a way where non-capitalism provides instant gratification relatively easily, so it can become the path of least resistance. but no way, cause if you want to get away from product you'll have to have other major motivators like a healthy, fulfilling social contact that's easily available (not that likely now). also keep in mind research shows, using the same product while being informed it is valuable (high price, maybe limited availability) gives more pleasure than if you were informed it is low value, regardless of quality. subconscious but very pervasive bias even among people who won't admit to it. the ideal you want for society is literally against wider human nature, idk man. but for single individuals, sure, you can try an alternative lifestyle yourself. what do you wanna do?

Its not arbitrary the cut off is 1900s/ 2000s

Guys look at the 2000s freak trying to fit X^D if youre not from 1900s you will never understand this feel

Human nature has been warped artificially to fit in this system. What I want is as many humans as possible to reject the system. You see, they don't allow people to live outside society. Trust me, I tried in many different ways. They don't want you to leave. But if enough people reject consumerist, artificial society, then they'll have a problem where too many people are trying to leave and the safegaurds against people becoming outsiders to their system are overloaded. Thus triggering a minor collapse of certain functions of society, which will inevitably cascade into the deterioration and collapse of the consumerist system. And don't get me wrong, this isn't about captialism, it's about the societal system of consumer lifestyles. Capitalism isn't that bad.

>warped artificially
no, i disagree, i think it's highjacking innate human mechanisms for the purpose of enriching/egofeeding a few. i don't disagree it's bad, but discounting why it happens dooms your cause already. fight fire with fire, in this case, rhetoric and manipulation with the same. i find idealists would not be pragmatic or effective about it.

>don't want you to leave
agafia did it, christopher knight did it, it's not impossible. there are modern day religious hermits sponsored by their religious org. and even if you can't disconnect completely, you can still detach from society enough to go your own way. issue is, it isn't particularily comfortable and doesn't have the same instant gratification, so no use for most people

>People who were FIVE when very "Early zoomer"ish kid culture like Youtube, Web 2.0, Johnny test, Ben 10, post movie Spongebob, Shadow the hedgehog, and Xbox 360 came out can now walk and talk, are the majority of the internet, and trying to cram themselves into the "old school"
Kill me now

Or you know just kys

Growing up I had neighbors who would have been 5 in 2005, and I noticed they were very culturally distinct from people who were born just a few years earlier. I already felt like a boomer back then as a little kid, since none of them were familiar with stuff like dragon ball z or yugioh

What difference does 1999 make from 2000
It's the exact same shit as 1998 to 1999 only 4 different numbers on the calender.

I didn't really use the internet until 2008 or 9 so I wouldn't know either