/MBTI/ - Sensors Edition

MBTI thread, sensors edition. Enough with all the feelers/intuitives/thinkers.Time for chad to speak of his immediete exeperience.

Also which type would you:
kill, fuck, marry

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ENTP here
INFJ, i want to bully them and then hold them close tbqh >_

feeling blessed to get this in early: none of this shit matters retards lmfao

INFJs are deceptive, manipulative, and evil

that's why they are the rarest type

Chad? I'm an overly sensitive, feminine pushover. ISFP btw

Ti niggers

Would you like to marry or fuck an INFJ? :3

I can't feel pain or pleasure anymore.

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Either ISFP or INTJ

Why is it that when I actually manage to get interested in an anime/mango series enough to warrant finishing it or keep on reading/watching why is it always shit that makes me feel gay as fuck or gets me feeling weirdly existential

I can be entertained by something action packed like Black Lagoon and I just stop after a few episodes because it's sensory overload for me, but I'll watch/read/watch a cute shoujo romance story that gets me feeling all giddy and gay, or something sort of depressing like Haibane Renmei or Girls Last Tour and I just lay in my bed quietly watching it in a sort of daze, and I end up watching or reading the whole thing
Is this normal?

welp rip these threads

Why you wanna kill the master race?

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulIed was convincing the world he didn't exist

I just confessed my feelings to an ENFJ girl five minutes ago, she said this and then went quiet
How should I interpret this? We've been friends for almost three years

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should have talked to her on the mic over discord or face to face. but if you haven't made a move in 3 years you're probably doomed to the friendzone my man.

don't have all the details but it seems like some friendzone shit.

yeah gonna have to go with it's probably a typical ENFJ thing to continue getting attention from you without telling you you're friendzoned

best not to get hung up over her lad

Are INTPs clairvoyant or what?
I always got along with some stuff in life mainly thanks to this sort of luck I had or ability that allowed me to sort of 'sense' what was going to happen.
>big finals tests for middle school
>didn't learn shit for the literature and language class aside from the 'fairy tale' book genre one night before the test, because i had a ''feeling'' that might be what ends up being given at the test
>that's exactly what we got at the test next day and I did perfectly fine

>another time i had these spoken exams for my own language where we had to know a bunch of paper/work types, like, belletristic, publicistic... etc.
>skimmed through most of them and remember SOME details, but by far i put more emphasis on studying the 'legal and administrative' type of paper
>that's EXACTLY what i somehow managed to pick up from the hundreds of papers that were on the table waiting to be picked up by whoever walked in the class for that exam
>managed to perfectly explain everything that was on there with no problem

I have another exam in about 2 weeks and I'm honestly not sure what to do now, I'm doubting the fact my ''abilities'' to luck out like that will last forever.

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Are ENFJs really the type to string people along?

yes, yes they are. if an ENFJ could fuck the entire world they would.

INFP-ESTP sex is phenomenal.

The only ENFJ girl I knew was a manipulative roastie psycho who accused her ex of rape.

As along as it is a healthy one - sure.

>we've been discord friends for 3 years
>only just made a move on her

Seriously, how the fuck are people this patient? If I like someone I tell them asap, and don't care if the feeling's mutual or not. And I'm an INFP btw. 3 year friendship with a girl and nothing to show for it? Ain't nobody got time for that shit bro.

Don't confuse Fe for Se

What are ISTJ's even good for?

>wanting to marry your conflictor
You got memed by the jew of the information elements - Fe
Duality sex is always phenomenal
Keeping EIE/ENFj from killing themselves in divine sacrifice

Most theorists associate Ni with a ''sixth sense'' and Te with understanding procedural outcomes - the Ego functions of ILI/INTp. So yes, clairvoyance is best ascribed to that type.

>ask INTP someting
>ask again
>''Why you wanna know?''
>ask again in a different way
>''Okay, but why?''

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You do know I want to marry the person not some abstract concept?

Yeah, cool story user, but why?

Duality in relationships & socionics is very underrated imo. Makes a great balance and the sexual attraction is intense.

Yet you still cling to concepts like ''INFP''. Make up your mind.

How is Fe jew-like?


I just not use bullshit concepts like yours is.

So you do want to marry an abstract concept, lol. Deception through influencing of emotional states, pack mentality.

it hurts it hurts it hurts

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let me guess, you're INFP?

how did you know
oh my god is this real
are my dreams over just like that
this enfj enfj girl created feelings in me i never knew were possible


i had a doubt at first but then the moment i saw you ''poking'' her, i knew instantly, after you told her to just say how 'she feels' as well, it was crystal clear that you were at the very least a feeler, so i just went with my intuition and decided you gotta be an INFP, because i've dealt or talked to people who were INFP before and they behave in a similar way to what you're doing now.

you gotta remember your strong emotions right now don't mean the end of everything, soon enough you'll forget her and move onto someone or something else, probably not until you keep obsessing over her for a while if you're the type to do that (which you kind of seem like it), than maybe you'll just get bitter and blame her for whatever, you probably made your own idea of her in your head while you were discussing and never get to actually know her personally in detail, if she were to ask you right now if you knew anything about herself or her life, would you even be able to recall most of it that isn't just surface level knowledge?

it's never the end just because someone rejected you.

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>would you even be able to recall most of it that isn't just surface level knowledge?

i know an incredible amount about her
she told me that i
know more about her heart
and understand her better'
than anyone else does

Cope retard

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Redpill me on the perfect match for INFJ, I've heard ENTP, ENFP and ESTP mostly.

>i know an incredible amount about her
>she told me that i know more about her heart and understand her better than anyone else does
user that's not really what i meant... i meant it more as in, details, facts, know anything like her birthday, or whatever other information about her that others usually tend to forget or not notice?
just because you can either empathize or sympathize with the way she feels doesn't really mean you KNOW her.

well congratulations, you got yourself friendzoned

2 years ago

yes i know those kinds of details as well
we've met up multiple times offline and even spent two weeks together once in a cabin in the middle of the woods
all in all we've probably spent three months out of the past three years hanging out irl

When he asks "Why?" answer I" just wanted to know" or something like that

I think almost the same
>watching kaguya-sama because cool guy ishigami
>i was expecting gay shit but was a fun ride instead
>decide to give a chance to banana fish
>it was so fucking gay, even the protagonist is a faggot for real

Tame rejection but don't keep going, the ENFJ here just wants you to not feel bad, IT IS NOT a sign that you can change her mind.

No, that user should just get all his friends to ship him with the ENFJ girl. Majority rules when it comes to Dom Fe.

That will just end with the ENFJ having to reveal her feelings weren't hers, which is much worse.


t. XSFx

user you got discord? you seem like an interesting person to talk to

guys i did the test 3 times within a couple of hours and got different results
what does this mean

Attraction happens instantly or not at all.

I just came from that other thread too Sammy is a busy boy

better luck next time, user

Both types have the same strengths and weaknesses. Read about ISTp (Si-Te) and ISTj (Ti-Se).

Another INFJ believe it or not. It is literally soulmate-tier

thats what you get for bringing discord drama to an mbti thread, fricken feelers.

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i got a discord account but i rarely ever use it. i mainly just stick to steam. plus i need to get myself to study some stuff for the coming month when i get some important exams to take so i'm not just how responsive i might be for the next 2 weeks or so.

tranny INTP steppin up

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show tummy and legs

b-but tummies are lewd user...

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but user i d-dont wanna selfpost!

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fine then, no more attention for you

thank you adhd user

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First time doing the test, wish me luck bros.

What does this question even mean?

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Kill INFJ for sure. Fuck and marry is tough. ISTJs are incredible, there's something great about someone you can knock around so much that they punch you in the gut and tell you to hit them harder. ISFJs are great too though because they're easy to get along with and they take care of you but none of the edgy fun of an ISTJ. Probably marry the ISFJ and fuck the ISTJ on the side.

Feeling kind of draggy today, anyone else?


Rate my stats.

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>only defined trait is introversion
Fuck, you must be boring.

Didn't your thread just get axed?

not even memeing but why would you unironically want to talk to a INTP? I dont think anyone can answer this

I'm pretty indescisive so that might be it.

Everything about you is so down the middle. Are you a real person?

I would take a few other tests. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up bouncing back and forth between INTJ and INTP.

You know the vast majority of people is kinds balanced and don't tend to fall into extremes, right?

I doubt it, I really don't have that thirst of knowledge just for the sake of it.

Anyways, those two seem to be the most common personalities in these kind of tests. I bet even chads thinks of themselves as INTJ/P

ESTP if you have a thing for getting dragged along on adventures you aren't prepared for. Bonus points if you kind of like assholes. Plus they appreciate the caring side of you way more than they would be willing to admit.

It's tough to crack them though, they're never going to play their cards unless you show them all of yours.

People here get those results because Jow Forums is a playground for those that feel satisfied with an anonymous image board making up for a lack of social interaction.

back from the dead this thread shall come

Wait....you actually believe that knowing corresponding dates on a calendar is more significant than knowing how a person feels? Are you sure you are not a sensor? lol
Also I can see why you frequent this site.

Kill / fuck / marry

Kill H3H3
Fuck Shoeonhead
marry Ian from CUPodcast

i never said that. knowing what the person feels is also important but you have to strike some sort of balance between what you THINK you know about them and what you actually know, because from the INFPs i've met so far, they usually tend to ignore most facts about you or they never pay as much attention to what you personally say about yourself or your life in order to remember anything that might be important, they might just know the surface level like birthdays, etc.
one thing i heard from others when they talked about they liked at me or found surprising was the fact that i actually remembered some really small or tiny details about them that they've briefly mentioned because, which other people usually tend to look over, they weren't weirded out, but usually just really surprised someone took their time to actually listen to them or pay attention to them in some way that they actually remember that tiny detail.

when i talked to someone that had gone through a discussion like what we've seen with this INFP dude here, she claimed the guy didn't know shit about her AT ALL, in fact he's never even given her the chance to open herself, he'd always talk about himself and how HE feels and all that, if she somehow managed to talk a bit about herself, he apparently doesn't even remembers the times she did, when she asked him to say anything at all that he knows about her when he claimed he ''knew'' her, he would only list the most basic stuff that she had posted directly on her profile where everyone can see, like age, main interests, etc.

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Sensors are good! ^_^'

My answer to all of those questions is INFJ-T!!! :3 ^w^

>INFJ, i want to bully them and then hold them close tbqh >_bully
P-please don't do that! :'( W-we're fragile and break easily, especially INFJ-Ts! ;w;

Good post! UwU

M-my uneducated guess is that you can't enjoy intense stuff because you have blind/polr Se and cute or depressing stuff directly speaks to your dominant function, Fi! '^_^

Aren't INTP's dominant functions Ti and Ne - and Ni-Te would be INTJ? :O
Also, socionics INTp is MBTI INTJ!
And socionics INTj is MBTI INTP!

Let's see...
INFJ = Ni-Fe-Ti-Se!
ENTP = Ne-Ti-Fe-Si!
ENFP = Ne-Fi-Te-Si!
ESTP = Se-Ti-Fe-Ni!
So, we can infer that
ENTP is INFJ's mirage!
ENFP is INFJ's shadow/contrary!
ESTP is INFJ's mirror/duality!
Their functions supposedly complement INFJ's or something~! UwU
However, I'm with this user: (>^_^)>[]

ESTJ baby

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maybe i'm getting a bit off topic here as well but basically what i mean is that the 2 persons just happen to FEEL the same way somehow, it won't instantly mean they're going to fall for each other. infatuation might somewhat happen but i don't believe a real connection would emerge unless both parties somewhat taken an interest in getting to know each other, or doing an effort to pay more attention whenever the other person talks in order to remember stuff about them.
what good is a relationship if you don't know anything about each other? might as well just do casual hookup instead then.

(i was going to express this part differently but i ran out of comment space and then forgot to save the way i wrote this part originally so i had to rewrite it, sad times)

>Also I can see why you frequent this site.
pls tell me how?

> soon enough you'll forget her and move onto someone or something else, probably not until you keep obsessing over her for a while if you're the type to do that
Dunno, user, dunno. I confessed to the only girl I liked in my life and got rejected 2 years ago. She looked 4-5/10 but she got my very soul I thought I didn't have. I don't think I would ever forget her. I can't even imagine how hard it is for Fi dom to deal with it.

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>Are INFPs more talkers than listeners?
From what that girl told me, it seems so. (she is an INFJ as well btw)
I can't say for sure though, maybe he was the unhealthy type of INFP, they seem to think they're good listen but in fact might not be... I don't know. I can't say for sure, I'll need more information and personal experience with and about one in order to give out a fully thought out response to that.

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>Are you sure you are not a sensor? lol
What's so funny, faggot? You think being called sensor (equals being naturally good at dealing with facts) is something bad/inferior and makes you special snowflake?

Post your opinion on different types, preferably based on experience. It doesn't have to be all of them.

I grew up with a girl that was an ISTJ. She wasn't necessarily my best friend but she was close. Fiercely loyal. She would probably kill her own mother if they did something wrong to someone she loved. A bit annoying to deal with from time to time, can get moody just because things aren't going her way.


They can be a lot of fun to be around if you like listening to passionate people talk about what they're passionate about. They can hurt you pretty bad though, usually because they think you hurt them. Older sister.

Fun in short bursts, either really annoying or boring after a while. Had a friend in high school that was one. If you weren't going to talk about what he wanted to talk about then he would try to force you to.

My older sister had a friend that was an ISTP. He was obsessed with working out. Cool guy but he wouldn't talk to you if you weren't a part of his circle.

I think I've known a handful. They're always just doing their own thing and focusing on what they care about but they never had a problem dropping it to help out. They had a hard time handling words without bubble wrap on them though.

Kind of the girl that my first, and only so far, boyfriend replaced me with. She's better for him than me, he deserves her.

I've never been close to one I don't think but they seem like they would be cool if you're on their wavelength and insufferable if you aren't. Seems like the type to really appreciate some warm cookies though.

The love of my life is an ESTP. He loved to drag me along with him and really force me out of my comfort zone. He was shockingly sensitive. Hid behind humor and conversation skills. Once I cracked him open he was like a puppy dog that cried a lot. still miss him

Everyone knows an ESFP but I feel like no one is ever truly close to them.


INFP. Let's just put them all out of their misery.


Who here NEET and ISTP?

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My older sister's first roommate was an ENFP. Very nice girl, always had a boyfriend. Sometimes a different one each week. Bailed on my sister because my sister was actually pretty hard to live with.

Don't think I've been friendly with one to give a true response. Seem like assholes.

I used to do group projects with a girl that I'm certain was an ESTJ. She never took on a challenging part of a project but she always hounded on members to do their part. Good member of a team.

My mommy! Super sweet, just wants everyone to be happy, satisfaction comes when she knows that she's made sure everyone has what they need or want. 10/10 mom.

My real best friend. She's always focused on doing right by me and making sure I'm treated fairly. Plus she loves showing people how to do things.

Don't really know.

I'm an INFJ grill. Drop your discord or an email address for me. We can at least be friends, right?

Sorry sweetheart, girls (female) only

i'm an intp

annoying humorless females/faggots who condescendingly tell me what to do without explanation
INTP (after getting married of course)

sadly NT females are very rare

honestly though, looking at my ideal female, it'd be the female version of myself (same personality and iq and probably similar looks too (dark hair/eyes and freckles))
i guess i'd just want someone on my wavelength

given that i live my life in my own head, i think this female-clone-of-me ideal makes sense

Pretty much can't fux with any and all S-types. Some I get along well enough with (e.g. ISFJ), some I avoid like the plague (all ST types), but in all cases there's never that really natural understanding/fit that makes the relationship really worthwhile to me.

All my fellow NFs are my people. GF is an ENFP and we're just made for each other.

t. INFJ male