Do liberals hate Asians?

Do liberals hate Asians?

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Everyone has their own pity party, don't they?

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Jesus Christ Asians are the biggest crybabies on earth. They cry "THAT'S RACIST" to anyone calling out their hypocritical bullshit faster than a black man at a comedy club.

>not hating insectoids

Asians are the most oppressed group in America. We have to try 10x as hard to get the same results.

probably for similar reasons right leaning whites hate jews

They don't like them because they undermine the narrative. Asians in the US are generally smart, hardworking, and wealthier than other minority groups. Liberals hate that when they cry about how evil white people are towards minorities, people can point to Asians and say how they seem to be doing just fine.

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niggers and muslims cry way worse

oh, and kikes ofc

What's fucking bizarre is most westernised Asians I know are incredibly progressive because they, too, hate white people and think they can get some of that fat, juicy oppression pie.

most asians are liberals, so no
liberals hate wmaf couples since the media made it a "right wing" thing

Asians are racist xenophobic pieces of shit, yet western news media constantly complains about western countries all the time even though they are objectively the least racist places on the planet.

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Not really. Except the Chinese of course. Fuck the Chinese.

They don't fit the whole oppressed minority story so it's inconvenient for liberals. Because of that, because liberals don't feel like they have to be pro-asian they don't feel they have to suppress their racism like they do with the other non-whites

>Asians are racist xenophobic
good, niggers are subhumans and should be fucking culled

Eternal Conservative White Asian Alliance shall dominate the Earth and Niggers shall cease to exist!

It's funny because Asian culture is ultra-conservative but most Asian Americans are liberals.

They and Jow Forums see them the same way as jews. They are counted as white when convenient but are also treated as a minority when that would be more convenient

Most US ethnic sub-cultures are incredibly conservative. Hell, I'd say they all are. They all vote in blocs for the same party (the Dems) not because they care about other ethnic groups or progressivism, they do it for the gibs and social advantages it affords them.

Well I'm not American and most of the Asians I know are FoBs and not at all liberal.
My gf is a conservative Catholic and the ideas of western liberalism would be anathema to her.

Asians are only liberal because they stand to gain from liberalism, this is actually why most minorities are liberal.

The fact is that the majority of non white cultures are extremely conservative compared to western culture, so the only conceivable reason why they would align themselves with the left is because the left supports policies which undermine the white man for the gain of themselves. Minorities being liberal is an entirely self serving position that has nothing to do with a genuine belief and appreciation of liberal ideals, it is simply an effort to gain power. Once whites lose enough power and die out we will see democracy and liberal institutions die out as well.