Why are majority of people overweight? is it really that hard to eat normal...

Why are majority of people overweight? is it really that hard to eat normal? finding a normal healthy girl is almost impossible in this day in age and that says alot.

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Eating shit is cheaper man.

i wout father eat celery and pup on you than stop eat megafries

they can't control themselves when they see food cause they associate it with happiness

because of all the sugar and bad food in general
every food business tries to make more profit by minimazing production costs and adding sugar to make food more addicting
only few people stick to whole food because it doesnt taste as good as all the sugary processed stuff and junk food

eating junk food is one of the few solaces people have in this jewish dystopia

They lack portion control, likely as a result of their upbringing. Also most junk food tastes nice and doesn't need preparing.

actually 90% of people are skinny and it makes 0 sense

how are skinny in the modern world. your body craves fat and calories. you have a fridge full of food and kitchen with an oven and food and stores that are a walk or car ride away with more food.

it is human nature to eat food. food makes you fat. its impossible to be skinny in modern day. everyone is throwing up their meals and starving. you cant be skinny in the modern world.

food is good. body craves food. eat food. get fat. how the fuck is anyone skinny

i'm alcoholc and I will show you why I am called a ghoul in the dictionary

They are not. Only retards can be fat and burgerland is full of retards

cook my own food and bike plus physical job. i really like food too

are you in the midwest or something?

When I lived in NYC everyone was skinny as fuck.
Also in LA only mexicans are fat.

fatgirls are rare as fuck.

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Eating food is a pain in the ass. And it tastes awfup.

Sitting too much and majority of food is processed and therefore harmful.

this here, also capitalism has created a culture of sloth, lust and greed

eating is a sexual experience and most humans in this day and age are addicted to sex

Do Americans really think their shitty country applies to the entire world?
There is almost no underweight nor overwheight people in Denmark

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stop giving eachother aids and swallowing toothpaste

Because their demarks food is shit no one wants to eat it

I would Hulk her asshole.

There isnt anything particularly wrong with someone who has meat on their bones. Literally you just cant handle someone who enjoys life.

when did she get that fat?
or was she fat before? i always remember her being relatively thin/fit

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Her bf is black i want to see her get blacked

belle is a thot but idk if shes a coal burner. ive seen a dude in her videos before and he was white

Ironically enough this is how I feel about food 90% of the time

Except when I'm high, then it's the tightest shit ever and I will eat 3000 calories in one sitting then feel like shit

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The girl in the pic is not even fat

You should see the absolute hambeasts around where I live lmao

Because processed foods have no fiber. Thus causing blood sugar spikes and crashes. When the crash happens it makes you hungry.

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She shouldn't be in the gym, she'll destroy her beautiful wobbly fat body, she needs to be in bed, eating as much junk food as possible and getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter...

nobody knows how to cook anymore
15mg of sugar is in literally every item at the store

98% of the contents in any "food" store aren't actually food but chemicals with 55 ingredients, 40% sugar, 10% sodium, 20% saturated fat, and 20% corn syrup/chemicals and 10% actual food nutrients.

all of this is served in 3-5x the recommended serving size.

calories are not calories.
brocolli does not break down the same as your 50 ingredient sugar coated corn syrup mcnugget.

Years of this creates insulin resistance and other biological breakdowns that make your body break down food even worse.

sugar and sugar substitutes are more addictive than cocaine.

People also self-medicate with food that tastes good like fats and sugars to make themselves feel better.
Corporations shove all of this down their throats to make money.

you can literally see in my house what I eat and what my family gorges themselves on.
my brother tonight ate 3 hotdogs and like half a pound of macaroni and cheese and that was just one meal.

im going to the store tomorrow but today I was lazy so, I cooked myself two steaks about the size of my hand that I marinated with an apple cinnamon marinade.

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calm down brosnan

Obese women are the epitome of feminine beauty. The rolls, the stretchmarks, the jiggling, the weight... all of it.

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When I see the fat % on my scale go up I have smaller and fewer meals.
I eat a small snack and 20 minutes later the hunger pains are home.
It takes 20 minutes from when you start eating for the chemical response to tell your brain you're not hungry anymore.
So if you eat something small then wait 20 minutes you'll be good for another several hours.
Also anything that gets your heart pumping and your breathing up helps to burn calories.
The body doesn't poop out the calories you burn.
The body uses a combustion reaction, meaning it takes in oxygen and releases CO2.
So when you burn calories you release more CO2.
You know you're losing calories when you're forced to breath faster from exercise.
If you're not our of breath after an exercise it wasn't as effective.

Brosnan is only a mediocre architect.

He should strive to make his woman as fat as this if not more, much more

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fucking smells like wet rotted cheese

Because you are american or mexican


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Not here in Slovenia. Most are ok. 10-14% people i see are overweight. Cute girls.

The recommended nutritional requirements for healthy weight sustainment and weight loss--for the last 50years is a failed meme.
Combine that with wide availability of processed sugar/starch/fructose.
Hunger in the west was eliminated, but at a great cost to long term health

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Yeah this is a nice size, too bad they shave and wax everything. This and a good amount of body hair would be perfect.

Ne seri hudic.

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>Why are majority of people overweight?
Says who? A retarded amerimutt? Only a few people are immature enough to be fat here. Fuck off back to your 56% containment country.

Eating "normally" (i.e. listening to your body) is meant to result in your weight going up if you have food available. Just about all animals get fat if they get access to unlimited food. But in nature, these brief periods of plenty are interrupted by periods of scarcity and need. The harvest is followed by winter.

But thanks to modern technology, the winter never comes. We are permanently stuck in the times of abundance. Staying a normal weight in an environment like this is profoundly unnatural and abnormal. It's not the people that have something wrong with them, but the environment.

I can relate to this so fucking hard user. I'd rather die alone than humiliate myself by dating some fat slob like your pic related. Shameful. Why are most women in Burgerland so lazy and dumb that they can't even do something as simple as "not stuffing your face like a pig"?
Of course all the women who are merely overweight and below have a line of men trying to get their attention. It's fucked

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Are you there? Can you smell it? No. Have you actually had sex with fat girls? For your information, they don't smell any worse or different from thin girls. If she cleans normally, she will smell normal.

What an idiot.

I like them shaved, makes them soft and smooth. Nothing better than a hairles fat pussy.

The one on the right is much fatter and better, you can see by the way her belly hangs, mmmm. And those beautiful stretch marks, means she's got really fat really fast

Overweight people should let thin people slaughter them. It would be good for the environment.

Ive been around lots of fat people and yes they fucking stink because they are soo fucking fat that their arms cant reach everywhere to scrub, so it just gathers filth for years on end caking on layers of shit and piss and sweat and moldy yeast.

its fucking disgusting
its no different than an animals dirty asshole that just has shit caked on it forever

It's a matter of normal hygiene.

You just sound like you're mad because you can't have sex, and that fat girls are hot and you're in denial that you love them.

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Pejt okol pezde.

ka fan? kvar gong eg har vore i danmark har eg sett feitinga som ete raud graut med floeyte og mykje poelse. er ikkje so monge som i statane men enno monge fleir enn i Noreg

I am already ugly and balding at a young age might as well be fat too since I have lost life

>Why are majority of people overweight?
because it's easier and food is seen as entertainment

What the fuck is "easier" to you about being overweight? Are you a literal fucking retard? You have to do much more in order to be overweight in the first place.

to be overweight you literally just have to indulge your whims just eat whatever you want that's it

that sounds a lot easier to me than cooking all your own meals, measuring out the quantities and exercising for over an hour a day

not really. gorging on cheap fatty foods is easy and fun, unless youre a natural skeleton.

skeletons just don't eat much people who claim they eat a lot but don't gain weight are the same as fat people who claim they eat healthy

All you have to do to not be overweight is be born into a rich family. They'll get you the right food so that you're never a fat kid and don't fuck up your hormones and fat cell count and metabolism, and they'll get you into gym/sports and on roids/HGH during/after puberty.

I hate people like you.
Define bad foods. How is processed foods getting you fat?
You can eat Mcdonalds every day and still not be fat you dumb niggers. It's about calories. You can eat lettuce and chicken breasts and healthy shit but if you eat 7000 calories of the crap every day you'll still be a fat, out of shape landwhale lmao.

haha come to Jutland someplace other than Aarhus then. Every other girl here is fat and ugly, yet they're still entitled and has a princess complex. disgusting

I've kept my weight at around 275lbs since I've been done growing, for about 8 years now. I've always been fat and always eaten like shit, but don't really care enough to lose weight so I just maintain it.

No it is not. I used to be a pretty fat bastard but when I realized that simply resisting the temptation to eat between meals goes a long way.
Cooking a real meal is also far better than just heating up something that is supposed to be food.

>majority of people overweight
where do you live?

It's the same in all non-Asian/African countries.

any first world country

Dude imagine how many hot women there would be if they weren't all fat fucks

It's categorically false. The US is the 12th fattest nation in the world and only 36.2% of its populace is overweight. The only countries with >50% obesity are: Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

>You can eat Mcdonalds every day and still not be fat you dumb niggers.
You are the dumb nigger here.


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you're wrong
52% overweight

you're completely wrong if you're a healthy weight then you're in the minority

He's right. It's totally possible to have a 500 callorie meal at mcdonalds

not OP but I live in florida and nearly fucking everybody is overweight

here's a dude who ate 100% of his meals at mcdonalds and lost weight

stop being a brainlet who think anything matters other than calories

Fun fact: Denmark is the world's top supplier of donor sperm.

Dunning-Kruger eurocuck


>Intercountry comparable overweight and obesity estimates from 2008 (1) show that 51.9% of the adult population (>20 years old) in Denmark were overweight and 18.2% were obese. The prevalence of overweight was higher among men (57.8%) than women (46.2%). The proportion of men and women that were obese was 18.7% and 17.6%, respectively. Adulthood obesity prevalence forecasts (2010-2030) predict that in 2020, 20% of men and 19% of women will be obese. By 2030, the model predicts that 27% of men and 26% of women will be obese.

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