Why is every nerd an ass hole...

why is every nerd an ass hole? every nerd I talk to always answers everything in a sarcastic bitchy tone always an ass hole always insulting people a douche bag and angry as fuck

every nerdy person I talk to is an ass hole and they give the same sob story oh dude no one likes me its because im autistic and everyones an ass hole I dont get why everyone leaves me dude its my autism

and then they are constantly sarcastic bitchy snippy insulting and rude. its gotten to the point where as soon as i get one sarcastic answer from some nerdy bitch i instantly ghost them and watch them be lonely.

i had one dude who kept doing that to me in real life and i said i was gonna beat the shit out of them and they just oh dude its not my fault i dont mean to be an ass hole man i cant control but they dont do it to anyone but me. i stole their xbox and told them to fuck off and ghosted them and they sit alone all day with their mom being their only friend while i laugh. they constantly message me and i just ignore them and left them on read lol. so fucking funny watching them suffer

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How can one person repeat the same shit in so many combinations of word?

Didn't read most of it because of your bad writing but;
They are insecure and see everything as a personal attack

>i stole their xbox
and what you think you're any better? you're just a different shade of shit (probably literally)

>asks why a particular subset of people who OP personally tormented are assholes

Like fucking pottery.

>imagine being a nerd and still even having the Balls to be a Male diva to someone else

>someone is an ass hole
>someone is an ass hole back
>you look like op pic

are you a retard? let me answer that. yea

It's always been like this, OP. Literal oldfag here.

The nerds are the rejects, they were rejected by society due to who they are, and now they try to reject and offhandedly insult others in the same manner to gain some form of superiority and self comfort. The same reason Chad's and Stacie's did it to them, for the self approval and clear separation and identification of status between themselves, the nerds do it to others, because everyone thinks the clique they are in is the "one" to be in, that isn't for people lower than them.

They were never accepted so they judgingly brush brush off others in order to generate a semblance of self acceptance by establishing a hierarchy.

Dont post on r9k then


Those aren't nerds, those are the incels.

you're right actually. every single one of them is an incel virgin

First you're a follower of Satan and you're going to kill God, now you're stealing xboxes. Where did you even find an xbox to steal in your miserable, freezing cold small town? I thought there was nothing to do there except sit in the dark and jerk off and wait until it's time to go to bed. Where do you find the energy to do these things? I thought you had chronic fatigue. What a busy life you must lead, upstate New York user.

Learn to type nigger

I didn't read more than the first sentence but i hate 99% of introverted or nerdy people. i know because i was a introverted person myself. only 2 other people were cool the rest were passive aggressive and would have been way bigger normalfags if they'd get over whatever was holding them back. I really honestly hate them more than normalfags except of course the exceptions of which there are few.

yeah they are all passive aggressive as fuck thats pretty much what I was saying

sarcastic rude as fuck always answering with bitchy tones or condenscending. I have a shittier life than any of them and im never rude or mean

someone translate what this retard is trying to say
why are there so many fucking children on this board now? do your job jannies

yeah, i can totally tell

all nerdy autistic people I meet are passive aggressive as fuck always rude answer everything in a bitchy tone sarcastic as fuck always rude and insulting

i'm not a nerd, but i can tell you why i'm rude and insulting. it's to weed out the fucking pussies, i don't want to have in my life. every normal person will understand it's just banter and will participate, but most losers will take everything personal. That being said, passive aggressivity is even worse than being offended and mostly a product of being offended

whenever I chill with normal people we just laugh and have fun and talk about hobbies or something

with the friends I had I actually liked we would just get high or do fun things and laugh and always make jokes and make each other laugh

I have not had one comfortable or happy moment with these people I just used to hang out with them because being alone sucks.

and no they are just ass holes

>people who are bullied and socially ostracized become bitter and cynical
Absolutely shocking. Who would have thought?

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so be an ass hole to someone who is just your friend and hangs out with you and didn't do anything to you? my life was hell I dont do that

yeah, because you are a vapid stoner. there are more types of people and nobody will be sad if those worlds don't cross.


half of them are stoners you dip shit

You stole his xbox nigger, you did do something.

no I had this fag be a constant ass hole to me for over a year and I was always hanging out with him nice and he was constantly an ass hole to me

i can never be mean to anyone first i like to get along with people

Because new guy, as someone only recently became an asshole nerd, we've been pushed bullied used, and called deadbeats by friends and family even as we hemorrhage money and youth to help said family and in my case raise my beloved siblings the ONLY good thing in my life. So shut up and get over it bitch or get off the web, cause sweetheart, Life ain't fair and everyone is an asshole. Even the nice guy who bends over backwards for everyone will say enough one day and go into jerk mode.
-former nice guy

you dont steal an xbox for that asshole.
I agree with you nerds are coward assholes.
They arent wholesome.

no I stole his xbox. hes a fucking ass hole