Why are you all so against feminism, Jow Forums?

why are you all so against feminism, Jow Forums?

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A few freedom for women -> Lots of males deemed unworthy

Imagine with more freedom! they are fucking terrified, and for good reason. Their uselessness fully exposed

What is currently defined as feminism is that buzzfeed bullshit pity party.
Absolute horseshit.
Equality is cool tho, if it werent being used to pit people against each other, the opposite of what it stands for.

Why should robots support feminism?

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The only rights i support for women is the right to become my gentle femdom mommy gf who cuddles me and lets me feel loved for the first time since i was 5

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This thread is gay, but thanks for posting an image to remind me to smoke user.

modern feminism is a ploy to sell stress crystals and shit

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>raise boys and girls the same way
I unironically agree with that sentiment, don't push boys to do what you think they should do, and don't push girls to do what you think they should do. Thing is, boys are more naturally inclined to enjoy activities that are associated with boys, same as girls.
If a girl wants to grow up to be a firefighter, fuck it, let her. If a boy wants to grow up to be a degenerate, fuck it, let him. But males and females are different and are interested in different things, and the fact that modern feminism cannot accept that is why i cannot accept feminism

Because it gives our arch enemy power. Why wouldnt we resist it?

Stupid cunt slut.

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my man really wants daughters and I think its weird but all he wants to do is turn them into vicious beasts
why should I stop him? I don't want kids but he wants some kinda charles angels shit. what am I supposed to do?

Because females are not equal to men

you're the gayest fucking person ever

>thinks women are equal
>calls someone else gay

Hello faggot(jew)

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because it will annihilate the white race and take human civilization with it, all so that dumb cunts can have free abortions

Don't have his kids?

Hello gay kike blackman

Way to straight up trip over your own statement

Most of these fucks hate feminism because they think its what took away the nuclear family when really it was just the free market figuring out it could exploit women just as easy as men post ww2

Because it created a huge glut of single mothers who raise men to be social retards everyone hates.

Because it's made it to where women have kids later and later which means the people being born are going to have autism and other birth defects that fuck them for life. And they did this all so they could whore around early in life and focus on their career.

who is the girl?

Because it's not about elgalitrarism, it's not even really about women. Masquerading behind the lie of a once positive and necessary message of empowerment there is intead celebration and promotion of terrible shitty and exploitive behaviors breeding a generation's of borderline sociopathic people compounded by the narcissism of the social media age, the materialism and greed of increasingly unequal societies, and an age of rising global tensions. Whether they be feminists, LGBTQ crusaders, men's rights advocates, religious zealots, or what have you SJWs all need to go. It's all just different echo chambers and it's tearing everyone and everything apart. It's all the same aforementioned narcissists simply crusading for their own personal benefit at the cost of anything hiding their true maipulative motives behind a smokescreen of "selflessness" becouse they fly the banner of their respective groups. Loving others means accepting their differences, not trying to stamp out dissent. I think movents like this is the real reason people feel increasingly isolated, alone and discontent is on the rise. Everyone just seems so fucking self absorbed.

you could've just said "because I'm a stupid fucking incel"

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wow, that was a really good response, i actually thought for a second you were interested in actual conversation

>thinking that feminists want honest conversation
all they want is total submission

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>wears women's clothing

>Picks the most well thought out response
>Lazy as fuck ad hominem
Do you want a discussion or an ego stroke lol

Why would we be for it?

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I think its good because it pushes the extinction of mankind and I hate people including myself

extreme ideologies are bad and never lead to anything good
that's all

She's going to raise a kid and not you. How does that make you guys feel?

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I'm not, I'm just against Chad and social media.

because it's retarded, women in the west have way better lives than men, what more """equality""" could they possibly need?

Because feminism isn't about equal rights and responsibility, it's about creating female supremacy. If feminism were actually about equality I'd be all about it, but instead it's about fighting for special privileges at the expense of men.
Fuck off roastie slut

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>roasties want to date strong alpha males
>want kids to be raises like sissies
What did they mean by this?

Thanks for this advice. I will now do the following with my daughters
>Use physical punishments when necessary
>Buy them chemistry sets and power tools instead of anything girly they might want
>Force them to do heavy labour chores (e.g. gardening vs cleaning) from the age of 8
>Dress them like boys
>Not fund makeup or jewelry, nor tolerate desires for it
>Restrict TV to documentaries and educational programs
Tbh I was going to do that anyway, but you asked for it...

I'm not, I quite literally do not care.

Women don't want the latter. Women don't "want" anything besides social success and status, which includes having a strong, high-status mate. Everything women "want" outside of that was programmed into them by men.

>tfw you live under a patriarchy

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I'm not against feminism. I love women. They're beautiful. They're wonderful. There is nothing I spend more time in my life admiring and willing to protect.

My problem is that they all seem to hate me. It's hurts a lot. They seem to blame me for the crimes of those with the same types of genitals as me with no other comparable characteristics. Their expectations of me, or what I've know of them, are so high that I feel like I'd have to be Superman in the sun just to be good enough. Maybe my vision has been skewed, but I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I love women. You're all of my favorite things. I just wish it didn't seem so much like you think you're too good for me, that's all. It makes one so resentful. I want to cry sometimes but that would make me a pussy so I just take your hits and make jokes like it doesn't bother me because despite my resentment I'm still attempting to impress you with how tough I am. That's emotional abise. It probably isn't your fault. I just wish there was a consensus that it's okay to be me.

virtue signalling, women are constantly virtue signalling with literally everything they do

It's a supremacy movement. I hate all supremacist movements.

Liberal feminism is fucking garbage, which is the popular one right now. Anarcho-feminism was based though

Why would I support something that does not benefit me? Why would I not be against something that increases competition.

Because modern feminists are under the delusions that they demand equality, when really they want equity.
It's incredibly ironic if you consider all the amount of unrecognized priviledge a women have over men.

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