Is she a femcel but only acts slutty online for money?

she obviously claims to be single which is most likely to lure beta orbiters but if she was actually engaging is sex wouldnt we know more about these guys sleeping with her?

She seems to be a shut-in and very awkward with weird hobbies, let alone cringey in some of her instagram videos. I cannot imagine anyone but a beta orbiter to actually want to be in a relationship with her.

Its likely Chads hit it and quit it but for some reason as a rational heterosexual would, but with the amount of money and attention she gets from patreon, using a dildo is better than chad for her.

im pretty sure shes not a virgin because she prob lost it before she blew up but does she really have a social life outside of her character?

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How long until she goes all in and starts making hardcore porn?

She's a talented princess, stop calling her a slut.

nigga have u seen her leaked shit?

stop obsessing over this whore

She's just your average roastie that loves attention and got lucky.

same thing, semantics isnt interesting

She's just another basic slut
Can't wait for the eventual butthurt once she gets exposed, just like every girl like her there has been in the history of the internet

What part is the talent?

Reported for spam. No one here like belle.Shes a whore. No we wint pay a camwhore.

Give up and leave Jow Forums

baiting incels like OP into thinking she is an innocent misunderstood femanon

Idk about belle but I think you just described brooke to a t.

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She's an actual slut. You wouldn't wear onsies made by a fetish company if you weren't at least trying to catch dick or already catching dick.
T. degenerate who muh brand

You're all just retarded stop giving this basic bitch whore attention

>Is she a femcel
>but only acts slutty online for money
Imagine obsessing over some online thot who you'll never meet. She's probably thotting around with that cash the second she turns off the camera.

le ahegao meme xd but in 3D just like I always wanted

how many girls are as successful as her without showing nudes? the only comparison i can think of is jessica nigri back in the day but she spent loads on cosplay. Belle pretty much just wears the same pink wig for 90% of her content and is bigger than jessica nigri ever was or will be

Based Maestro Delphine mind controlling incels.

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Guys im literllay 3 years old
can anyone explain why she is a slut?
did Something Happen? because i Remember a time were every Robot on this Board was making a thread about her

>painted whore selling herself to thirsty betas online

Why is this worthy of a thread? we have one already

Her most expensive patreon tier involves her literally flying to fuck you.

i heard somewhere that she's actually a lesbian

she did do a couple videos and pictures with another girl in a tub so maybe. I think shes probably bisexual. If you look at her stuff before she became Belle, I think she had a bf

both these girls are cock hungry thots with a line of dudes begging to fuck them. stop

I know somebody who orbited her before she blew up and she at least had a bf then. I watched their interactions on facebook where he actively defended her in her cosplay 'controversies' in some groups and she was like "thanks!!

this is belle with less makeup than usual
say something nice about her

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where did you get that photo, u belle patron cuck

oh I knew there was something slutty about that girls face

its fucked up how girls being slutty literally effects their physical appearance. like how you can tell a girl is a porn star or something.

She's a decent looking female she can't be a femcel no matter her mental state

Can I get a quick rundown? Is she basically the new Nigri?

Belle needs to service huge stallion cocks or get fucked by giant boars with huge balls

Youre a whore cunt. degenerate

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>you're a biological female
t. discord tranny
You will be the first to hang, filthy subhuman

i mean shes slutty but she doesnt really look slutty to me. she looks like an average british teenager. i kinda feel bad she sold her soul for money.
>inb4 all girls are slutty

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i never paid a dime. im just friends with her from before she got famous

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Her hypergamous decision making is probably in direct relation to her sexual market value--which she is completely aware of.
A tragedy/misfortune/that affected her physical appeal is the only way for observable change in how she behaves in the world

It's true that she became a neet at 13/14?

why does everyone care about her? it's just some random whore who sells her body to low iq beta males.

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>hypergamous decision making
This is the dumbest incel buzzword I have ever read.

maybe. she migthve went to school still though.
she seemed like an outcast weirdo kid in general though

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Are you still a friend or did she cut you off after becoming (((famous))) like all vapid whores do? Is she actually as stupid as she makes herself sound?

Belle is a C U T E

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Not even lying she looks real good no make-up.

i was just joking you retard, you can just google these pics lmao.

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She's definitely weird, but got lucky of being born in a pretty female body so she can get away with it.

I wish I was wrong and it was all bullshit.

she still has make up there. this is her without makeup. shes still kinda cute but kinda plain like most white girls

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Here's her CHAD 6'9'' bf
no shes not short, shes 5'6.
get rekt incels

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god i want to marry her
who is her bf? I'm gonna get rid of him

She does NOT look 5'6, look at those proportions.

God I hate lanklets so fucking much

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he's is a stickman beta not a chad.

she is 5'6
you can tell from other pics
shes wearing platforms but shes stilll relatively taller than the other people in this pic

she also said shes 5'6

Further proof that tallfags cannot be lonely

"Welcome to the sanity known as me! My name is Belle, I'm 19 years old, I'm smol (5'6"), I love doing makeup and sticking out my tongue lol :tongue: I am lesbian and single" -belle 2017. she used to lie about her age back then and attention whore on forums.

It's already happening nigga pay attention

That's taller than the average woman in every country but Nordic ones and the Netherlands.

She's a hustler and obviously good at it. That is her talent.

Any of these girls in the sex trade (yes a camwhore is in the sex trade) hustle men for money. They are great at deception and convince a man he is special and with most men it doesn't take much.

As more and more men become lonely and isolated, these women are only gonna get more wealthy. There is quite literally no reason for any non-ugly female (attractive doesn't matter, we live in an age of incredible filters and makeup) to not hustle men online while dating her choice of men in real life and keeping the latter secret and separated from the former. Thankfully the majority of women are gonna be disgusting and fat in the future so only a minority of them will get to experience such a blessed existence.

You're a beta cuck and Belle is, has, and never will be anything other than a basic slut who whores out her body for patreon gibs. The only reason you think otherwise is because "w-well mayb i'd have a chance :)))" and the fact that she uses LMAO XD anime culture in everything she does to lure faggots like you in. But she likely doesn't actually care about any of the shit she puts together for her persona, and is just like any other normal woman except that she's a slut and gets hundreds of thousands of dollars off of cunts like you. She's not smart at all, even though people say she is because "wow shes tricking all these people," it's just that you faggots are so dumb that you fall for it every time, and she's just an idiot that found out "wow people just give me money if i stick my tongue out."

tl;dr: She's a dumb slut that uses 'lmao xd anime meems" and you fags pay for it, now get this shit off my board.

t. Bellefags who pay top dollar to get fully clothed pictures of a 6/10 girl

You're a good man, user. Thank you for posting sense.

t. Jealous landwhale
I smash your ugly face with a a bat

That is the most un-chad lanklet I have ever seen.

>she obviously claims to be single
She have bf nothing new.
>she really have a social life outside of her character?
Yes and he does all this for easy cash.

You faggots know she posted pictures of underage girls on her premium snap? It was all under the impression they were pictures her.

Worthless thot deserves the rope

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>Everyone I don't like is a jealous landwhale
Ah, yes, I see now, obviously i'm wrong and I should be praising the almighty Belle because she's totally not an obvious whore who makes money without even showing her tits and is totally and completely a sweet anime girl!!

Gtfo e-cuck

She takes her clothes off for money.

yet hes sleeping with Belle Delphine while you masturbate to her pictures on instasnap

she never posted nudes. there are girls in my high school and college years who posted wearing less online

Holy shit that landwhale sure is triggered lmao
Back to your gossiping shithole, you ugly subhuman.

Orbiters aren't robots or people, they're their own depressing kind of subhuman.

not either of them but you come at me with a bat I'll ass fuck you with your own bat

>Guys im literllay 3 years old
Sorry buddy, 18 and over on this website

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Luring hordes of thirsty orbiters and making as much money as she does every month just by making dumb hentai faces is a talent, just look at all the faggots in this thread

Here's a nude for you. There are more.

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Yeah, and these are sluts.

you practically see this in kids movies

i want to lick her thin little ass

More nudes. Face it, she's a whore

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>paying belle for her lewd pics
>its not even her own pictures
lmfao desperate hornyboys are really out here getting scammed

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it just proves that she's pure

this board truly is full of cucks

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You've got evidence and you're still denying it. Say how much money you sent her, I bet that if someone paid her the right amount she would go for sex

>Is she a femcel

>Takes one look at the OP pic

Are you fucking retarded? What is wrong with you? If you're gonna try to say a fucking "femcel" exists at least use one that's REMOTELY ugly.

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Salty because nobody will ever spend money on your landwhale ass? Kill yourself lol

of course she will and justify it, thats what hustlers do

For her you are nothing more than a source of money. I do not know how you can become more pathetic

I don't care, looking at her make me happy so that's enough for me

>Salty because nobody will ever spend money on your landwhale ass?
I have a job so I spend my money on myself, and I do not waste on some e-thot

Are you so deluded that you think that you can know anything about her real life from what you see in her videos? It's very likely that she has a steady boyfriend or husband like most camwhores.

keep on getting scammed then ig. sorry i cant appeal to your moneywhore fetish user ;(

shes the cutest but i wish she had a nice tiny benis

He's actually got a chad face

so what do you do with them?

im expecting a real answer and not
>you fuck em, and then throw them away like the Toys they are

Your hobby is almost as fucking stupid as calling anyone who doesnt worship this worthless whore a landwhale and I sincerely hope you kill yourself.
In b4 i also get called landwhale even though im a fucking guy who is under 150lbs

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Thanks for increasing my understanding of head-cannon

jesus she has fat nigger lips

She isn't a big brain hustler. She isn't some innocent femanon anime girl. She is just some average looking girl who can't get attention from the chads she wants IRL and is too lazy to get a real job. Belle found her niche -pink hair and anime/elf girl looks- and stuck with it to exploit herself. I'm sure she's got a boyfriend by now but I doubt he sticks around her for her, he probably just wants a cut in the money. Belle isn't a mastermind, she's just got the right face for a certain fetish that she just happened to exploit at the right place and right time. If you think it's anything beyond that, you're a lonely cuck projecting your fantasies and desires onto her. She's a whore and even looks like a whore in her older pictures, only difference between now and then is her hair color and her style.

she looks broken, probably sexually abused in the past