Does anyone else here get personally attacked and cursed by god? I cant be the only one dude. what the fuck

does anyone else here get personally attacked and cursed by god? I cant be the only one dude. what the fuck.

every time something good happens. horrible fucking disaster strikes down. every time im happy. horrible fucking catastrophe strikes down. find a way to make my life good. FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE INVISIBLE BARRIER POPS UP RUINS IT. find a thousand different ways to fix my situation. THOUSAND FUCKING BARRIERS POP UP MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE.

every time i work for something god just follows me around snapping his finger ripping it away one by one and destroying everything while making my life worse than it was before. every time i am happy god comes along snaps his finger rips it away makes my life even worse than before?

am i the only one whos world is literally altered around them by god just to make them suffer and make everything awful? do you hate god?

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There is no god ya dummy

every time I find happiness its instantly ripped away and fucking meteor strikes down and ruins it and I constantly get signs reminding me how much my life sucks and god is mocking me.

G*d hates negroid peoples

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I thought that was it too. god was just after me for being black but ive seen black people that are ass holes and shitty people and they still dont have it as bad as me and aren't cursed and having horrible shit happen to them

its literally just me. it doesn't matter how awful they are. it doesn't matter if they are an ass hole. it doesn't matter if they are shitty people. god still comes after me.

fuck off nigger faggot
youre annoying as all fuck
nobody here gives a rats ass about you

that pic doesn't look like a plantation, stop complaining

anything warm is better than this. i hate the fucking cold.

but fun fact prisoners in the south are actually treated like old slaves. forced to sit by the road all day in a chain gang doing labor in the hot sun

You just need to acknowledge that you're a shitty incompetent person and a degenerate who drives while under the influence. You deserve this.

God's word is like a two-edged sword. Useful and freeing in a wild world, or you can fall on top of it and die.

You know how you can get God to leave you alone?

Kill yourself. The bible says suicides go to Hell, and Hell is the one place in all of creation where God's presence cannot be felt. So if you kill yourself you'll be denying God your soul and you'll be free from him forever more. Of course you'll be in Hell, probably getting raped by demons with three foot long, hexagonal, spike-covered schlongs, but that's the price you have to pay. Who knows, maybe Satan will see you as a kindred spirit and give you a cushy job overseeing the rape dungeons.

kill yourself nerdy faggot I dont deserve any of this shit

You're a pathetic immature attention whore who refuses to admit his own faults and spends his time bitching on r9k instead of doing anything productive. Also it doesnt get any better outside of your small town. That's just a stupid dream you got from watching too many movies.

shut the fuck up retard anyone who picks a small town over a big city is a god damn fucking retard like you

Big town man here
I love God and make lots of money

Job lost his children, his land, his wife, and almost lost his closest friends but did not curse God's name and he was rewarded with far greater things than he ever had. You cannot know God's ways, you were not there when He created everything, you will not be there when it is destroyed. Keep the faith or suffer death of the soul.

I tried that shit. I kept getting smited more and more and no matter how bad it got I was praying to god and trying to be semi Christian but nothing worked.

I finally just got the formula down so well I could see into the future. keep praying to god and bad shit is just going to happen. it has to be god ruining my shit life because no matter how hard I tried it only got worse.

You're overly emotional reaction is proof that I'm right and you're an impulsive dipshit. Also 137 IQ here, with friends and family that love me, and freedom to travel wherever I want. I've been to 8 different Caribbean islands. How does it feel to be a failure?

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Maybe it happened because you were faking it and God knew that you really hated him

i odnt care about your iq faggot just fuck off my life is shitty enough without some autistic virgin coming here that just sits on computers all day

Now here's a crazy idea: maybe it's not God sabotaging you, maybe-- just maybe!-- you're a moron and you make bad decisions. I gotta tell you, that seems more plausible than the omnipotent creator of the universe taking time out of his busy schedule to fuck with one mortal for shits and giggles. Occam's razor and all that.

You are not on the right website.

kill yourself smalltown nigger,stop with the drugs,stop with the illegal shit,god doesnt exist

Boo fucking who poor you. I have bipolar disorder and a chronic disorder that leaves me in constant pain and makes it impossible to live a normal life. But I never, ever bitch the way you do. Its pathetic, like a child crying because his mom wont buy him a fancy toy. Bitching solves nothing, nobody cares about your problems or your pathetic life. Either do something about it or shut the fuck up.

I dont do anything illegal anymore guess what still fucked nothing matters at this point I lost the fight for no reason

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I am literally so tired every day I cant think straight or get out of bed and feel sick and I need to sleep 12 hours a day but I cant even fall asleep at night and then whenever I wake up all I have is suicidal thoughts and I feel fucking exhausted and cant get anything done.

heh at least you got some double dubs,be happy

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It's almost as if your actions had consequences

He's not going to do anything because this is all a larp.

I want to die so fucking bad why cant my luck ever be like me dying quickly in an accident or something god fucking damn it

I seriously hope you're not comparing your bullshit over exaggerated "emotional pain" to my real, legitimate illness that could kill me at any moment. Because that would be pathetic. If you're so suicidal then just fucking end yourself already, you keep saying you dont think its gonna get any better. So eat a fucking bullet or shut up.

If you really wanted to kill yourself you would find a way to kill yourself.

there is literally nothing I can do. there is no one option that I could take that would lead to victory. I am literally playing a game of chess against god where he just takes all my pieces away and grabs the fucking board and just beats my fucking head in with it but leaves me alive just enough to keep me suffering.

Kill yourself you larping cum guzzler.

are you the guy that was bragging about your IQ and being an ass hole? good I hope you die and suffer

No, I dont go on the internet to brag about my life because I know nobody here gives a shit. Clearly you havent gotten that memo.



ive served out enough fucking time ive suffered enough this is all god and the white man

the white devil

God rekt you cause he couldn't handle you at your full power. Take your revenge. Nuke your god