Imagine trying to gatekeep an anonymous imageboard with no topic

Imagine trying to gatekeep an anonymous imageboard with no topic.

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Seems like it got to you :^)

lol you are mad on the internet

It amuses me to see anons seethe so hard about women and normies.

They are just trying to roleplay their immigration policy fantasies, ignore them

Fucking CHECKED. Robots btfo.

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Hmmm... you might be on to something

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robots btfo into the oblivion

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Imagine trying to cope with fact no one an anonymous image board wants you to post there

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>no one
>actually believing this

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Imagine when even your waifu doesn't like you,

>shitting on losers and trying to one up your social status on an anonymous imageboard
looks like you're proving the gatekeepers point. We don't want you here, because you always shit on us. No one wants to be around that fag shit.

Double dubs, gif related says it all

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Thanks for the reply.

Mays BenAtti/Atti

facebook com/maysatti

facebook com/MaysBenattiModel/

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what in 'tardnation is going on here

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It was worth a try

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Faggots here don't know how, boards like /a/ and /jp/ are better but /v/ is worse

Wut? Are you retarded?

>/a/ was a mistake - moot

Imagine imagining a scenario on a compilation of 1s and 0s meant to represent a Filipino pottery forum

>imagine being the 0's and the 1's


No I seriously hate women znd shes my go too doxx,