Does anyone want to constantly kill themselves because they dont have awesome jobs...

does anyone want to constantly kill themselves because they dont have awesome jobs? I constantly see people with amazing jobs and it makes me want to fucking stab myself and go on a shooting spree and hang myself after

that fat ass weed smoker on youtube who screams at the camera and mic every time the show starts up. and he gets money to fucking smoke pot on youtube and show off all his bongs and pipes and shit. there are people on youtube that get paid to review beer and shit and just drink beer on camera for a job.

those thots on twitch that just show off their tits and get paid by incels for just sitting around playing fortnite. those really nerdy streamer dudes who get paid an ass ton of money to just sit around and watch youtube videos and talk about video games or play video games while people pay them fuckloads of money.

rappers that get paid to just basically look cool as fuck and get wads of fucking cash and hundred dollar bills thrown at their face every night while they just sing around singing on a beat and shit. people who get paid to vlog or do travel vlogs so they literally just tour the world having fun and record themselves on camera for 2 hours a day and get paid thousands of dollars

or people that own online businesses and just get to fly around on planes and run their business from their phone and laptop and get paid shit tons of cash while just flying around with total freedom. or people who get paid to produce music like skrillex and other producers that just sit around making money off a laptop making music on it and going to music studios and shit like that

god i want to die watching this shit. i sit on youtube all day and this is all i fucking see. people living like fucking gods while my life is the definition of pure hell.

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> i sit on youtube all day

are you retarded? Maybe start to build something instead of wasting time

I did. I produced music for 4 years. not a single sale. everything else I want to do requires a fuck load of money privilege and mentors. impossible.

share your music

I'll never have a good paying career let alone a job and that is a part of why I want to kill myself.

you are only looking at the results. Not the work behind them. but now you say, those jobs are almost effortless! Now I say yeah but something is better than nothing, so go make something out of yourself faggot.

The flipside of that lifestyle is that it's 24/7/365 shit where you are 100% dedicated to producing more content. You can't take a break, and you can't sit back and just fucking enjoy something without thinking about how to please your audience. Like those people on the travel vlogs. You think they're enjoying clogging about the same boring tourist shit everyone else does and having to do shit to find a good cut instead of just enjoying the fucking moment?

It's like the gold rush. The people who got truly rich from it were the motherfuckers selling the tools for the gold the prospectors mined. Then they turned that gold into goddamn banks. These fuckers living their 15 minutes on YouTube will be nobodies in short time and they'll blow what little money they have on trying to regain relevance.

they all had mentors, help, rich parents, opportunity, money.

thats it. tai lopez says your biggest indicator of your income is your parents income. the rich are born rich. I was born in the worst bottom of the barrel poverty ever

the only thing I want to do now requires money to get started and you really need mentors or a lot of money

What the fuck do you want to do? Aside from shooting sprees.

I just want to do a business selling cheap Chinese shit or maybe like cbd or something

selling cheap chinkshit can go three ways imo. one is reselling alibaba-sourced crap at low margin on amazon/ebay and basically never making it. another is doing what massdrop did and hitting that sweet midmarket with clever WOW THIS DEAL WILL END SOON NOTHING LIKE IT WOW advertising. woot is kinda the same deal I guess. the real moonshot is shit like restoration hardware, where you build a luxury brand around chinese shit marked up 3000% or way the fuck more. the problem with that model is that people will catch onto it and kill your gainz unless you have a timely exit.

cannabis is at a junction point where it needs to go national in the US for ROI to hit for the companies investing billions in it. I'm pissed that my financial position wasn't solid enough to let me take advantage of cannabis stocks while they were cheap, and I betcha that the shit will get federal legalization as soon as the economy collapses, so that the masses don't burn everything down. The problem for sellers, though, is that ultimately they're selling a commodity. So there will be a massive consolidation, probably with tobacco companies buying everything up and branding the fuck out of everything. With CBD there are already a shitload of naturalfartyturd brands competing for the roastie dollar, but the real money will be in production, where big fucker companies like Aurora and Canopy will own most of the market.

anyway, I've started to think that the seven cardinal sins are a religious wrapping around psychological hacks that successful marketers can use to get people to buy a product or idea so long as they can convince their marks that they will not suffer the downsides of their indulgence. like youtube? that appeals to sloth. shit like halo top ice cream appeals to gluttony. One of these years I'll be able to finally apply that line of thought to a successful product. Or not. Who the fuck knows.

I already know the business model I want to do and study it a lot but im too paranoid to invest my money. I want to leave my small town so fucking bad im scared to invest any money at all let alone thousands of dollars. fuck me.

if you have a solid business model and plan you should be able to find investors. living in a small town doesn't help but if you network like mad there and on relevant internet communities (not this shithole) you'll hopefully be able to suss out a few people who are willing to share the risk with you for a cut of the action. they will hopefully also have some proven experience with bootstrapping a new business.

So your plan in a nutshell is:

>Step 1: do absolutely nothing that could potentially make money
>Step 2: ???
>Step 3: PROFIT!!!

nah its not like that its just something that people do solo

I don't think you realize just how many people are trying to get internet famous these days. Just because some people made it, doesn't mean everybody did. You need time to build it or you need to be very lucky. You just want instant success, which in this world is impossible. Try not to get to absorbed in the success of others.

I just want to be retired. No job is "awesome" they are all terrible as far as i know. I can't fathom a job i go to and enjoy. I'd pay $5000 to someone if they could find me a job i actually want to do

Now having said that, it pisses me off to learn that some people do the same job as me (javascript & java dev) for like 3-4x as much pay. I make $19/hr (basically $16/hr after tax) and i have 5 years experience
took me a whole year to get this job, but in the process i fell in love with NEETdom

bro just get disability. my friend gets 800 bucks a month from disability and they dont give a shit what he does he wastes his money as soon as he gets it like a leeching fuck tard

they give him apartments at 30% his income and have no requirements he just pays like 230 a month on an apartment

its total shit its the smallest bachelor apartment in the world but its quiet and next to a lake and he gets free money in his bank account no matter what he does and it just happens.

he can sleep fucking 12 hours a day and lay around in a free apartment while he gets free money.

>bro just get disability.
I live in USA and really can't. I have no disability. I didnt get any welfare when i was a NEET they refuse to pay you

damn dude. I have chronic fatigue, cant function, adhd, depression, anxiety, nausea and all this shit and I think narcolepsy I really want disability

Apparently it is really hard to get in the USA. That's all i know. I haven't been diagnosed with anything

damn really. I want to get into my own business shit just anything I can do from a computer because I dont wanna live on that 800 a month shit thats pathetic but it is enough to get by and it would be cool to just sleep all day. maybe if I could do it in florida or Hawaii or cali or something and just hammock up on some palm trees or something

but with my disability I cant work a job or do anything I want to make money on my own or throw in the towel. sorry you have to wagecuck dude at least 19 an hour is bad ass and its an air conditioned office and probably not a lot of work

I live in florida right by the beach. Yeah the only positive is i dont have to work much. I just pretend to work. Which is boring also, right now i am at work getting paid to shitpost. But it's just straight boring and when i get home it's just like i wasted my whole day. It totally sucks. Also apparently median income for my job is $90,000 i make like 1/3 of that

ive literally never been to florida or anywhere happy before..

and I think the median income where I live is like 20k or some shit

and every job here is like being screamed and whipped at to work as hard as possible.

I like how it is warm i guess. I dont like cold

People say
>lol how can u be depressed if you live near the beach

Never understood the appeal of the beach

I dont get how you could be depressed not being cold its the number one reason I want to kill myself that and its so fucking rural and poor

Because i waste half of my life wageslaving at this boring terrible job which pays terrible. There's no end in sight, i won't be able to retire at these wages
I hate waking up early to an alarm. I am a genetic night owl but my alarm goes off at 6am. Exercising after work makes it harder to sleep. Ambien didnt do shit

I might get a kitten to feel better

I have to cat fish people to scam for money and it feels shameful and gay but im too disabled to wagecuck

maybe just save up everything you make and try investing in all sorts of shit online? either disability or investing is the only way out. look up social media marketing and content lockers and stuff like that. i hope it helps.

Surely you've accepted that it's our lot in life to suffer by now? No point getting jealous of successful people's lives when it was never possible for me in the first place.