You go back in time to high school

>you go back in time to high school
>your mind is the way it is now

Think you could get laid this time?

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odds are even worse now

If I could go back to specific moments, and get multiple retries, then it's possible

So your only goal is getting laid ?
What next once it's done ?

1,000%. I passed up tons of prime pussy that was begging for it when I was a teenager, because I was busy wrapped up in my own little world of video games, anime, and playing with action figures instead of talking to women and afraid to ask them out, because I was worried about rejection, even letting opportunities pass me by where women were throwing themselves at me.

I wasn't even bad looking, I just thought I was because I had acne, then I got fat my final year of high school, because I was depressed over my grandma dying. And then I got friend zoned by some emo chick I wasted my time on instead of the nearly a dozen girls who showed interest in me. a hot girl even asked me to go to prom with her, and I turned her down, because she was just my friend, and I never figured she liked me that way.

gtfo normie scum of the earth

it would be the same except i'd get a jump start on my career and i'd play more warcraft 3 and guild wars 1

No. Also I would probably kill myself having to go back to waking up in the morning and going to school everyday.

I would save myself tons of time by not even trying.

Of course. A teenager with the brains of an adult could do wonders. I'd breeze past school with perfect grades and spend all my free time working out and socializing, since video games dont interest me anymore. And my game is not great, I can hardly pass as normal, but I'm an adult. I still have more game than most teenagers, not to mention I know how to banter and have the perfect remark for every situation.
That's without perfect forecast taken into account. I could just get rich betting sports and blah blah blah.

No, but I can save my 2.7L charger from being wrecked by some stupid fucking chink

I was told I was jailbait by multiple women. I remember all the girls 2 grades above always wanted to talk to me but I was too much of a sperg to talk to them, I thought they wanted to tease me and shy'd away.

Become Normie


does this mean im 16 again and I just go to school and free to do whatever I want? I would probably do it for one year and try to get laid and be a chad and then probably drop out and do what I really wanted to do with my life

tfw life isnt like soulsborne

I was a retard that enjoy chatting up girls but never really gotten through to speaking to them again or asking them their phones. I'm not even that good looking but I had good charisma and I was interesting enough to at least attract some attention to myself.

I'm pretty sure I could pull it off. Now high schoolers don't intimidate me at all, so I would feel like an adult around a bunch of kids. It would be brand new confidence.

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no i dont believe in sex before marriage.

regardless even if i did, i went to a small prep school where all there were 10 girls in my class and all were ugly, fat, or black

No, I actually tried to get pussy in high school and succeeded. After seeing what the girls become, I would have focused on my studies and actually gone to college.

Being the druggie who fucked chicks and like didn't care, man, really fucked my life in the long term.

I had sex with a cute 16 year old blonde girl with big tits, so can't really relate

Probably not. I'm pretty certain my mental health has only deteriorated since then.

I'd pressure my friends little sister more.

This is eerily similar to me. Not great looking, but not bad for sure. Within my first two years at college, I had a few h.s. girls ranging from 4's to 7's, and even one 9, confess that they had a crush on me back when we were still in high school. One said she wanted to lose her virginity with me. Even then, I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to try and make a move because I thought the opportunity had passed. I didn't realize that their confessions meant that they were still into me to some extent. I just had to go for it.

Sadly, I was raised by a single mother. So I didn't know shit about talking to women or making the first move. I was way shy and beta back then. Spent all my free time studying, playing video games, or watching tv. Eventually settled with an average girl from college (she basically approached me first) and had a child with her, so my days of living out my youth are over.

But yeah, I missed out big time. Such is life.

Life Lesson: all the money, good looks, or knowledge don't mean jack shit if you're not courageous enough to act on your impulses.

No, I've gotten way worse in terms of shyness and anxiety.
I had a better chance back then but blew it anyway.

If I went back I'd sell my laptop and xbox, buy an iphone and not quit football, and easily be at least a brad.

Definitely. Teen girls are really easy to "game". As long as you're not disease ridden, I'm pretty sure most of you can pull a qt.

With tweaks, my story as well. Personally, my inability to read social cues was almost Sheldonesque.

Same here. I was afraid of what people would think of me if I wasn't dating a top tier stacy so I let so many girls go by. Also was way more interested in video games than real life.

I'd still be ugly and autistic so no

I think I'd do a worse job than I did before

Absolutely. I wouldn't waste my teenage years with Naruto headbands and running the anime club. I could get into good shape before my metabolism really fell off. I could do it all right.

I'm in the same boat. Back in highschool I drank and partied every chance I got with my buddies and snuck out at night or skipped class to see girls and bone them in my van. Barely managed to graduate only to drop out of community college after the first semester. It's been 9 years and I just now got a job that pays more than minimum wage and I still have to mooch off my girlfriend for everything. Also I got addicted to heroin.

Damn. It still amazes me how many guys have missed out similarly on life in such similar ways.

no, there were never any girls interested in me and it's not like I understand people any better than I do now