Whats wrong with normalfags?

they treat you with contempt, bully you and act condescendingly towards you then act shocked when you show up to school with a gun.

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Imagine ruining your own life because some people are being mean to you.
Your own life, not even talking about the people you'd be killing. Is it really worth it? That's just throwing the game

They see your nature

if your suicidal nothing matters you wouldnt understand because your a happy person who most likely has friends

Some people simply can't be saved though.
Look at Cruz's video he made before doing what he did. You can bully this person, you can act nice to this person, but there is no saving them. These people are mentally deficient. 90 IQ at most, narcissistic, without any social feeling.
You bully this guy?
You deserve to be shot, according to him.
You act nice to him?
He deserves to be respected, no need to change the way of thinking, according to him.
Get my point?
These people are produced by bad parenting.
Of course, I have no doubt there are people that snapped due to pressure and being unfairly treated, but not this guy.

Imagine just accepting the fact that someone with a huge amount more social power. physical strength and pretense for violence is more socially adept than you.

how about no normie? How about just becyse you were king shit in school doesn't meant shit now that I have a AR-15?

Hows that football scholarship going?

Being suicidal is not a reason to kill other people, just yourself. Don't make assumptions about me, either explain why it's perfectly logical to throw away everything to get revenge on some children or let the thread be pruned.

The bottom one actually hits the most, at that age you don't have any concept of what your life will be in the long term and you just can't predict it, he was just some stupid scared kid who couldn't see a life beyond being an outcast. For Christ's sake even leading up to the event they called him school shooter and laughed at him. Who's laughing now? No one, because it was a horrible tragedy that could've been prevented if he'd been treated decently. Let's blame him, or his parents, they must be to blame instead other parent's not teaching their offspring empathy or the students who bullied him throughout his life, these are the experiences that shaped him into who he became.

there is no justification for it you fucking inbred, but a teenager having to live through the torment of being a social outcast doesn't need a justification for getting revenge. it's not about ethics. i love how fucking idiots with no idea open their mouth anyway

Imagine trying to befriend this guy.

I actually do have an irl friend who is just like that and so am I

You either beat them at their own game, play around them entirely or find any other solution than one that bites your ass off entirely.
The hypothetical person you're talking is in fact a better person than you, except you're more violent if this is your solution. You're just too weak to exert it without an AR-15.

And again, why would you do this? You haven't given a good reason why this is the way to go.

>99.999% of kids get bullied and seek out help or just let it go
>Except some guys who decide to kill 10+ random people

not gonna lie if i would kill my self i would kill others (ones i hate) before myself too for revenge. it may sound illogical but that is what i would do

Seek help.
Go to a therapist or something. This is not meant to be an insult.

Call me names all you want but if you'd something you can't even justify to yourself, you're the idiot.

Kind of reminds me of the joker actually, albeit severely retarded. So many fucking red flags and no one did a damn thing. Not one single person who knew this kid was getting bullied growing up tried to reach out to him.

Fuck you normie. Youre the reason we exist.

>Let's blame him, or his parents, they must be to blame instead other parent's not teaching their offspring empathy or the students who bullied him throughout his life, these are the experiences that shaped him into who he became.
yes, what happened is the fault of him, his parents and his genetics, it was his fault. kids are bullied every day, kids are bullied viciously every day, most kids manage to get past it and grow up. some who are bullied end up killing themselves, that's rightfully seen as a tragedy, but scumbags like this decided to take it out on others, likely most of the people he killed had nothing to do with any bullying he may have endured.

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>oy vey go therapist so dont kill us oy vey
>oy vey this not insult because there is risk of me dying oy vey

found the underage newfag
Recognizing the fact that you're cringy does not mean I am a bully, just socially conscious.
Let's hope you grow out of it, kiddo.

i'm not talking about myself, idiot. the point is that there is no justification necessary for something you do out of desperation. murder is never justified, but a murderer doesn't give a shit about that. think outside the box for once

>mental health is semitic
>risk of me dying

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you're en edgy faggot who won't do shit but continue to be an edgy little faggot online. you don't even have the balls to kill yourself let alone others.

>not bulli
>arguing with a child
>passive aggressive call them kiddo
Do you even know the definition of the word
how about irony?

it's almost like it takes a pychopath/sociopath to commit these massacres
I wonder if they were medicated. probably not right? meds would have made them better not worse!

well, if you get bullied then you deserve it :) have a nice life friendo

There's a big difference between actually contributing to someone's decline of mental health and arguing with some edgy kid on a chinese cartoon forum.

And anyone he murders in retaliation deserves it too
You aren't a hypocrite and a retard, are you?

Fucking hell
you can tell its a fucking kid when his posts turn into reddit screencap material at the first sign of someone disagreeing with him

>its your fault loser

AN AR-15 will prove you or kids otherwise one day.

IM so EdGy an totally NOT an newfriend

of course they do, that was literally my point.

You don't commit mass murder out of desperation, you don't have a point.

Perhaps, it would take someone fucked in the head to see this as a solution, maybe be psychiatry would work. I know you're being sarcastic, but do you have a better solution to prevent school shooters? You can't stop bullying I can tell you that much.

No I'd still have a better point, don't you worry about that.

no it won't, but your mom's 10/22 will show the back of your pallet some interesting spots on the ceiling if we're lucky

>You don't commit mass murder out of desperation, you don't have a point.
correct. i don't, you don't. but people cope differently with different situations. i know it's hard to grasp for someone with a 2 digit IQ, that's fine. i'm here to educate you.

i think only those with a 2 digit IQ would consider mass murder

are you saying that you would consider mass murder?

Get a grip. Sit down and think your life through.
Consuming media that doesn't dwell or violence is a good idea too.
Do you even know what that means?

no, you're getting the premise and qualifier mixed up fren.

No you wont. When your babies are dead.
lol wyf are you talking about
>get a grip

I spend 3 hours every Saturday and then again Sunday at a shooting range. Im also in the military. I dunno, take what you will from that.

You haven't disproven anything I said in relation to the OP. 'Normalfags' have a right to feel shocked when you try to kill them for mean behaviour, or haven't they? If you agree and know it's an irrational solution, then why the fuck are we even talking?

Stop grasping at straws. Insults are meaningless when they're empty.

I think that we need more bullies.

I don't think they're the results of bad parenting, they were most likely born retarded

I had pretty shitty parents, so did most of my friends back in school but none of us turned out to be 90 iq mongs who went bang bang school shooty because the jocks were kinda arrogant sometimes

>lol wyf are you talking about
okay i didn't realise we were talking to the litterally mentally handicapped so i'll slow it down.

we just need to make all the people like this kill themselves rather than others.

They expect you to just submissively accept the bullying, never challenge the status quo, and never complain about your place at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Very well, you're a shitty internet tough guy.

>sit down and think your life through
sounds pretty edgy to me mr coldsteel

you misunderstood. I meant normal people like you and me don't commit mass murder. whatever dude. this conversation is pointless. you're right, but all i try to say is that it doesn't matter if you are right. Trying to apply ethics to a murderer is pointless.

Some are shocked because the person they thought was just a meek victim has finally stood up for themselves. Others act shocked because they are holier-than-thou faggots, if someone is bullied why exactly is it a surprise that some will push back against the people who bullied them? Instead of reflecting on their own actions, normalfags will act like they've done nothing wrong, claim pure victim status and say the one lashing out at them is just a crazy person, sure, they have a point in calling them crazy since they've gone on a murder spree, but when you ostracize and push someone into a corner enough then you're responsible for whatever unpredictable actions they may take in response to it.

Normalfags lack empathy as well as the ability to take responsibility and reflect on their actions just as much as the person throwing their life away just to kill a few people, they only care about bullying on a superficial level and will never pass any serious lessons or discipline onto their children either.

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Well said now wait for the low effort replies from said normalfags lmao

he didn't kill his bullies, he killed randoms

This. Normalfags aren't wrong that the shooters are the ones primarily at fault, they are wrong in using that as an excuse to pin the entirety of the blame on the shooter and refuse to improve or wonder what they could have done better.

As I said, people can be unpredictable when pushed into a corner, they may start to think that the world is against them if nothing ever goes their way, they'll let go and give in to their frustrations and impulses. Have you never been angry and saw red, then just wanted to hit something, anything?

nah dude
you need to justify murdering people or else you can't do it

>user is a 15 year old's idea of a cool guy
color me surprised

I'm not really sure where you're trying to take this but I'm not here to bother justifying any murders.

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>Being suicidal is not a reason to

>I would never do A if B
Speak for yourself, faggot.
I can do whatever I want without any reason at all.
So don't go around and spout shit like this.

How about some of that self reflection you were just talking about? That applies to people that have just experienced a mass murder but not to the person who executed said mass murder? Don't people have a right to feel sad and shocked because someone killed their friends?

You're the one acting 'holier-than-thou'. Truth is, you don't have an unbiased answer to the problem, you don't like 'normal' people.

You know that that's a meme, right?
"Justify" is a mind spool just like other moral shit.
Morals are a formal proof system for which we don't have any axioms. Everybody makes them up on the fly depending on how he feels right at that time.

>no one did anything. Think of the children
Schools support bullying. The moment someone fights back against his bully he gets shit from the teachers. Almost never the other way round

>You do/don't because I say so
Ok mommy

>being bullied

I literally knew I was trans since I was five and I always stood up to bullies.
If someone was being bullied, I put them in their place, usually verbally or I embarrassed them academically or socially, since most people easily crack under pressure. Rarely, did I ever have to resort to violence.

One kid tried to throw a basketball at me after I confronted it and I knocked it away and suplexed him into the concrete.
Another kid tried to bully me and I challenged him to a boxing match with the gloves we found and vandalized/lockpicked to get to and punched the fuck out of his face.
Another kid gave me shit and in baseball threw a ball at me to hit me on purpose, so next at bat, I hit a line drive at his face and broke his collar bone.

If you get bullied and dont do anything about it, then youre either:
1.) A coward and a pussy.
2.) Fucking up and refusing to accept your blame and relabeling it as "bullying" because youre a pc faggot.
3.) A lazy and stupid person that just wants to cry and cry expecting another man to be their daddy for them.

If I'm literally a woman and I'm more of a man than you are, then you're truly pathetic, should be ashamed, and should never consider yourself a man.

I never once said that people do or do not have the "right" to do anything, or that they shouldn't grieve for their friends, the gist of what I'm saying - in the words of the other user () who put it more eloquently - is partly that "they are wrong in using that as an excuse to pin the entirety of the blame on the shooter and refuse to improve or wonder what they could have done better.".

The truth is that I don't have an answer to the problem at all, and neither do you. All we can do is sit here and try to understand why it happens, and things like this will just keep happening until the day that the government puts mind control substances into the water and controls us all.

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>things that really happened

>if you get bullied and dont do anything about it
well most of these people do something about it, you just don't like people getting shot

no they didnt, they fucking cried about it doing 1,2,3 until REEEEEEEEE and had some fucking mental breakdown because they are a pussy who couldnt stand up their problems and instead bottled it up inside like a beta little faggot until they gave up and knocked over the chess pieces like a 6 year old little baby having a tantrum

2 and 3
hes a fuck up trailer trash whose parents died that was probably also schizo and killed animals for no reason

this is why you should beat them into a wheelchair, unable to communicate (snitch on you), instead of shooting up the whole school like a retard

I know right, and then they act like they didn't have it coming just because the person they were bullying just so happened to be more violent.
>Muh sure we beat the shit out of him, and practically tortured him everyday but we didn't kill him because that's like not cool, and illegal
oh fuck off, if they could they probably would kill the nerds they bully, just like how they bully them just because they can. I feel sympathy for those the nerd takes his Uzi out for naturally, but usually they have an intended victim when they go on their killing spree which is why only a few people get killed each time as opposed to hundreds. I mean it sucks that those kids get massacred like that but they really shouldnt go after people more violent and ruthless than they are. Yes torture the poor bastard everyday, it's all fun and games till he brings a gun and shows you who the real bully is.


This video comes to mind when I see bullies. They act like they're in the right for bullying someone when the kid finally lashes out at everyone. Like what the fuck did you think was going to happen when you shove a kid, beat him up and treat him like shit for years?

>"Honestly, I don't know why he brought a gun into the school. He was always so quite and weird. I just don't know what could have possessed this child to bring a firearm to school and shoot everyone in his class. I mean, yeah we bullied him a little but he was going to turn out weird anyway."

Fuck people, we know why school shooters exist but it's people like Emma Gonzalez that encourage shooters to happen then claim that she's the real victims.

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Lol, yeah it's totally not the bullies fault for pushing the kid every day and socially ostracizing them from groups. Fuck out of here with your bullshit.

>lol just be a good little cuck and take it lol who hurt u sweaty
Though shooting a place up 9 times out of 10 is completely retarded.
Mental health is indeed very semitic and full of shit, yes.
Indeed, notice how so much anti bullying shit revolves around not doing a goddamn thing or standing up for yourself, but instead try to tell someone who at best will have a passive disinterest about the whole situation.

You sound like the kind of kid I would beat up in high school. I loved picking on the freaks in the school and I'm going to teach my son do do the same thing. Keeps you morons in your place.

Today on
>It's never my fault.

>mfw I myself was a bully
>also unironically trying to sound like a hardass on xbox
I know how that shit works. The whole thing is retarded.

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>morals and empathy is for OTHER people, just like ban guns lmao

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>some people you dont know decide to turn your life into hell
>its your fault somehow

Emma Gonzalez really does look like a fucking goblin. I don't understand how she could literally bully this guy and not expect him to fight back.

For anyone who doesn't already know Emma Gonzalez actually did bully Nikolas Cruz on a daily basis before he shot up the place.

>lol just get over having no friends, being treated like a subhuman even by your teachers and being mentally and physically abused every single day for years

You're either a moron or OP samefagging for bumps.

>Have you never been angry and saw red, then just wanted to hit something, anything?
Yeah, but I realize that I'm acting immature afterwards. Besides, there's a difference between hitting a random object and killing a random person.

If i was in america i might've been one of those kids
However i live in the EU and come to realize that revenge just isn't worth it, the smart thing to do is just move on and continue to live your life despite them
I do fantasize about revenge but when i rationally think about it it just doesn't make sense, you would let them win, they controle you by spreading their rage and misery and project it unto you
That sounds like bullshit if you have truely been bullied but it's the truth , I wouldn't bully anyone today so i don't understand the mentallity but allot of it has to do with personality disoders, upbringing etc