Get a cute, skinny girl to marry you

>get a cute, skinny girl to marry you
>get her pregnant, somehow she ends up with triplets
>this is what she becomes after childbirth

What would you do in this situation?

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Take her back and get a new one.

second pregnancy

Diet and exercise. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either a fat fetishist or doesn't want to grow old with their lover.

this, but not too much.

Praise Jesus for rectifying my mistake

I would only have sex with her in amazonic position so she can exercise daily.

give her another pair of twins, or hopefully triplets again
and hopefully it'll be girls this time

Love her because she is my wife and the mother of my children.
make her pregnant again

plow the fuck out of her, beg for bi group sex (cause boy pussy), and be a good dad

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>marry a girl and get her pregnant
fuck of jew

>be a good dad
>bi group sex

deal with it, faggot. have making tfw no gf threads for the rest of your life

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don't act as if you won't be here still and you'll read them all, degenerate

says the robot

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>says the robot
says the faggot

Give her two more too bad this is all a pipe dream and I will die alone

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I can't even begin to describe how much I would love a woman for bearing our children.

You act like that isn't a massive improvement

The process of a skinny girl turning into a titcow milf will arouse me so indefatigably that I will have died of dehydration caused by too much fluid loss from cumming all the time.
So I won't be there in that situation to do anything about it.

Breed her again

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>says the faggot
says the powertard

I'd ask her to lay on top of me and smother me with her fat tiddies.

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