Are any fembots interested in, or open to cuckolding?

Are any fembots interested in, or open to cuckolding?

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Fellow cuck here, I would like to know as well

Based and cuckpilled.

Are you a practicing cuck, or a wannabe?

Just a wannabe of course. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Right, same.
It's nice to see fellow robots share the same fantasy.

I'll let you know that you're the lowest of the low. Take the most pathetic incel schoolshooter psycho and even he isn't nearly as low as you.

Will you fuck my girlfriend?

That's just wrong.
Many men have this fetish and they live normal lives, not hurting anyone.

You're just insecure that you might get cucked unwillingly, so you hate on us.

You are the pathetic one here.

you would be right if I was talking about the people getting cucked unwillingly. I'm talking about the pathetic fucks that derive pleasure from seeing another man fucking their woman.
Also reddit spacing.

I'm a brown boy cuck, but only for white men

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Any Fembots want to do a long distance cucking relationship. I figure it would help it last since you could ride all the dick you want and we could talk all lovey dovey as well. I just kinda want to see it happen is all
>if you don't mind
I'm even into a little bit of financial cucking if that's your thing. pls respond if you're interested.

This would be the ideal relationship. Imagine sending a fembot all your money while she sends you pictures of her having sex with chads.

Lmao, don't drag Korra into this shit.

As a guy from the Balkans (we're considered to be unpure whites - mutts), I never thought anything of Korra's ethnicity while watching the show.
Most of my family and people around me have light skin, but some have darker shades, sometimes even very dark.

So watching both avatar series, I saw nothing unusual to me.
Korra being moderately brown and having blue eyes was normal to me.

You cucks are so weird.

There have been broken fembots posting before about having fantasies of watching their bf fuck a much hotter girls and being told how worthless and ugly she is.

That makes me feel sad for them.

Absolutely based
It's my dream to be a bull in a relationship, got the dick, got some height, not the perfect body or personality though.

It makes me sad I'm not helping one indulge in her fantasies.

I don't care, sorry balkan guy

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why would a fembot ever want that?

May I bleach your GF?

I don't care either, I'm just saying it looks stupid to me.

Both images are hot btw.

Bulls are just cringe to me. They always try to make it about them.

Ask them. Maybe because they are broken and hate themselves.

i would if they were here, for some reason it seems even worse when it's a girl that wants that

Is there a chance for a well endowed social retard to be the bull? that and being tall are my only good physical traits.

Where would I even meet these people and do I just fuck her while he watches?

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Yes, I'm into being a cuckqueen.

No, you have to be socially and physically domineering. No one will want an awkward lanklet bull just because his dick is big

When and where do we meet so I can first fuck you and then cuck you?

I'm from Serbia... I bet you''re american

Damn, at best I could gain more muscle.

Personally all I care about is whether or not you can make her feel good. The less of your personality that I see, the better.

Same continent actually. Belgrade?

god you guys are sick. But to answer your question. First. If I love someone I do not want anyone else to touch me. Second, It repulses me, the thought of a guy I love wanting me to have sex with another guy for their sexual gratification.

I had one guy I was dating (didn't love him yet) mention a threesome with his friend so I never spoke to him again after I slapped him and pulled a handful of his hair out. I told everyone what he'd done. Don't disrespect me like that.

You bring great shame to your parents and ancestors. Kill yourselves.

dramatic. kys.

>I had one guy I was dating
>didn't love him yet
so why were you dating him

this is a smart femanon
just hope it applies to cheating also

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Jesus fuck user please delet yourself

Why do you cuck fags always have to bring it up, literally no one cares about you or your shitty fetish but no you have to post about it and be annoying


Good ones exist too, though.
They're not always easy to find.

Literally nobody cares about anything posted on this board, what's your point?

Cuck fetishists are disgusting and need to be killed

Lol, you're the type of incel that shits his pants and shows his dick to other incels.

If heaven isn't having cute anime bitches all over you, it's not heaven.

Id rather be an incel than be a subhuman cuck

Why would anyone celebrate and practice something that glorifies the absolute pinnacle of hedonism and masochism?

Forget about literally anything else. You're doing direct damage to your psyche.

Asking as someone with a vagina.

YES, but only if you bleach me too

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You just keep on telling us how you feel about yourself.
You ain't foolin' anyone.

Do you have anything to back up these claims?

It's not as serious as you might think.
The other guy is seen almost as a dildo.

No one would ever force you to engage in this, why are you so against it?

Women find you digusting

You're talking to yourself again.

Not him but its true.

Why do cucks get so defensive when anyone points out theyre disgusting? Nobody's gonna respect you faggot get the fuck over it.

You sure are obsessed with cocks. Maybe that means something.

I was the bull for a while. No strings sex but got kind of annoying. She wanted a dom but her bf (now husband) is subby as fuck. Girls like that are usually in some sort of relationship mentality you don't want any part of if you are not self-hating.

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Sounds like a fair deal, I'd be up for it. Any requests you want fulfilled, like calling you anything or doing anything?

This shit can be done withmany different dynamics and reasons to get into it.
People are different, and so are the outcomes.

What exactly was the problem in your case?

I didn't like having to deal with both of them, and she wanted to do like live video sessions etc. Just not interesting to me. I'm happily monogamous now, she's married with several boyfriends as well so I'm happy to have no loose ends to deal with.

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As a wannabe cuck who has fantasized about many different scenarios, I belive it can be done well.

If everyone is one the same page, it is good.

I think if the bull has a serious role in the couple's life, that's already unstable and prone to issues.
A bull should be just a friend who engages in sexual play with the couple.

If the bull is there to fill some kind of a void, the relationship is already fucked.
A submissive man should not be dating a submissive woman.

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that sounds theoretically fine, but I think people are the problem in your equation

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Of course people are the problem.
This is a very unusual thing to want, so having 3 people with alining desires find each other is not easy.

Realistically, if the husband and wife are doing well and want the same, shitty bulls will do the job.

Perhaps it would be easier to meet people online.

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Wouldn't be good for my mental health. + My bf is not into that at all. Wait a sec though.
I think he once mentioned that he'd be pissed if I was in some lesbian gangbang but it would be interesting to observe. Huuh...

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They all will cuck you, they just won't let you know.

>Wouldn't be good for my mental health.
You probably know that the best, but maybe it actually would be.

Having attractive men let you know they desire you, letting them give you a lot of pleasure, recieving positive reinforcement from your boyfriend saying that you deserve it and he loves you...

Maybe it could all be a healthy experience.

He'd flay me. He got strong iron grip over my slutass. Just thinking if I did it once it would probably be impossible for me to take any relationships seriously. Besides letting your oneitis sleep around with others is kinda turn off and makes you in turn feel less important.

Not really my thing but whatever makes people happy you know?

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Hot as fuck, cuckqueans are precious creatures.

Nothing would make me happier than having my wife impregnated by another man and raising his child as my own.

It's both the sexual gratification of watching him seed her and her belly swell with his child, but also the subtle all-present feeling of submission.

Knowing that my wife was bred by a stronger, more dominant and more sexually attractive man, yet I am the one who will take care of the child and take full responsibility.
It would give me a pleasure of submission, even while living my life normally.

Having one permanent bull who knows what's up, is dominant and takes my reproductive role away from me would be ideal.

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Not good for your mental health why?

Of course, I understand.
This is not the right thing for most people, it's very niche.

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this thread literally belongs on /soc/ so fuck off faggot

It doesn't.
Where are the cams and meetups, do you see any?

would you like to be in said lesbian gangbang if he didnt mind

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Thank you for existing, please never change.