Your being replaced

Jow Forums used to be edgy

why is the world going to degeneracy?

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>They arent even pretending anymore

Whats the matter, tranny posting not gettin the (you)s you want?

nope looks like you don't want boi pussy anymore

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>jews admitting they love boi pussy


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>finnish people
lol he actually believes this

These images are fraudulent and serve only to satisfy the fetishes of white men.

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Having a preference doesn't mean you hate your race lol


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>Shit the goys saw through our plan
>quick call the [erson in that post a national/racial group associated with white/European nationalism

>>MUHAHA got you gud goyim

I hate fins as much as the next celkt but at least they hate communism

keep telling yourself that moshe

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good. I want to gynocide white women but since that's unrealistic for me to personally accomplish, giving them to black men to rape and murder is an acceptable alternative.

pekka is a saint you clown

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Have intercourse.

fdsa,kjfdsahkvjacfsh jcakfbvcfsauyfxsabyfuxskbhfgfdsay u

this photo got me into feet here u go

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make me, you fucking worthless bitch. get over here and sit on my limp dick and just try to make it hard for your disgusting white ass.

they don't care
no one does

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>don't ask questions
>believes race bait unconditionally

The jews wouldn't have to replace white people if white people would just accept that they exist to serve the jews and nothing more.

this shit can't be real there's no way

Why not search for the link and report your findings? There are tremendous amounts of misinformation on the internet, you've gotta critically analyse it.

I fucking hope it is. It's what every white cunt deserves just to start.

the only links are daily stormer affiliates
no names or sources
all their reporting is focused exclusively on islam or migration

>WTF why do females desire strong, powerful, confident, commanding, alpha men with large virile penises and sexual experience??

>why don't they want pale, chubby, weak, meek, quiet beta keyboard warriors spending 12 hours/day on Jow Forums, /thedonald/, and stormfront with small, shriveled twigs that have never even kissed a girl?


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>voice of Europe
Now that's what I call a credible source

>haha peniz look like poopie
the fact you needed to shoop every cock OUT of that pic and replace them with poops inherently disproves your point. I doubt you understand that because you're clearly a Jow Forums brainlet.

enjoy being a virgin 4 life, white boi.

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that porn is for produced for consumption by white men with cuck fetish

not reading this spergout btw

You know what isn't fradulent? Whites built society like niggers for the Jews, and now Jews run it.
Almost as good of a joke as white genocide.
*honk honk*

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>*honk honk*
Hey that's hate speech. You can't use that here.

Remember that even if a white girl HATES white men, then chances are she'll still date a 5foot6 Latino over you, Tyrone.

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uuuhhhh, why was that post deleted?

Hispanics are white. Pic related, Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy. White.

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>photoshopping pictures of children into your fetish
fucking degenerates

cuck are literally worse than niggers
Dude, I bet the guy who made this thread is a white cuck. Blacks are only fetishized by sissy cucks and no one else