Do we live in the worse generation to be a man in?

Do we live in the worse generation to be a man in?

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No not really if I'm honest.

We live in the worse generation to be a man in SO FAR. Future generations will have it FAR worse than we could ever dream. I will be dead before 2100 most likely, so luckily i will not have to see the fate of the universe

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I posted this and Im also a jew working for the jewish military.

I'm not however. Also stop pretending to be me asswipe

We live in the best generation ever because our lives have never been this comfy before thanks to technology.

yes so comfy we can finally stare at a screen for 50-100% of the waking day and google useless fun facts to immediately forget. i love technology. please do not look at depression statistics

Yes. We were born just in time to experience the third wave feminism but too early to experience advanced sexbots and VR waifu

sorry, thats my post, not yours

I think it's worse to get conscripted and beaten to death for some rich shithead.

What are you trying to accomplish here at all?

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If you go outside, no its the greatest.
If you think tinder is how you meet girls, yes you are a retarded manchild

If you're chad it's the best, if you're not, it's the worse.

Why are two people arguing about the post I made over 4 hours ago?

men should have never been told they could be fragile or show insecurities, holy fucking shit what a bunch of babies

Tom Iee is living the dream

>give me a (You) if you agree

>Every girl I meet on tinder has a penis
Lucky bastard.

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Yes, without a shadow of doubt.

Hindsight is 20/20. A generation or so back it seemed like a great idea, apparently (the diehards still think it is - they think adding to it will make the problems go away).

Being a man is shit and miserable. Always has unlike what incelshits will lead you to believe.

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We live in the best time to be a man.
If you don't realize this that means you're not a man.

You're the worst man in any generations till now, if that's what you meant

to be fair at any other time we wouldn't have all these comforts of the modern day which I'm thankful for since it keeps me entertained and comfy. at any other time I'd be a hunter/gatherer, farmer or slave or something which would be worse.

Anyone who seriously thinks this is a bad time to be alive(relative to the rest of history) is a fucking clown.