Is he /ourhero/? He can't even kill anyone even with his autism and militar training. He is as loser as we

Is he /ourhero/? He can't even kill anyone even with his autism and militar training. He is as loser as we.

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who is he?

original of course

another incel on rampage that got put down like a dog

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So youre telling me that a guy with military training and a light machine gun managed to kill nobody in a mass shooting? Thats next level incompetence.

How does that even work? If you shoot at somebody with a gun before anyone knows what's going on shouldn't you at least be able to get one person?

>light machine gun
huh? Isn't that just "assault rifle" ? I am not even Jow Forumsfag

what the fuck are you niggers talking about. theres nothing on the news

Commies love creating fake news.
They're trying to control the 'discourse' by making shit up constantly.

That's not him in the picture by the way, just a picture that's been floating around the Internet for a while that he shared.
The shooter used a crappy poorfag AR-15, the AR is based on the M-16 assault rifle but isn't considered an assault rifle itself due to lacking the full auto mode of the military version.
The dude with the pillow in OPs pic is using an RPK, a version of the AK with a heavier receiver, longer barrel, bipod, and either a 40 round version of the typical magazine or a drum mag, the idea being to use the common and cheap AK platform as an alternative to a belt fed machine gun.

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Are you questioning the existence of light machine guns, or are you just saying that the weapon in the picture is an assault rifle, not an LMG? Not that it matters much, since you'd be wrong on both accounts.

>Commies love creating fake news.

>he doesn't know how to use google

>he doesn't read the news because the news isn't an MMO subreddit

I see, thanks fro making me more cultured user.

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who? i like him btw.

I odn't know what a subreddit is and I don't care.

because he failed, failed shootings without any victims doesn't get you any clicks.

He probably got spotted by a guard before he could shoot anyone, realized he's made a huge mistake, panicked, then ran away.

He got killed by a shot in the back from a pistol 150 feet away, right through his heart.
Should've worn a plate carrier.

The sort of fags who constantly talk about muh cis white male incel bogeyman are having a field day mocking him and insisting he's a far-right Jow Forums-using Nazi despite his posts about politics on Facebook showing he's a normalfag neocon who shared some basic memes making fun of feminists and shit

I never thought someone would beat elliot's lowscore. What a fucking legend.

Hmm, law is you can't shoot fleeing felons.

Do we have the name of the shooter?

He was running somewhere with a gun. Whoever shot him can just say he thought he was approaching an alternative target.

Just search Dallas Shooting into Google.

Ah okay thanks mate for the information